Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dear Lord, Not Another Crash...

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ryan Connolly, left, and Warrant Officer James Casadona
The Army has identified the two soldiers who died in the crash of their AH-64 Apache helicopter last Friday, the 6th of April, CW3 Ryan Connolly and WO1 James Casadona.

Prayers for the families.

They will be missed. Good men.

The Army Times story is at the link above.




  1. I guess I've been out of touch because I had not heard about this one. R.I.P. brothers!

  2. It's been a rough couple weeks for mil aviation.

  3. Hmmm, maybe if those 535 creatures that infect the Capitol building would do THEIR duty and pass a budget, this would not be happening. But...NOOOO, they feel a need to posture and preen and feel frickin' important. Continuing resolutions DO. NOT. WORK. Pass a budget and allow proper planning and prioritization to occur.

    A POX on all of them!

    1. The 8 years of deferred maintenance and refused upgrades from 2009 to 2017 have killed our military. And it's not just the congresscritters. I put a Yuge amount of blame squarely upon the teeny-tiny girly shoulders of the Community Organizer in Chief, who made it plainly understood that the Armed Forces were hind-tit in his/her/its particular game of socialism.

      The fact that the current president invoked a little-known law regarding omnibus spending bills that allow him to spend, or not, the monies put forth, and in doing so stated he will keep all funding for the military, makes me feel good about the future. The fact that so much money had to be put forth to make things right is horrible, but at least we're moving forward. (By the way, the organizer-in-chief used the same little-known rule to suck money from the military during omnibus spending bills during his reign of terror.)

      God, please see that these men are safe, and that what caused the deaths of so many good men this last week be stopped.

      As to the congress-cockroaches, maybe if they actually served to protect and defend the Constitution, rather than protecting foreign invaders or investors, things would be a little better. You know, things really started running off the rails starting in 1913. Hmmmmm. What we really need to do is repeal the 17th Amendment and give the Senate back to the States, not the populace.

    2. Hear, hear. For those needing a refresher on the 17th (I did), go read up at Tam's place--

      The whole military maintenance mess brings back bitter memories. I served in a maintenance unit under The Peanut Farmer. Prayers and Godspeed to those we have lost.

    3. My nephew (and Godson) of my older brother served in the Air Force under the previous administration in a construction battalion. They didn't have money for fuel, parts, tires, treads, grease, oil, tools. Sat on base for 4 years doing nothing but taking classes not associated with construction work (he got his EMT training done.) They got to crank the motors once a month to prove the equipment ran. He got out, joined FLNatGuard in a construction battalion and was almost immediately shipped oversees to one place or another and around the States to work on US bases that couldn't be fixed by active military units because the active units didn't have the budget to...

      Things are supposed to b e slowly getting better active wise, supposedly things are actually in the pipeline for a lot of units. But too little, too late for so many.

      In regards to the active destruction of our military, they couldn't have done a better job than the wussification of the armed forces in combination with holding funds back... wait, it's almost as if someone planned this... Nah, couldn't be... That would be tinfoil hat territory...

      My disdain for the previous administration just gets worse every day. (I am glad The Peanut Farmer didn't get 4 more years...)

      Sorry for hijacking this solemn thread to go off on a rant, but Gosh Darned It! This crap needs to stop right the FRACK NOW!

  4. Another one? Damn. There's something going around. An excerpt from "A Pilot's Prayer":
    And when the goals are reached at last.
    When all the flying’s done.
    I’ll answer with no regret – Indeed! I had some fun.
    So when these things are asked of me,
    and I can reach no higher.
    My prayer this day with hands extended, please welcome home this Flyer.

    1. Sorry, the carriage return didn't work after "somethings going around." Definitely not the prayer.


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