Tuesday, September 5, 2017


As I write this it's Labor Day. To be honest, it's not a holiday I really get. A long, long time ago, I was actually in a labor union, not really voluntarily, not really compelled to be a member either. It was just one of those things one did to get a job. That was over 40 years ago.

Over 40 years ago. Dang! I was in the Air Force 40 years ago and had been for over two years at that point. I often wonder, like Juvat, just where the time goes.

Summer is winding down, the grandkids are back in school, the air is a bit cooler at night (though for the past couple of days it's been in the 50s at night, which is a lot cooler than normal) and the days are appreciably shorter.

Seems like the Fourth of July was just a couple of weekends ago.


So time marches on.

I'm coming off a four day weekend which is normally a grand thing. With The Missus Herself out in California for a week and a half, the four day weekend can't end soon enough. Which by the time you read this, it will have ended and I shall be back at work.

While the felines are good company, they aren't the most scintillating conversationalists. Much of what they say follows along the lines of "Let's play!" and "Is it time to eat?" While I enjoy both activities, they sleep most of the day and so the moments of excitement and interaction aren't that frequent.

I wish my kids and grandkids lived closer. While it's fun to travel, there are days when it would be nice to have the "just dropped by to say hi" capability. Some would argue that it's better that they live further away and I would guess that those folks have less than excellent relations with their progeny.

We are a pretty tight knit tribe. Comes from living all over the planet together and spending lots of time in each others' company. Sure there were days when we annoyed the heck out of each other but more often than not we laughed. A lot.

I don't have much to offer today. Sorry.

Summer is dying, the fall season hasn't really started. I'm kind of in limbo at the moment. Retirement, for the second and probably final time, approaches but I don't know if I'm looking forward to that or not.

I do like the idea of my time not belonging to someone else. But I also like the paycheck.

A lot.

We shall see, we shall see.

Oh yeah, one last thing, Happy Birthday to son-in-law Big Time. He's a good lad.


  1. You wisely write, (as usual) "I wish my kids and grandkids lived closer. While it's fun to travel, there are days when it would be nice to have the "just dropped by to say hi" capability. Some would argue that it's better that they live further away and I would guess that those folks have less than excellent relations with their progeny."
    That's the thing Jeanie and I miss the most. When we liquidated California and moved East, we knew it would be hard to leave the kids and grandkids. We are still mobil though the trip out West is getting harder each time. Thanks to Jerry Brown and his gang of thieves many are in such straights. Liquidation and moving are the only way to keep any $$ for retirement and still live pretty much debt-free.

    1. What Governor Moonbeam and his minions have done to California is incomprehensible. It's almost as if they have learned nothing from history.

      Oh wait, they HAVE learned nothing from history. Socialists never do.

  2. "I don't have much to offer today. Sorry." I respectfully beg to differ. The wisdom of your years in not nothing.

    No grand kids as yet, but all our kids are in the DFW area. Our oldest lives about 40 minutes away and drove over to spend a few hours with us yesterday.

    As the Libs took over Kalifornia, time and again I had the same conversation with God fearing, hard working, right minded folks. It was so frustrating how they felt that if they just explained the issues to the other side, things would change for the better. I would tell them that explaining was pointless as the Libs already knew what they were going to say. Further, they are socialists. They. Don't. Care. Ever.

    Felines. I may have posted this before. In case you missed it, Enjoy.


    1. Heh, good stuff at that link.

      Can't explain anything to a socialist, they're like teenagers, they already know everything. Thing is, a teenager will learn, a socialist won't.

  3. Don't look at it as a second retirement.
    It's really just another permanent career change... an opportunity to hone your skills as an author.

    1. True!

      The Nuke once asked me what I was going to do when I retired. I told her that I was going to hone my craft as a writer. Odd how she started laughing, she must have thought of something funny at the same time as I answered.

    2. We could better consider 'The Nuke's' opinion on your talents as a writer if, maybe, she posted something to compare her obvious better talent with yours. (Subtle Hint, okay, not so subtle hint.)

      But seriously. I enjoy your style, and your readability. You have the ability to take subjects that, while very interesting, have just not been written well about, and make said subjects understandable to your fellows. That is a great talent few really have.

      I think she's jealous, or maybe it's the callous youth part?

    3. She's just giving her old man crap, it's her job.

  4. We've had a few people here at the office work half-time later in life. Not quite a retirement, but more time off. Still bringing in money, but only half the time. Might be something to think about. Tell Big-Time to work orders for Oceana and you can see some of your GKs more often!

    1. I've thought about that, financially we should be okay with no job. But if I get bored, maybe a part time gig would be just the thing.

      The kids could have opted for Oceana (there was an offer on the table) but with owning a house, LUSH's new job, and Little Bit's multiple after school activities (which she loves), they decided to stay in Lemoore for the time being. Which was the right call.

    2. And they didn't even think of what you wanted? Kids these days.

  5. This Labor Day my two oldest sons visited. My first born lives in Seattle, middle one in Colorado, and youngest in South Carolina. Time and distance doesn't break family bonds I find.

    1. Not if those bonds were properly forged, and it sounds like yours were.

  6. Well, I'd comment but the earlier commenters covered all the bases. I will, however, second Andrew; when do we hear from The Nuke? IMWTK.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. LUSH is, in theory, one of the writers here. The Nuke, her older sister, has not expressed an interest in regaling us with her exploits in the nuclear Navy and beyond. But if she ever asks...


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