Friday, September 16, 2016

The Calm Before...

Well, the past couple of evenings have been absolutely gorgeous. They've had that late summer / early fall kind of feel to them. You can still feel the sun's heat on your face, but on the back of your neck you can feel the breath of autumn.

Walking out of work into the sunlight I've just wanted to sit down and watch the world go by. The sky has been fantastic. Wednesday night there were storm clouds stacked from the western horizon all the way to the northeast. As I stood in bright sunshine, with white puffy clouds and startling blue skies to the south and east, the gathering darkness to the west and north, while beautiful, gave me pause.

Then I snapped out of it and said to Hell with worrying about politics, the chattering class, and all the other a-holes of the world. Right now, they are not touching me and mine, they are merely a rumble in the distance.

It's worth noting that for all the drama in the skies we had about ten minutes of rain. Sure, it was a downpour but it ended almost as quickly as it began. While we could use the rain, I didn't mind the sun coming back out, not at all.

Thursday, while less dramatic aloft, was truly awesome. (Yes, it may be because it marks the start of a three day weekend.) But truly, it was one of those days that you're glad to be alive. The sun is shining, the grass is (still) green, the birds are singing, and God is in His Heaven. Nothing has gone wrong, yet.

Talking to my work partner of the past few months has been interesting as of late, he is from the Bay State and is pretty much a life-long Democrat from a family of that ilk. (Don't get me wrong, I don't "hate" Democrats, there have been some good ones, I know, I know, just not lately, but don't confuse them with the progressive members of that clan.) At any rate he broke out in a sharp rant against the Democratic candidate for President today. He was amazed at how many people in Mass and Little Rhody still intended to vote for the rambling wreck in a pantsuit. I looked at it as a hopeful sign. Of course, he is an engineer who spent one hitch in the Navy and has worked his entire life. He doesn't like the idea of his old party handing out freebies to the ne'er-do-wells of the planet. Can't say I blame him.

While I am not overly thrilled with the Republican candidate, I'll hold my nose and push that button come November. The Libertarian candidates lost me a few weeks back. For a while I thought I was on to something with those two. Sigh, it sucks to be wrong. But I fess up, the whole hooray for Johnson and Weld thing was a mistake. So yup, lesser of two evils time. I get tired of the anti-Trumpers and I ask "so if not him, who?" Lots of mutterings about the "sweet meteor of death" and such. All I can say is, "Really. Look into the eyes of your kids and tell them that."

I ain't ready to quit. Not now, not ever. Someone has to keep things running, it sure as Hell ain't anybody in politics, that's for sure.

So for now, I'll kick back, watch summer fade into fall, have a beer and stay alert. No, I ain't gonna run off into the hills, I'm not running from anything. What will be, will be. (Hey, wasn't there an old timey song about that? Que sera, sera.)

Full moon tonight, wasn't quite full Thursday night. Oh yeah, it's starting to get down in the 50s at night now. Good sleeping weather as we used to say.

That's enough for now, I don't wish to be accused of BWI. I came close but...

It's just too pretty out to get wound up.

Time to crack a cold one and listen to some old time rock. With all the crap going on today, well, the '60s seemed worse. Least that's what I remember. YMMV


  1. You know what I'm gonna say. "Never give up, Never Surrender!"

    Weather down here's been pretty nice also. Lows in the morning about 70, highs in the low 90's with a bit of fog to add some artistic details to the Lord's morning. All in all, not bad.

    1. The Juvat motto for sure!

      Low 90s? That's what we had for a lot of August and earlier this month. In New England that's considered beastly hot.

      I'm sure in Texas that's "no big deal."

    2. Dry heat can be tolerable. I imagine Texas is dry, New England (though we're in a drought) is seldom dry, humidity is a fact of life in the summer.

      I suspect you're right Dave.

  2. You are echoing my thoughts, exactly! Must be a case of great minds thinking alike. "ESSAYONS,"

    1. Heh. That was the motto of the school I attended freshman year.

  3. Very Thoureauesqe, I wonder if it's something in the new England water?

    You might really enjoy the full moon this evening. Celestially it achieves fullness at 3:05 p.m. local daylight time, and at that moment becomes the Harvest Moon, which is defined as the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. The harvest moon is also the one which follows most closely on the heels of sunset, and due to quirks of orbital geometry and our planet's 23.5 degree axial tilt, the moon is very close to orbital perigee with regard to Earth, and therefore quite bright with reflected sunlight. What this has traditionally meant for agriculturalists in the northern hemisphere is that nature has provided enough post-sunset illumination for farmers to work well into the night, gathering their crops, most of which achieve maturity this time of year. And thus the name "Harvest Moon."

    Ranchers, of course, sit out on the deck drinking beer and making rude noises as their farmer neighbors toil late into the night.

    I wonder what Thoureau (and Emerson for that matter) would have made of Deep Purple.

    1. Well, it could be the water I suppose.

      The moon should be spectacular tonight.

      Copy that on the ranchers. We suburbanites (for that really is what I am now) will also quaff an adult beverage and wonder at all the ruckus after sunset. I mean they're spoiling cocktail hour, right?

      I listened to a lot of Deep Purple back in the day. Some of their stuff was superb, some, not so much. I particularly enjoy "My Woman From Tokyo." For many reasons...

  4. Thanks for the post.

    Paul L. Quandt

  5. Funny you should mention the "sweet meteor of death". I had not seen nor heard before today but I noticed
    two cars on campus this morning that had that sticker in their back window.

    1. I found it amusing at first, then I looked into the eyes of my children, and their children, I find it disgusting and disturbing now. Only a fool wishes for the destruction of the planet.

    2. I prefer Instapundit's "Flight 93 Election" theme to SMOD. Either Charge the Cockpit, or die! I've also heard this election likened to Russian Roulette. Your choice of weapons is a semi-automatic (D) or a Revolver (R). Both are apt, I think.

    3. The "Flight 93 Election" is a good way of putting it.

  6. wow. created bwi and now it's a meme.
    SMOD is a placeholder for the next jerk that is going to destroy the Middle East and environs.
    When we look over our shoulder, it's the air force that aims to wipe out the world.
    I for one would be happier if they could actually tell the nukes from the practice bombs.
    Just how does one walk into a bomb magazine and 'accidently' pick up four nukes without anybody noticing? and walk out with them?

    1. BWI is brilliant Cap'n.

      How does one grab the "wrong" bombs indeed. Things have deteriorated in my old service. That's for sure.


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