Thursday, August 16, 2018

Negative Waves

I'm sick of 'em.

Let me explain...

There are four blogs I used to follow (not on the sidebar, never got around to it, glad now that I didn't), that have jumped the shark as of late. Mind you, these are blogs which lean rather to the right. Those four blogs were banished to the outer dark. Bookmarks deleted. No more, no more, ever, to darken my thoughts.

These blogs were all touting the "coming civil war," bemoaning the fact that "it's started already and we're not taking it seriously." Geez.

Apparently none of those guys were around in the sixties.

From what I hear from my left leaning colleagues, they have the same fear. My belief is that they're all watching propaganda, I mean, TV news. Yes, there are cities where stuff is going down, mostly on the coasts, mostly in bastions of progressive thought where they can get away with it.

Why according to the "news" there was a "big" antifa rally in Providence not too long ago. Local media didn't say a damn word about it, local folks all said, "Huh? What? Really? I didn't hear anything."

Of course, if 12 people show up wearing black clothing and masks, it's an "antifa demonstration." If 300 people show up in support of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, it's a non-event, didn't happen mate.

All these negative waves!

Yeah, fire truck that.

Oddly enough, there is one rather progressive-type, anti-Trump blog which is on the blogroll and will no doubt remain. The blogger seems almost unhinged at times, but she likes cats, jet noise, and trains. So she's got that going for her. (And it's wise to have more than one point of view available.)

Those others? I sense that they want a civil war, so they can show how prepared and ready they are.

All I can say is...

Well, Red said it so I didn't have to.

No more negativity! This is the United Fire Trucking States, if the place didn't burn down in the '60s (1800 or 1900) then it ain't gonna burn down now.


Get over yourselves.


  1. I've got that cat loving, jet noise posting, ex-Navy Marine engineer in my regular rotation too. I may not agree with everything she says but it makes me feel like I'm not just in an echo chamber.

    1. Roger that. She does make me think about other points of view, which is important.

  2. But, I love the unhinged political left if they have humor. Especially if it makes you think, or reflect on what other outcomes may be in store. Not everything political is correctly contexted for either side, and errors are written to law. And those errors are considered as laws. So we both suffer.

    1. Yup, a fair point.

      I'll tolerate damned near anything if it's humorous.

  3. This is a country of some 310,000,000 inhabitants. Most go about their daily lives with little drama. Not much news value there. That said, there are always those seeking power, dominion over others, and wealth (your and mine). We need to stay vigilant and proactive as necessary.

    Maybe social agitation is the yeast that makes our collective bread rise and our beer from becoming flat, just saying.

    1. Copy that. It's the twits who persist in their claim that the sky is falling. When it ain't.

  4. There is a lot of propaganda going out these days, everywhere.

  5. I love cats, planes n' trains too, and did I ever mention that I live in a solid blue state...Washington?
    But that ain't me! I'm not one of them!!! That stuff is happening on "The Dark Side" of the state...I live in the North Central part.

    Nope! Nope! Not ME!

    1. I hear ya, I live in Rhode Island, solid blue, but most of the state is not "foaming at the mouth" progressive. Most Rhode Islanders seem to be Democrats because their great-grandparents (etc.) were Democrats.

      When they weren't burning British ships down to the waterline.


    Excellent Rant. Even the Romanian Judge gave you a 10.0. Yes, there is a 'civil' war going on out there, where being right of, well, Stalin or Adolf Hitler is too conservative for many loud mouths. And, yes, it doe behoove oneself to prepare for an upcoming negative event, be it storm, rabid ranters, Beans railing at World of Tanks for yet another update that locks the system down while it takes its time loading its load of whatevers, or a potential socialist upheaval on a local or national level. Because, as we all know, Fewmets Occureth Most Fulsomely at times.

    But to go all, to use the nom négatif du jour, Alex Jones meets crazy tinfoil hat guy, is a bit too far. So, kicking some loud-mouthed idiot off is all good. Creeps on the left and on the right are trying to stir up stuff that neither side really wants. And there are sites that I used to read and kinda skip over anymore because they're too freaky for me. (And for the most part, AJ isn't too weird, his site is a pick and choose place.)

    It's not a case of sticking my head in the sand. I know the issues, I know what may happen, I choose not to be the sparking point of a conflagration, as I rather would be a fire extinguisher.

    As to the ex-naval person you still read, most of what she writes is not to my taste, but I do read her, until I get bored. Her other site about just naval issues, is a regular read. When she posts.

    And as to location of living, I stupidly moved to a liberal cesspool of a college town not realizing it was a liberal cesspool. I used to be so naïve, so very naïve...

    1. I wish she would post more on her other site, she knows her naval stuff!

      AJ is a boor. That's all I'll say about that. (Not to be confused with a boer, or a Bauer, or, for that matter, a bore. Though the latter is no stretch. I never could stomach that guy.

    2. Yup to her. Dunno/Canna remember who AJ is. Which tells me I thought he/she/it was a bore.

      As to that 'Burning in the 60's' comment, it is a national shame that the same idiots that lit fires and set off bombs are now the professors and leaders of many of the pantyfas and other leftist agitators, but now with political protection from the system they want to tear down. And to think, without them being given leniency for murder and felony destruction, Barky the WPE would never have been the WPE. Sigh. And that right there is the problem. The siren song of the barking right has just enough ring of truth in it that the right-minded person starts to agree with them, which gives them legitimacy. Which leaves to madness equal to the stupidity of the leftists.

    3. Ah, okay. Kook-Radio. But the scary thing is he's kinda right enough to be scary.

      And I'll defend his right to say stupid things while thinking of ways to break 2x4s over his head, hmmm, rotating 2x4 brain smacker based on the Gatling action, load new section, rotate, smack, dump broken section, load new section. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

      Just like I'll defend the right of pantifa to scream and holler in the streets like a bunch of zoo-monkeys on No-Doze.

      As long as neither side goes so far as to take action, then it's game on. Within the boundaries of the law. And any local, state or national bureaucrat or politician who holds back the law as part of their agenda should be held accountable to the law (so like the city officials of Charlottesville, Portland, Berkeley and Seattle should be held criminally accountable.)

      I don't mind speech, heated speech, frothing out the mouth speech. But there's a limit. One pinky toe over that limit, one should expect the hand of God himself to punch the 'Smite' button hard enough that Heaven's maintenance staff will need to do a fix.

      But that's me.

    4. Hence his popularity in some circles.

      As to the rest, concur!

  7. If you’re looking for positive waves, there’s this.

    As in, “you’re positively insane” or “there’s positively no firetruckin’ way I’m going near that.”

  8. I heartily second your sentiments, Sarge. (And then "Oddly enough..." he posted a clip of Oddball). Perfect.

    Problem is, the Bastids won't leave us alone. They are hell bent on divide and conquer. Certainly there are concentrations of them, but I also think their numbers are greatly magnified through the media. If things do get "frosty", I think they will find out just how Custer felt, just as fast, and a number of them will get to ask him personally. In the meantime, I intend to get on with it. And I'm using your pro tip--switching from radar to passive sensors.

    In the interest of positive waves, here is one of my favorite musicians in his younger days--

    Have also become rather fond of this stuff of late. Decants very nicely.


  9. Badgers quietly watch, shake our heads, and keep the blast doors on our burrows lubricated.


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