Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you spend the day in the company of those you love.

May you have something to be thankful for.

Remember those who are far from home and can't be home for Thanksgiving. Be thankful that they are out there, keeping us safe and our world free from the nastiness which seems to inflict far too much of the rest of the world.

I have much to be thankful for, I include those of you who stop by here and read my pitiable offerings and leave your own thoughts for the rest of us to contemplate.

But most of all, I am thankful for my family, my freedom, and the Lord Above who made us all. (Whether you believe or not, He believes in you!)

Have a great time, see you here Friday.



  1. Thank you for a great read every day. The pinnacle of my morning.
    Thank you for the Florida Frijole. I have learned much from his ranting and rambling.
    Thank you for the pitot tube checkers: Tuna and juvat. I have learned much from them as well as you.
    Thank you for the camaraderie. It is refreshing to be in the 'room' with so many intelligent and experienced gentlemen (and ladies, Ms. Suz!)
    It is a happy place (albeit sometimes a silly place as well). I truly look forward to the visit every day.
    Thankful, I am!
    Merry Thanksgiving to all from sunny south Texas

  2. I am thankful I ran across this blog quite some time ago - always a good read (well, OK, most of the time ). I am also thankful to have 'met' all of you, both bloggers and commenters, your efforts keep me educated and provide good food for thought. I am most thankful to have been born and raised in this great country and able to enjoy all its freedoms.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  3. Thanks to all those commenters here, learned a lot I have from all of you. To the Man in Florida, thanks for all the posts that caused an eyebrow raise and the Morgan Freeman GIF( "He's right you know"). To the three guys who wore this country's service uniforms for so long and post here... thank you. For ALL who joined the service thank you, you've kept this country safe and free. Thankful I am for friends and family and for for what I have. Again Sarge, thanks for all the work you've done here. A Happy Thanksgiving from the Northland!

  4. Hey Old AFSarge;

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and the neer do wells that compliment you on your writing from me and mine.

  5. Concur with your list of thankfuls, but I'll add "and those who defend it!"

  6. Well done! The Muse is on her game. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Sarge and to all the Chanters out there!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Sarge and the rest of you folks.


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