Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lookin' Out My Backdoor

Friday, 18 July 2014 - Late Afternoon
Alrighty then.

I'm back. I had a very nice week away, no comments, no ominous warnings from the good folks at Blogger vis-à-vis copyright infringements etc., etc. But...

Damn, did I miss blogging.

Many is the time I was sorely tempted to put virtual pen to virtual paper and regale you with my exploits, opinions and the occasional (though rare) bon mot. (Yup, I still like to throw the occasional foreign word or phrase out there.)

So at any rate, I have returned.

And yes, that lead-in photo is a little blurry.

But it's my photo.

As is this one...

To the north, Friday evening...

Hhmm, perhaps I had the cell phone set to "Blur", which is the setting just below "Stun."

While on the subject of backyards, today's photos were (mostly) taken in mine. The post's title was suggested by the Creedance Clearwater Revival song. CCR, I used to listen to them a lot back in the day. You know them, that "Cajun" band from Los Angeles. Or something like that.

Technically speaking, we don't have a back door. So I used a bit of artistic license for the title, because "Lookin' Out My Upstairs Bathroom Window" doesn't have quite the same cachet does it?

We have a front door, which is more or less decorative. We open it but we don't normally use it. The main door into Chez Sarge is the side door, which goes into the kitchen from the deck. Let me see if I have a photo of that, I think I put one around here somewhere. While I look, here's another door picture. It's the entrance to "the computer room" here at Chez Sarge. It's where the magic of the Chant du Départ happens. Such as it is...

Rather "woody" innit?

Ah yes, here it is...

Oh yes, there's that upstairs bathroom window as well. (To the left, the only window looking out the back on the second floor.) That door off the deck is the main entrance to our dwelling. The occasional person will come to the front door, where they quickly discover there is no door bell. If we notice them, we'll respond. Most folks go to the side door. It has a door bell.

Seeing as how I'm back at my post here, I decided to share one of my favorite flowers with you. It's the portulaca grandiflora (Moss-rose Purslane or Moss-rose). Which I just so happen to have pictures of. From my yard. From my camera.

We used to have an entire garden devoted to moss-roses, surrounded by a border of baby's breath, it was pretty awesome. I had made mention recently of how much I missed that garden. So The Missus Herself surprised me with a smaller garden this year, totally devoted to moss-roses. Love 'em. Thank you Dear.

As I was away for nearly a week, I should post a couple of aircraft photos. My aircraft photos, I do have a few. Mostly taken at the Military Aviation Museum down there in Pungo, Virginia. One of my favorite places on this Earth.

Focke Wulf FW-144 Stieglitz. WWII Trainer
Me and the Polikarpov I-16 Rata. A Russian bird of WWII vintage.
Me and the Fokker Dr. I Triplane


It's good to be back.


  1. Can I copyright the pictures of your yard before you do and sue your backside?

    How ridiculous using pictures...maybe you should agree to give back 1/2 of the revenues you receive for posting pictures.

    Welcome back.

    1. Ah Joe, you always make me laugh.

      Good to be back.

  2. Good to see you back in fighting form. I too love the moss-roses. We'd have to fence them in fairly tightly, I'm sure they'd make a tasty treat for the marauding hordes of deer that traipse thru our yard regularly.

    1. Yes, you do have a lot of wildlife in your area.

      (Not to mention your back deck being a little slice of paradise!)

  3. Glad you're back, the Chant Du Depart DTs were getting pretty severe.

    1. Thanks Juvat.

      Not to be pushy...

      But when's your next post?


    2. Monday Morning, bright and early. Had a story literally delivered to my door last night.

    3. Excellent!

      (He said in his best Montgomery Burns voice...)

  4. And it's good to have you back! The internet just got interesting again!

  5. That door to your computer room - I took that a year ago - I am sorry but it is copyrighted :-)

    1. Heh. We always wondered who got into the house and took random photos...

  6. Welcome back! We missed your posts (and you, of course).
    I do love those moss roses - so colorful and cheerful!

  7. Good to see you back in a duty status. we'll just take those leave papers that have been sitting in the "Pending" box and deep six them.

  8. Welcome back, Chris! Oddly enough, I was just in hoppin' Pungo about an hour ago. We have stopped for refreshments in a cool microbrewery outside the back gate of Oceana. Talk about location?! Smart guys at Beach Brewery position their place within walking distance of the base. Cheers to you! :)

    1. Good to be back.

      Pungo, Oceana?


      God how I miss those places! But I'll get back there. I know I will!

  9. They have this thing called image stabilization for guys with the shakes. :) Glad to see you're back!

    1. I thought I had that feature on my cell phone camera.

      Now I know why the Air Force didn't pay me to think!

  10. Welcome back! You're too good of a word monger to abandon this pastime.

  11. Damn glad to see you back. And some right nice photos, too (that one of the sky - speaking of interesting words, I would say that sky is "glowering". But I'm an idiot.)

    Speaking of me being an idiot, that isn't a real cat up there on your woodwork, is it? Probably not. I don't have my specs on. For guy who had 20/15 when he was a kid, I'm mistaking a lot of inanimate objects for living things these days. Yesterday, MY WIFE was getting some grapes out of the refrigerator and one rolled on the floor. I didn't know she was getting grapes. When I saw it rolling across the kitchen floor I thought it was a big green skittering bug. Nothing good transpired from THAT thought.

    1. No, not a real cat. She is currently trying to sit on the keyboard while I type.

      The other will stare at the screen (just like me) and then try to capture the mouse cursor. We have two cats. They help out on the blog from time to time.

      Have you ever tried explaining copyright law to a feline? They understand all the nuances, they just don't care.

  12. Good to see you back, love those summer in New England photos...and I can see you cant stop smiling when your around those old planes!

    1. Me and airplanes. Love 'em.

      (Good to be back!)


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