Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Five Miles of Bad Road...

Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-289-1091-26  (Source)
Color me "rode hard and put away wet." As in "I feel like five miles of bad road." (Hence today's post title.) Both conditions match what's depicted in that opening photo from the Eastern Front back in the US...

Back in the US...

Back in the USSR!

Sorry. Couldn't help myself, big Beatles fan that I am.


I'm the horse in the right foreground.

Work is interesting, so interesting that I exhaust myself at the paying job (due to my current, unfortunate affliction) and am all shagged out when I get home.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

I would like to draw the crowd's attention once again to Bring the HEAT*, my buddy XBradTC's blog. He's one of the few bloggers I've actually met in person. Well, I've met two of his co-bloggers (Spill and Padre Harvey) as well.

He's a good chap with lots of tales to tell. Think current events, all things military, with a bit of history from time to time. Oh, yeah, politics, they talk politics over there as well.

So give him a read, put him on your daily "to do" list (he's on mine). He's linked over on the side bar under "Newbies," though he's not. He's been blogging for a long time, seems he ran afoul of some rules and regulations over at his old place on WordPress, so I guess they're all on "double secret probation."

Sigh. I understand copyright law and all but geez, kill a fellow's blog?

Och weel, them's the breaks. 'Tis bitter to be sure, but they're pressing on. (No pun intended.)

I hope to be back in fighting trim in a day or two. Until then...


*HEAT = High Explosive Anti-Tank. A form of main gun round for an armored fighting vehicle. DAMHIK

No, you don't want to be on the receiving end. Of either round...


  1. That horse on the right...
    That was me back when I stopped playing ball.
    It felt like that when I would try to get started from home plate after making a hit.

    Feel better soon.

    1. Copy that on "playing ball." There were games when I looked like that BEFORE I quit playing!

      Thanks Skip, this thing is kicking my butt!

  2. Sorry you're under the weather. Hope you get better soon.

    1. I may go ahead and stay home from work on Thursday, I have Friday off already.

      These damn colds (fortunately they're infrequent) are bothersome.

  3. Seems like I remember colds being an inconvenience and lasting only a few days. Now they kick butt and last seven days if I spend money on a doctor's visit and prescription drugs. Or a week if I do not go to work and spend time sleeping, drinking water & OJ, eating crackers and having soup. Get well soon Sarge.

    1. Thanks Ron, I'm going to try your latter method over a long weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

      Monday I'll be a "game time decision."

  4. Old, you guy's are old. Like your blog (I'm an old Cavalry Scout and tanker). Life is calm, satisfying, and boring.

    1. Old we are, and proud of it.

      Old cavalry scouts and tankers are always welcome. Calm, satisfying, and boring are good at my age!


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