Saturday, August 1, 2015

Update to whats behind door #2?

Just heard from The WSO.  Sarge's surgery went well and he's sleeping it off in recovery.  Will post more as I receive word.

She did mention that they did not have to remove his head from there, so that's good news.

Second update, he's awake, in pain, but in good spirits. The  Missus is with him, The WSO will be granted an audience tomorrow with details to follow.

Please......No pictures!!!

Update  Three,  Have had live communications with the boss, which is heartening.  He related something about passing the stone of Sisyphus, but seems to be doing ok.  The WSO says he can't talk for long and laughing is tough.  Since he's a good humored guy, that means tough.

I'm not a Doctor, nor have I played one on TV, sounds to me like he's recovering from Major Surgery.  Prayers still a good idea.


  1. Really appreciate that update. Thanks!

  2. You do know that there is such a thing as TMI, right?

    No, no, of course you don't, you aviate.

    Most delighted to hear that our friend is back.

    Get well sooner my beer drinking friend from Shakespeare's.

  3. Sarge, glad your surgery went well! Hope you heal up fast. I'm currently suffereing my second bout of the diverticulitis this year...blech! Scared I might have to have surgery for it...


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