Friday, November 1, 2019


Enclosed Wheat Field in the Rain
Vincent van Gogh
The last day of October started out drizzly and a bit cool. Over the course of the day it warmed up and the rain stopped. Still and all a rather gray end to October, a month which saw great joy on the one hand, and awful sorrow on the other. That's what life is sometimes.

Blogger has been broken for much of the day, apparently they let the software "developers" make some changes and they broke something. Sounds like my days at work. Couldn't post pictures here for most of the day. Miraculously there was about a 30 minute window where it worked, sort of.

The interface was all text, like something from the 70s. But I managed to get these pictures in before Blogger crapped out again. I guess Google (and most software managers) have never heard the term "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Anyhoo, First World problem dontcha know. No doubt they'll fix it tomorrow and pretend it never happened.


Enjoy the pictures!

November mood
Arnold Marc Gorter
November Mosaic
Willard L. Metcalf
The haymaking
Pieter Bruegel
The Blue Boat
Winslow Homer
West Point, Prouts Neck
Winslow Homer
Fishermen's Wives at the Seaside
Eugène Boudin

Here's a link to the picture I wanted to close with, sort of a hint of things to come.

Yup, the winter isn't that far off, but I'll enjoy autumn while I can.

One last thing, prayers for our friend Valory if you would be so kind, she lost her brother. I can't begin to imagine that kind of pain.


Things are starting to work in Blogger again, here's the painting so you don't have to chase that link above...

Beneath the Snow Encumbered Branches
Joseph Farquharson
It's an All Saints Day miracle...


  1. Hey AFSarge;

    Yep November is upon us, the weather changed like it saw a state trooper down here in the South. Very nice pics btw.

  2. Valory's on the list.

    That last pic is what I always see in my mind when I hear "New England". It's probably the picture in the dictionary next to that term....

    Happy Autumn.

    1. That pic is one of my favorites, I think I've actually been there.

  3. I recommend a visit to Honfleur, Normandy, birthplace of Eugene Boudin. There is also a museum there dedicated to him.

    1. I saw his work for this first time while researching this post, he's very, very good.

  4. Gorter nailed it, THAT'S November all right, empty trees, sky filled with grey clouds....(sigh).....prayers out for your friend.

  5. Stowe VT is a very pretty town. And fall in New England is the BEST!! I, personally, can wait quite a long time for snow to fly.
    And, yes, the wind last night from about 12:45AM on here in Up-State NY was just NUTS!!! Still blowing pretty hard right now as a matter of fact, supposed to keep this up all day.

    Prayers for both your family Sarge and for Valory.

    1. Stowe is very nice. I've had reports on that wind all the way up through Maine! Pretty wild.

      Thanks Suz.

  6. Thoughts and Prayers Valory.

    It's often a pretty time of year around these parts. It can be drab at first glance, but the morning's misery is a very low scud layer belching snow with the sunrise blasting in from beneath the clouds as it peeps over the horizon. Indescribably gorgeous but impossible for the camera to duplicate with anything like verisimilitude.

    1. Yup, there are certain things the eye beholds which a camera just can't duplicate. But your description of the "morning misery" brought up a mental image of something which I've seen before out on the Plains. Beautiful.

  7. High of 67, low of 54 today, high of 66 and low of 45 tomorrow and rainy all day if the weather bone-rollers and gut-readers get it right. Great start to November.

    The first place I ever lived that looked semi-classical for weather was/is here in Gainesville, FL (hey, blogger, capital letter on Gville so it's spelled correctly, jerks.) We actually have trees that turn color, definite seasonal winds and temperatures, all that jazz. Just not to the extremes that you northerners do. Though the first place I really saw standing ice was in the Satellite Beach (FL) area when it got cold and people left their sprinklers on (also first time I saw snow, December 25, 1973, drifting down and melting before it hit the ground.)

    As I have aged, I tend to agree more with the seasonal changes in Gville, thinking that whole white stuff is really nice to look at but for the birds, really.

    Though if it gets cold and rainy for a few days I'll have to deal with all those seasonal affected people, whom are even more gloomy and annoying than just 'normal' people. For the record, I am not, actually I am but in reverse. Sunlight sucks rocks and depresses me. The more occluded Mother Sol is, the happier I feel. As long as the temp is above 40 and it's raining. As I have found that cold and wet and windy doth sucks the big one (because it makes me put actual shoes and socks and pants on, rather than sandals or flops and shorts...)

    Prayers for the lady and her family.

    1. You'll have to forgive Google, it has a very limited vocabulary. (Blogger falls under Google and uses the same, deficient, dictionary.)

      Oddly enough, I kinda of prefer the gray, overcast days to the bright, sunny ones. I have a mild case of photophobia, I sneeze like crazy going out in the sunlight until my eyes adjust. I also tend to squint, a lot.

      I try not to let the weather get me down, unless it starts to pour rain as I'm trying to go from car to building at work. While I do pack an umbrella in Big Girl the winds off the sea make the umbrella almost useless. When the rain is sideways...

    2. So do you have a rain slicker? Do you dress up like the Gorton Fisherman? Or just drip to and from the office?

    3. Rain proof jacket, and it's a short-ish walk.

      Sometimes, one drips...

  8. Yesterday we had over an inch of snow on the ground although it's mostly gone today except for the shady areas.
    The pic's were great and while I've never been to New England, the November Mosaic made me think of New England
    for some reason.

    1. The painting you like is very New England, I've seen a number of places around Vermont and New Hampshire which look just like that.

      You've already had snow? Wow, we haven't even seen a really heavy frost yet, though Friday night looks to be down in the 30s.

    2. Actually that was our second snow although the first was just enough to say it happened
      and it didn't last long. It might be an interesting winter. According to the old farmers
      around here the winter is going to be a fierce one because the woolly bears are all black
      instead of the normal brown and black. ;-)

  9. That last one is simply beautiful!

    Winter is here. Got down to 3* the other night, and while it will be in the high 40's on Sunday, that won't last long.

    Just long enough to get the wife's snow tires on, torqued, and aired up, I hope!

    1. How well I remember winters in Colorado.

      Ft Collins looks lovely in the snow, least I always thought so.

      'Tis a pretty town as I recall.

    2. Yes, it is. VERY "American" Old West town. Back in the late 1970's/early '80's they realized if the city wasn't careful, the original buildings in Old Town would be consumed, so the city put tons of restrictions on tearing down anything built before a certain time, and everything has to be reviewed. Even new construction outside the older areas gets reviewed, as it could impact the entire town.

      Tonight is the official lighting of all the lights strung downtown. The first time we drove through Old Town at night in the winter, we were amazed at how pretty it is. Not garishly lit up (think L.A. or "Home Improvement"), but very restrained and old-timey.

      We just love it here, winter and all!

    3. I miss my days in Ft Collins, it was awesome.

  10. Just to send some warm feelings your way...
    Nothing last forever, even cold November rain...
    I have lost my dear younger sister a few years ago. The pain never really goes away, but you learn to handle it eventually.
    Not a very religious person myself, but for what its worth I said a prayer for you and your family. May God send you a blessing of accepting the fate.


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