Saturday, December 2, 2017


A close friend of The Missus Herself has passed away quite unexpectedly.

My wife is rather shocked and devastated by this, to say the least.

The lady was 68, far too young.

She was a very nice lady.

She will be missed.

Death sucks.


  1. Hey Old AFSarge;

    Yes Death does suck, My condolences from me and mine to you and yours..May your wife and you find peace through this time.

  2. My sincere condolences to your spouse and you. Too many go too soon.....

  3. So sorry to hear that. Seems like we always lose a little of ourselves when we lose a friend.

  4. Being back in the Old North State among family and friends of long ago there seems to be someone I knew long ago or a friend of my Mother or sister pass every few days. We arrived last year in time for the Class of 1966's 50th reunion. It was the first one I've attended since we graduated, and for the most part, the first time I've seen 95% of my graduating class (136) in that time. We had lost about 25 or so classmates in those years. We've lost 5 in this past year. One within a week of the reunion and one just this past week. I know just because, the pace of those friends leaving us will increase. Damn, getting older sucks as well. but as you've shown it is something we, the living, have to go thru. MiLady's and my sincere condolences to your wife and the family of the departed.

  5. My condolences also, Sarge. Please let The Missus know that we'll add her to our prayers for assistance in getting through.

  6. I add my condolences to you and your wife on the loss of her friend. May peace be upon you and yours.

    Paul L. Quandt

  7. Death sucks. Sudden death sucks even more. At least when a loved one has a terminal illness, there is usually time to come and say good-bye, or apologize for some hot tempered words. But when they literally just drop dead, it just leaves a large, empty hole.

    That happened with my second mother-in-law. One month after we were married, she and my father-in-law went for a dinner cruise. She collapsed 20 minutes into the cruise. They turned the boat around, had a doctor and ambulance waiting on the dock, and CPR was started immediately (Dad was a retired professional firefighter) and there was a group of handicapped adults on board with a couple of nurses, both of whom helped. But to no avail. She was only 57. The only blessing was that we realized through the next week that she had either seen, or spoken to each one of her 7 kids (all grown up and living scattered across the east coast) the previous weekend.

    My sincere condolences to your wife, and to her friend's family on their loss. May the many years of happy memories help them to cope over the next few days and weeks.

  8. You, your wife, and her friend will be in my prayers. All the more painful when it strikes as the holidays are just starting to hit their stride.


  9. Prayers and condolences to all impacted by this.

  10. Condolences to be sure. I'm about two and a half years out from a sudden loss and yeah, it really does suck. This time next year I'll have outlived her, and I'm only 55....

  11. Condolences and prayers - my mom phrased it thus: "Growing old isn't for sissies!" and was in reference not only to physical frailties but also to the accelerated pace of relatives and friends passing.

  12. Been there. Doesn't get easier. My best to your wonderful wife.

  13. Thank you all for the condolences and prayers.

    The Missus Herself appreciates them. (As do I.)


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