Saturday, March 24, 2012


Okay, CINCHOUSE was briefed on the content of my last blog. Shortly thereafter I was called onto the carpet where her Ladyship demanded why Nuke and TRex's pup Bear was not mentioned.

Me: Err, beggin' yur pardon M'am. I was just mentioning the immediates you know, us, the kids and grand-kids and our two cats. I didn't mention Naviguesser and DIL's cat, nor was Big Time and the WSO's dog mentioned.

CINCHOUSE: Are you a complete idiot? Naviguesser and DIL have a child, Big Time and the WSO have a child, Nuke and TRex don't have human kids yet, Bear is THEIR CHILD! How could you be so completely insensitive to that? Bear visited us at Christmas, you love that dog - for cryin' out loud you refer to her as your Grand-dog!

Me: (with much shuffling of feet and knuckling of the forehead) Yes, M'am, right away M'am. I'll get right on that. Right away.

CINCHOUSE: Very well, dismissed.

So here I am, rectifying my (apparently) unforgivable error.

Yes, Bear is a sweet lass. Of course, she's much bigger now but I love this picture. So to the Nuke, TRex and, of course, Bear, my sincerest apologies.

For the sake of full disclosure, the Naviguesser and DIL have a long-haired black cat named Wicca. She's a rather large and affectionate feline who likes to get your attention in the middle of the night by sitting on your chest and purring. With her size, it definitely gets your attention. Big Time and the WSO have a dog named Regal, who the Nuke likes to call "Regal-Beagle" (usually in a piercing voice which has been known to burst ear drums). Regal is an excitable, plump canine who makes friends easily. She's currently living with Big Time's parents as Big Time is deployed and the WSO has her hands full with Little Bit, and returning to flight status (the WSO, not Little Bit).

Speaking of Little Bit, she has actually had a few cat shots and traps in the backseat of a Rhino. Huh, you ask, isn't she your grand-daughter, isn't she a bit young for that? Well, that's true. Back a couple of years ago I got a call from the WSO who told me she was "with child". Turns out she was feeling poorly after returning from work-ups, so a visit to the Flight Surgeon was in order. The good Doctor indicated that there was nothing wrong with her, she was just pregnant.

Now of course, Big Time wants to get Little Bit a membership in Tail Hook. I suppose technically she qualifies but I'm not sure if traps and cat shots count, when you're a fetus.

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  1. Can't forget the fur-family!!! That said, your cup runneth over AF - for sure.


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