Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Forty-nine dead, fifty-three wounded. Inside the United States of America. To be more precise, in Orlando in the state of Florida.

Does it matter that the scene of the attack was a "gay" nightclub? Whatever that term implies. I mean does that mean that the patrons were predominantly "gay" or exclusively "gay"? More to the point, does that really matter? What matters is that a large number of my fellow human beings went out on the town to have a good time and some lunatic decided that their collective behavior "offended" him.

The name of the perpetrator of this atrocity won't be used here. He's not a martyr, he's not the hero of some cause, he's not some misguided soul who was mistreated as a child and therefore is not responsible for his actions. No, he was an asshole. A heavily armed asshole. Warning: If I see the name of this sh!tstain in the comments, I'll delete the comment. It's my blog, I can censor the things I don't like. If you wish to make reference to the perp, call him perp, call him "that asshole." I don't wish to remember him as anything other than the rabid jackwagon who killed and wounded so many people. Because he was "offended," because his beliefs compelled him to commit this heinous act. Because he was an asshole. That's all you need to know really.

Yes, there will be some (1) who will call for a ban on certain weapons, (2) who will cry "death to all Muslims," there will even be those who say (3) that the patrons of that nightclub "had it coming."

You won't hear any of those things from me. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, so I cannot, by law, support Option 1. As one individual committed this atrocity, I don't see how Option 2 can be considered at all. Not to mention the sheer impossibility of such a task. While I'm sure that there are others who encouraged the asshole to commit this act, not all Muslims are guilty of this attack. Before you start howling about the Koran, read your Old Testament, just saying. If you are indeed without sin, then by all means, starting casting stones.

As to Option 3, seriously? While I don't like the "in your face" actions of some, and the intentional sensationalism of others, I know a number of "gay" people (I'll get to why that is in quotes later). They are, for the most part, just like other people. They don't advertise their sexual preferences and/or proclivities, they just are who and what they are. They have jobs, they have hobbies, they even go to church. They love, they are loved. I daresay they even love kittens and puppies. They are people, damn it. Not targets for some effing lunatic.

There are things many folks like to do in the privacy of their own homes which they really don't want anybody else to know about. There are some who like to talk about such things, on the heterosexual "side" of things, but that's just not done in polite company. I mean different strokes and all that, but we're not going to have a parade to "celebrate" your proclivities, inclinations, and preferences. No matter who (or what) you like to "sleep" with.

Most "gay" folks are the same way, it's their business, stay out of it.

Not all cultures feel the same way, those folks are called barbarians, savages if you will. Not fit for polite company and they really should stay in their own backwards shite-holes and not come here, to the United States, and expect us to kowtow to their beliefs. Not gonna happen.

About the only thing that could have prevented this atrocity would have been to have undercover, armed, security guards inside and outside of the club. A manned surveillance system to monitor the approaches to the club might have spotted this goon early enough for action to be taken.

Having regular citizens carrying weapons either openly or concealed might have prevented some of the deaths and injuries. But having folks packing heat and drinking alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Armed and trained security guards inside and out could stop some idiot before he or she can harm too many people. Maybe. And no, I don't want the security types to be employees of the state.

There are no simple answers, ask the Israelis who deal with this crap every damned day.

I mourn the dead, I pray for the wounded.

Note: I chatted briefly with Juvat as to whether he should go ahead with his normal Monday post or if I wanted to post about the atrocity in Orlando. At the time (Sunday) I was too pissed off to either think or write about the attack. I have calmed down somewhat and in what I wrote above, I pulled many of my punches. My inner beast wants blood, wants revenge and would like to lay waste to some foreign land just to let the evil ones know that we aren't to be trifled with. One might say, "Thank God I'm not in charge." It would be bloody, it might even be catastrophic, but it would be cathartic. At least for a little while. Being really drunk feels good until you wake up the next day. For all things there are consequences. Don't bay for blood unless you're willing to lead the first wave. Just sayin'...

On my use of the word "gay" in quotation marks. Words have meaning, I don't like seeing words co-opted by certain groups to promote their agenda, life style, or politics. To me "gay" means "happy," "light hearted or carefree." Both of said definitions are now relegated to second place (or lower) in the dictionaries. When did it come to mean a homosexual man? So if I use the word gay in quotes, it means a homosexual man. Sans quotes it will carry it's old meaning of happy or light-hearted and carefree. Sancho, hand me my lance, would you?


  1. The problem of seeking revenge is that, at this time, one has to ask, against whom? The killer is dead, so there is no revenge to be sought from him. As of yet, we do not know who, if anyone, provided support for his actions. The information will come out, but we shall have to be patient. When the time comes to smite, smite we must, pour encourager les autres to behave.

    The obstacle to this is the current administration, who has banned any mention of Islamic activities in Federal Law Enforcement training. So I doubt if much help will be forthcoming from them, and if the Democratic Candidate wins, it will become much, much worse, as she is bought and paid for by the Islamisists. Hopefully, Florida law enforcement will track this back to it's source. If Islam wins, we will enter a true Dark Age.

    1. My blood lust is atavistic in nature. I know the perp has assumed room temperature so no need to go after him. It's the culture which breeds these scum that is the problem.

      Copy your last, totally agree, Shrillary is in the pocket of the oil sheiks.

    2. "There are no simple answers, ask the Israelis who deal with this crap every damned day."

      Basically entire West, without choice has become global Israel.
      There are only 2 things to do, keep calm and live on. US government itself during prohibition did not manage to stop its citizens from having fun. I dont think one -or even more - mass shooting will manage to do better.
      As one Polish AF pilot noted wryly about British during Blitz: "Maybe Germans will manage to burn london to the ground, but this will not change the outcome, they will lose this war because even on ashes Brits will have their tea-oclock"

  2. Well stated post, Sarge! I think you and I (and most of this blog's readers) feel pretty much the same.

    I took a large dose of outrage when I read his father's statement about seeing two men kissing and that set him off. Oh! Well that makes it all right then! There are a very large number of things going on today that outrage me. I don't go off and start shooting people. The Orlando imam (not capitalized deliberately, he's not worthy of respect) saying killing gays is "compassionate". YGBSM! Supposedly that religion and mine worship the same God. I'm pretty sure My God isn't going to agree with that statement. "Judge not, lest you be judged." "Love the Lord, your God, with your whole heart, your whole mind and your whole soul. Love your neighbor as yourself" would tend to reinforce that thought.

    I'm angry. I'm angry at the idiots that keep speaking about guns. I'm angry at the morons that keep speaking about islamophobia. I'm angry at the imbeciles that won't enforce our immigration laws and indeed want to essentially do away with them. I'm angry at the people that just keep speaking words without meaning and refuse to take the actions necessary to handle the problem. This problem has been going on for over a millennia. We knew what the answer was up until recently, say January 20th 2009. It's time to drop the current approach and return to what's worked in the past.

  3. Well said, sir. You have put into words many, if not most, of my feelings/thoughts. Thank you.

    Paul L. Quandt

  4. "Sancho, hand me my lance, would you?" Certainly. The windmills may not be giants, but there are targets out there- both inside and outside of the U.S. An objective view of the threats posed by radical Islam seems pretty darned clear, objectively. Even with our Federal intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies being crippled by the current Administration, and the requirement that these agencies adhere to using euphemisms instead of accurately defining the problem, we should do a much better job of finding our enemies. The FBI PR guy did not want to say Muslim Terrorist. (That the punk was a registered Democrat is irrelevant) How could a supposedly professional law enforcement operation let that as*hole go totally off their radar after two investigations of him. In today's climate -because he was a Muslim. All FBI management should be forced to wear a Cone of Shame for not being more aggressive with the Orlando Punk.

    I am glad that this issue will be a primary focus during the upcoming General Election. Any moderate Muslims (if there are any) would do well to aggressively rat out on any fellow Muslims they know that intend to commit harm to America.

    1. " Any moderate Muslims (if there are any) would do well to aggressively rat out on any fellow Muslims they know that intend to commit harm to America."

      And until they start, then I'm going to continue to lump them all into one group as the problem. Or put another way by somebody, "A radical muslim wants to kill you, a moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to kill you."

    2. Have to, for self-preservation.


  5. I have known of the author of this quote for many years. He is very qualified as an observer of what's going on in our Nation. This is what he has to say about Islam's god. Please feel free to delete this if you feel that it is inappropriate for the blog. I understand.
    "Because the God of Islam, Allah al-Ilahi, the moon-god, sword-god, and war-god, is really another form of Satan looking to kill the Jews on Saturday, the Christians on Sunday, the Hindus, Buddhist, Blacks in Africa any day, and then the Shi’ites and Sunnis kill each other, all in the name of that Satan-Allah. The only outcome of such a system is total self-destruction – because they kill each other. When they pray “Allahu Akbar”, the Moslems are NOT saying: “God is great.” What they are saying is that their God, Allah, is GREATER— greater than the Judeo-Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Wasn’t it Satan who said he was greater than God before his expulsion from Heaven?"

    Lipkin, Dennis Avi. Islamic Rivalry: ISIS and Iran Are Fighting for the Heart of Islamic Identity (Kindle Locations 1130-1135). Dennis Lipkin - Victor Mordecai. Kindle Edition.

    1. No need to delete this Dave, it is very appropriate. Also mirrors my own feelings on the subject.

  6. Always comes back to first principles. The shitstain didn't believe that all men are created equal. It believed that it was extra special and could behave as if it were god, passing judgement on the rest of humanity, which to it is nothing but a bunch of objects to be used, played with, stomped on, discarded, destroyed, etc. To shitstain, other humans are anything but real, live humans, and certainly not equal or endowed with natural rights.

    As you rightly point out, shitstain is not alone. There are a shitload of 'merkin shitstains, and most of them are our neighbors. Absolutely unprincipled and completely self centered. One-hundred percent certain of their self-righteousness and of their facts, which they get from the propagandists on the tee-vee. Look up shitstain on the interwebs and you'll see their picture. AILO's who expect to reap the rewards of living here in perpetuity and demand that others do the hard work of developing principled character and keeping the train on the tracks.

    My farmer friend from Herefordshire sent condolences before I'd even heard about the attack. His country is fixin' to bail out of the EU because that august grouping embraces the right of special snowflakes to rape and murder and act out. Meanwhile, back in 'merka, we're desperately trying to join the EU. And in the land of the sovereign citizen, we can't just blame the prez, can we?

    Well, hope and change has worked so far, let's all stay the course!

    I'm not completely pessimistic, because I do believe that all men are created equal, and that every human being has the capacity to turn away from selfishness and toward humanity. Not looking good right now, but it could happen.

    1. Sigh, all too true.

      I'm hoping the UK wakes up, withdraws from the EU. Then kicks out the murderous shiteheads who've taken up residence in that lovely country. (And no, I don't mean the Saxons.)

  7. Well said.
    I am really aggravated that most, maybe all quotes coming in the aftermath of the atrocity are incomplete.
    I find myself asking, "What else did they say?"

    1. There are things not being said, that's a certainty.

  8. "Before you start howling about the Koran, read your Old Testament, just saying." This quote kinda sticks in my craw. There is no moral equivalence.

    There is no Biblical encouragement for Christians to repeat the slaughter documented in the OT. HOWEVER, Islam is all about that, TODAY.

    There appears to be a very small group of Muslims that are against violent jihad (http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7009/muslim-reform-movement). It seems to me that the true believers are the ones throwing gays off buildings or blowing up innocents and the moderates watch quietly but don't speak out.

    Greece, Rome and Europe have endured 1400 years of jihad. Hundreds of jihads continuing to right now vs. less than 20 crusades ending in the 1200's... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo).

    There is NO moral equivalence.

    1. I get you there STxAR. I just wanted to throw that out there as there are Christians who will go nuts with citing the OT. I'm not one. I think my basic point is that you can't blame a book.

      Thanks for bringing that up.

  9. Thank you for your original comment. I feel the same way. However the real question is how to combat not only this shooting but also all the other ones that have been at schools and churches. Radical people are exactly that, may they be of a certain religion, race, country or political belief. No one turned in any of the shooters of the schools or churches although later there was said to be signs. Any real suggestions would be appreciated. .... Joe Karczynski

    1. The radicals are running wild, no matter what their persuasion. Political correctness makes us hesitant to report suspicious behavior. That, I think, and the worry of overzealous officialdom.

  10. You did good Sarge. You stated the obvious w/o allowing your knee to get in the way of your mouth/mind.

  11. "We knew what the answer was up until recently, say January 20th 2009. It's time to drop the current approach and return to what's worked in the past."

    We can address the issue of new immigrants, visa overstayers, or the like, be it by excluding those from MENA, etc., or by some other criterion.

    But, I'm conflicted on the issue of what, exactly, might be the correct, effective, and Constitutional opposition to these "homegrown," e.g., second generation, American jihadis?

    Contra Hillary, we cannot deprive an American citizen of his Constitutional 2A right to bear arms simply because his name is on a FBI list of investigative possibilities. We cannot imprison, detain indefinitely, or commit someone PRIOR TO a determination pursuant to due process that he has committed a crime or is mentally ill. We will never have enough law enforcement personnel to investigate and/or shadow everyone who posts anti-American, anti-gay, anti-xxx, screeds on Facebook, etc. How does anyone determine in advance who will, in fact, follow through on rancorous posturings and rants? How does a country that proclaims its 1A freedoms police the communications and speech and/or associations that foster and inspire such abhorrent crimes?

    We have encouraged, or at the very least allowed, immigration of Muslims who now have U.S. citizen children who are socially and religiously alienated and susceptible to anti-West, anti-Christian, anti-xxx, propaganda. How exactly should we counter that? What, exactly, IS the answer?

    1. All good points. Like I said, there are no easy answers. The horse has left the barn.

    2. By, the way, the "...answer up until recently..." is described very nicely in Dave's comment below.

    3. Thanks. And yes, totally agree. ("Dave for President"?) ;-)

      I didn't want to incorrectly presume what you meant.

      Question, however. We may indeed drone, bomb, and otherwise cast the nasties into oblivion in MENA, but what do we do about domestic terrorist threats? As Orlando demonstrated, the "lone wolf" attack may become more prevalent, as the mentally unstable grasp the justifications found in Quranic text to act on their abnormal and/or weird fantasies.

      McArdle has an interesting post about the morphosis of domestic terrorism, thanks to the miracle of social media, etc.

    4. Well, first, get rid of the gun free zone signs. Second, replace them with signs that say "Personnel at this facility are authorized and trained to carry weapons for their protection and that of others and are trained in that role". Third, make it so!

    5. Murph - the lone wolf seeks recognition, wants his or her 15 minutes of fame. Remove that. Mass murderers don't get their picture in the paper, don't get their name mentioned. In fact, make them cease to exist. Destroy all records of their existence then cremate the body and spread the ashes over a land fill.

      No fame, no desire to do the deed. Won't stop all, but I'm confident it will deter many.

    6. Juvat - remember the signs near special weapons storage facility? "Use of deadly force authorized."

      If the peckerheads know that their intended targets aren't helpless victims, that would be a deterrent.

  12. I believe that a substantial component of the problem is that we, as a nation, have lost the respect we once had internationally, and the fear we caused to our enemies. Thanks to the current president our allies don’t trust us, and our enemies don’t fear us. We have proven to be highly unreliable in everything except the certain knowledge that we do not respond appropriately when we are attacked.
    I am not a fan of Mr. Putin, but I respect the fact that if you incur his wrath you can count on an immediate, and very vigorous response. When the world knows that the inevitable result will be warheads on foreheads your enemies are given reason to pause.
    We need a thoughtful, and coherent, national policy to deal the radical Islamic terrorism. Our intelligence and law enforcement systems need to be unleashed and given the ability to root out potential terrorists here at home.
    We also need to bring all necessary assets, including boots on the ground if necessary, to destroy ISIS. No more of this dropping leaflets to warn the tanker truck drivers that we are going after the trucks. WTF is that? Start killing trucks with drivers in them and ISIS will have trouble finding drivers. No more bombing ISIS headquarters and facilities at 0300 to reduce casualties. We ought to bomb them in the middle of the day to kill the occupants. The White House doesn’t seem to understand that the building isn’t the threat, the people inside are the threat. And when we identify their training facilities we need to bomb them to rubble, and then bomb the rubble to ensure that we kill them all.
    I am a fan of General Jim Mattis, who rather eloquently said “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I am pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f@ck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

    1. I too am a fan of General Mattis. I also think that the current maladministration got their targeting ideas from LBJ and McNamara. The only signal you send to the enemy is "we will keep killing you and destroying your stuff until you surrender!"

  13. I've been thinking about this latest mass casualty and realizing that I don't feel sad that 49 LGBT's were killed or that 49 Americans died.


    I feel sad that 49 PEOPLE died.

    Does it really matter what race or sexual orientation they were?

    Would it have been better (or worse) if they had been old ladies playing bingo or people watching a sporting event?

    I don't think so.

    Each of them had parents, some of them had children, and all of them had friends.

    They were all HUMANS, and now all 49 of them are dead.

    1. Yup. 49 people, out for a good time, to enjoy time with their friends, died.

      Murdered by an asswipe lunatic.

      Indeed they were all, most assuredly, human beings. Who had dreams, who had a future, until...

      Some asshole got "offended."

  14. Not only a good post, but many good, thoughtful comments and commenters.


  15. Agree with your post. My secondary anger is directed to the, "Never let a good crisis go to waste" scum suckers using this to advance their agenda no matter how tangent the tragedy.

  16. Thank you sir for your service and your measured and thoughtful words. Two things I wish to add, on option 2, while it may not be practical or possible, we do need to realize* that for better or worse we are at war whether we like it or not and we need to start acting like our lives depend upon a successful response. (*meaning our leadership, be they sinister and/or just incompetent) and secondly I find it odd that our approved media and government spokes tools all gloss over the fact that these terrorist attacks are performed by those who claim membership to the very groups that are held up as the examples of fairness, tolerance and intelligence. We see in the Orlando shooting a card carrying demoncrat attacking and murdering what is probably a large population of card carrying democrats who support and defend the actions of obama that have made our country less secure and weakened our fight against the ones who perpetrate these barbaric acts. And as just a side note, the common thread that I see used to defend the political/religious/societal force that advocates this type of action is the meme that all of these are NOT Islam, but are extremist who actually twist a good and peaceful religion into something it is not. The problem is that if we are to be accurate the true "extremists" are the minority that actually misunderstands their own religion and lives peacefully with all religions and societies. We see in polls around the world that while a vast majority do not commit these acts themselves, the majority actually do support the core beliefs of Islam that make it incomparable with Liberty in general and western style democracies to be specific. We need look no farther than countries that are Islamic states to see how the religion is applied to the society and it's consequences. Look to modern day Iran and the fact that they imprison and torture those who dare call themselves Christians and the quite public hangings of those that they find to be homosexual. Our own ally in Pakistan has stories on an almost daily basis where the minority Christian population are abused and killed with the compliance of the police and government. They have laws that also call for the death penalty for anyone convicted of the unforgivable act of changing your religious beliefs from Islam to any other belief (apostasy). We in the west may wish to delude ourselves about the size of the problem we face, but reality has a bad habit of intruding upon such fantasies. And as members of the military we are usually called on to face the brunt of the educational curve as our society comes to gripes with a problem they would rather ignore.

    Polls of what good faithful followers of Islam actually believe:
    In a recent survey conducted by Al Jazeera.net, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support ISIS, with 81% voting “YES” on whether they approved of ISIS’s conquests in the region. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/05/25/shock-poll-81-of-al-jazeera-arabic-poll-respondents-support-isis/

    And a poll from within the USA - More than half (51%) of U.S. Muslims polled also believe either that they should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah. Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts. https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2015/06/23/nationwide-poll-of-us-muslims-shows-thousands-support-shariah-jihad/

    MSG Grumpy

    1. You've hit a number of key points in your comment MSG. Islam is not a "religion" of peace. Far from it. They want a global caliphate where the imams and the mullahs rule. Shariah law for all is their goal. Convert or die, that's the choice they wish to give us.

      It's a cancer which needs to be destroyed.


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