Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bear and Kodi Have Landed

Kodi on her morning inspection tour of the backyard.
The Nuke and the grand-puppies eventually made it through the wilds of Connecticut and arrived in the Chez Sarge Operating Area at roughly 1930 hours local, Friday evening. The dogs were most pleased to have the opportunity for some extra-vehicular activity after surviving 11-odd hours in The Nuke's Jeep.

To the backyard they went to ease the kinks out and were in no time dashing through the gardens in full grunt, exhibiting lots and lots of canine exuberance. Bear and Kodi are both very happy dogs.

The feline members of the staff, Anya and Sasha, were less than thrilled with the presence of their canine "relations" and spent the evening in the cat bunker in the upstairs area of Chez Sarge. (The cat bunker is under the bed in the master bedroom behind various pairs of ladies footwear. Mine own shoes are kept isolated in the computer room of the manse as they are "not fit" to be with the ladies. Something to do with aroma I'm told.)

A movie was watched (I won't mention the title as it was, while somewhat entertaining, forgettable in the extreme), we all went to bed far too late, followed by getting up far too early. It seems that the dogs were on the schedule for the early go. (That last bit has quite a bit of nuance to it, if'n you catch my drift.)

It's hard to get a frontal shot of Bear, she is constantly on the move.
If you look at her surroundings, the blur is not from the camera. That's just Bear, in full grunt, emerging from Grandma's garden from whence she had just been advised to egress most riki-tik.

Again, while the felines are "less than thrilled" with this visit, The Missus Herself and I are having a capital time. It's great to see The Nuke and her puppies.

Those dogs, like me, find the backyard at Chez Sarge to be a garden of earthly delights. I've been told that there might be beer later.

No, not for the dogs silly.

Moss roses, (Portulaca Grandiflora) a Sarge favorite.

Hope your weekend is as good as mine!


  1. Does the early go involve cat shots?

    Yard looks superb. Bravo Zulu the Missus Herself.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. The early go does involve cats. The dog awaken, the cats scramble for the bunker.

      We did have a stare down the other day. Sasha at the top of the stairs, Bear at the bottom, each wondering just what the other was doing in her territory.

      (Heh, "stare down... of the stairs". I wish I could say that was intentional.)

  2. Cats, being the masters of the household, never understand why their servants allow lowly beasts to invade their
    kingdom. But being the magnanimous creatures that they are, they will eventually forgive you for the invasion.
    (as long as you provide the proper amount of back rubs and treats that they so justly deserve)

    1. The feline members of the household are already indicating that, "We are not pleased."

      No doubt we will be shunned. Until suppertime anyway...

  3. Cats are very patient. Once the guests depart, corrective training of their staff will take place. You and the Missus do need to sleep sometime.

    Beautiful yard!

    1. Yes, we will be reminded of our place in the grand scheme.

  4. If this be " light bloging ", please sir, may I have some more?

    Paul L. Quandt


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