Friday, September 29, 2017

Things I Cherish

I complain too much, I don't want you all to think I'm this cranky, er, I mean, grouchy old guy who just likes to sit around whining about stuff. There's lots of things I like, one might even say, love. Here are a few. In no particular order.

Being on the water (The Nuke and Little Bit)
My granddog Bear
My granddog Kodi
Aircraft Carriers
Things that go fast (that's my son The Naviguesser)
Dancing because it feels good! (That's L'il Sweetie and Little Bit)
Candles on a dark night
Sailing ships and boats
My cat Anya
My cat Sasha
Daughters (The WSO and The Nuke)
Fall in New England
Fish and chips at Aidan's Pub (not to mention the Guinness, For Strength!)
Narragansett Bay
Remembering absent friends
Coming home (The Owl and her brother, Big O)
More jets!
The Missus Herself's pot roast!
The view from the Mt Hope Bridge while stuck in traffic
The Lord
Gaff rigged schooners!
Our garden
Visiting Sandy Eggo (as seen from the flight deck of a carrier)
The Sea
Okay, I really like the view from Mt Hope Bridge
Learning how to sail
Winter in New England
A good porter
Hanging out with friends, on the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier...
Being goofy with friends, on the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier...

But wait, there's more!

Hanging with family
Telling sea stories - me, LUSH, Bubbles, and Mrs. Bubbles
The Ma Deuce
(Okay, I don't cherish the M2, but it is pretty cool.)
Walking the flight deck with LUSH
Hanging with friends - me, LUSH, and ORPO
Trying to look cool... (in the VFA-2 Ready Room aboard USS Ronald Reagan)
I try to remember, life has been good to me. I am blessed.

Oh, did I mention how much I like music?

Happy camper, c'est moi!


  1. Maybe your best post yet, Sarge. Well Done!
    I agree with your choices, they very closely match mine.

  2. Moi aussi, but I think you need some more books. You are obviously living the good life which I'm sure is your reward for a lifetime of clean living.

    1. Oh there are more. In my house books are like a gas, they expand to occupy all the available space!

  3. A great reminder that we have much to be thankful for.

    I looked at the flight deck photos and for just a few seconds I could feel the texture of nonskid beneath my feet, and smell the JP5.
    Even if you install more bookshelves, there will always be more books than bookshelves, and that is OK.
    Odd though that you didn't have photos of aircraft being washed in fresh water, because based on the amount of fresh water the Airdales used on Forrestal I thought the airplane washing thing was a near constant evolution.

    Again, a great reminder that we shouldn't forget the good things in our lives.

    1. I always try to remember to stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively.

  4. Roger with all these Sarge, one addition....looking downrange through the scope at the x ring at 100 yards.....there's a stress reliever.

    1. Maybe if you shoot better than I do. :)

    2. Nylon12 - operating a fire arm is a wonderful stress reliever.

    3. a bear - I too am an indifferent marksman. Usually close enough to scare 'em, not enough to bring 'em down.

  5. Ah...Sarge...did you miss someone or does the pot roast count?

    1. She's in one of the photos. The pot roast does count though.

  6. Replies
    1. Skip - hhmm, you're right, but bacon is always implied isn't it?

    2. a bear - that right there is priceless.

  7. Yowza.... MOAR BACON.... wait...wut....good link a bear....

  8. Really like that picture of those sailing ships! That city in the background is part of that love. For some reason, several of the pics won't display- Carriers, Naviguesser, Ma Deuce, more jets, etc. Same problem on 3 different browsers. We miss seeing our grandogger who is off to college with the teenangster. Love the post- all the things that everyone should cherish.

    1. Interesting that some of the pics won't display. Google seems to be having "issues" today, and Blogger is owned by Google.

      Yes, loves me some Sandy Eggo. The pic with the boats was taken back in January of 2016 when we out to Sandy Eggo for L'il Sweetie's baptism on USS Theodore Roosevelt. That was a great weekend!

    2. No issues on mobile though.

  9. A very blessed life indeed.

    And if you've ever seen what a Ma Deuce does to objects, personally, you might cherish it too. Cleaning up afterwards and paying the ammo bill, maybe not so much. But still, most of JMBrowning's inventions are works of mechanical art, and are worthy of being cherished. I mean, the M2, designed during WWI, still the 'industry standard' for throwing big chunks of stuff down-range at high velocity.

    And... Brussel Bumps in the pot roast? Hmmmm. May have to experiment, as Brussel bumps are an Andrew and Mrs. Andrew favorite, and so is pot roast.

    1. Yes, first time she put the sprouts in, and I love Brussels sprouts! Try it!

  10. Nicely done. I feel I know you better now and I am better for it.
    For me it's books, beer, jets and beach with some more books for good measure.
    Only problem now in the condo is that for every book in, one has to go out.

    1. Book storage is an issue. My better half keeps telling me that if I want more, some of the old ones need to go.

      I can't bear parting with a good book!

  11. Thank you for another out-loving-standing post. The pictures are great. You've included some of my favorite things. We are blessed by living in this, our country.

    May we all continue to meet here for many years to come.

    Paul L.Quandt

  12. ...but most of all for digital cameras, because otherwise, the film costs would have bankrupted you! ; )


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