Monday, September 11, 2017

Sixteen Years

Every year since then, and until the day I die, I remember this day.

I remember it for those who died that day...

And those who have died because of that day.

I remember them.

The timeline of that day...

Never forget.


  1. Nuke 'em 'till they glow and use their asses for runway light.

  2. Haven't yet forgotten. Never will forget. I think of it daily, as it has shaped our lives since.

    I think that my father's generation, growing up with Pearl Harbor, may have felt somewhat the same way.

    But I remember. Watching the horror from a tv at work. Watching my little city close in on itself, shut down, prepare for Armageddon, and waiting, waiting for the next shoe to drop. Picking up the wife at work, and going home and just staring. No tears, just... staring.

    There are other days for recriminations, today is for remembrance.

    Peace unto all, a safe peace.

  3. You wrote: "I challenge you to read this story and not shed a tear." Well, challenge accepted, and failed- miserably. Even got choked up over that Soldier with his dying mount. Must be the day for it.

  4. I was sitting in my study, getting ready to go to work that morning, when I heard about a plane hitting a skyscraper in NY. Figured it was probably some old codger in a Cessna, had a coronary and lost control. Still I turned the TV on to see if there was any more detail, and I saw the second plane strike. I knew then that it was an act of war.
    As I made my way to the SF bay area that morning, still had to work, but I wondered to myself, is this how Americans felt December 8th, 1941?


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