Saturday, December 12, 2015

May The Fourteen Be With You

I retired from the Air Force over 16 years ago, in 1999. Since that time Navy has beaten Army 15 times.

That's right 15 times. Thirteen consecutive Navy victories since Army last won in 2001.

1999 Navy 19–9
2000 Navy 30–28
2001 Army 26–17
2002 Navy 58–12
2003 Navy 34–6
2004 Navy 42–13
2005 Navy 42–23
2006 Navy 26–14
2007 Navy 38–3
2008 Navy 34–0
2009 Navy 17–3
2010 Navy 31–17
2011 Navy 27–21
2012 Navy 17–13
2013 Navy 34–7
2014 Navy 17–10

Why does this Old Air Force Sarge root for the Middies of the United States Naval Academy? Well...

The Naviguesser, The Nuke, The WSO, Big Time, and The SeaLawyer are (or were) Naval Officers. In fact, The SeaLawyer went to Annapolis.

So yeah, I'm a fan...


  1. And I'm a Texas A&M fan for the same reason.

    1. Knew an officer or two in the Air Force who were Aggies. Damn good ones they were, 'tis a fine school.

  2. Yeah... I don't have a dog in that fight.
    That said, if the weather's as expected, the game may be on in the family (sic) room.

    1. I get the "no dog in that fight" viewpoint. When people ask me why I don't root for the Air Force Academy, I point out that sergeant's don't go to the Academy.

  3. There is indeed a disturbance in the force. Though I'm a fan, I'm a bit uncomfortable with this Navy run. At some level I'll feel better when it ends, as it inevitably will. This would actually be a great year (I know, heresy) for a 2-9 dog$#!+ Army team to pull off a Cinderella upset. Hope it's a good game at least.

    The two videos neatly reinforce the notion that sailors belong on ships and ships belong at sea.

    Grumpy Sends

    1. Hahaha!

      (I have friends who went to West Point, it's been a long drought.)

  4. Gotta route for the Army this year though. I like the Commander in Chief's Trophy right where it is: In Colorado Springs. But, the odds of this army team beating that navy team are, shall we say remote.

    1. Yes, remote, about as likely as LCS being cancelled.

  5. Yes, but as remote as the F-35 being cancelled?

    1. Oh, and it's 492 to 196 for the series.

    2. F-35 cancellation is more likely. Because we'll run out of money!

    3. So far Army is playing very well.

  6. I get the "no dog in that fight" viewpoint. When people ask me why I don't root for the Air Force Academy, I point out that sergeant's don't go to the Academy.

    Exactly. Did have one USMA grad as a Company Commander. Outstanding individual.

    1. Met some good ring knockers, met some bad. It's the person, not the school.

  7. I watched the fly-by video.
    During nice weather, the Willy R's chow line was outboard on the port side just aft of the break. (DD-714)
    We were steaming somewhere in the Caribbean and lunch was being served. Ended up in the chow line just as a Tomcat made a low level very fast pass from aft to forward on the post side. (I am sure CIC and the bridge knew, but they did not tell anybody else)
    A couple of lessons.
    Properly motivated sailors can move very fast. (think speed of light fast)
    If you are going to be concerned, (concerned is a code word for sphincter loosening fear) it is good to have it happen on a fairly empty stomach.
    In hindsight, and after our heart rate slowed to only about a gazillion beats per minute, it was totally cool.

    1. Hahaha! Great story John.

      Sometimes even if you know it's coming, it is still startling. Unprepared? Yeah, a very high pucker factor!

      And yes, totally cool.

  8. My daughter and SIL were at the game. No doubt disappointed, he is a West Point Grad and former Ranger. My brother was a Navy Captain, so I'm good either way.

    Great game!

    1. It was an excellent game.

      I have friends who went to West Point, disappointed again.

      Next year.


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