Monday, June 27, 2022

Relax...Order has been restored to my Universe...Finally!

 And I mean it...Yesterday was CBW day! I know that for an absolute fact.  Today is CBW+1 or ABC day. (Beans, CBW+1 is the day I Answer Blog Comments.  Therefore....)  I was mostly kidding a couple of weeks ago when I talked about being worried about keeping track of Days of the Week because I use Sunday as my Anchor Day.  I go to Church and write my Blog Post, then count the days since that occurred.  When CBW=7 then CBW=0.  

Easy Peasy.  Until I did it for 10 days straight.  Seriously, I ended up putting an X on the fridge calendar before I went to bed just to keep track of days of the week..

Groundhog Day indeed.

I have no clue how Sarge and other daily bloggers do it.  But, I'm glad they can pull it off.

In any case, on with our regularly scheduled broadcast.

Any Questions?

juvat, what's the status of the Water Softener Camouflage project?

Well...One cabin is complete and has been for a month or so.  



That cabin was comparatively easy.  Had a three walled place for the equipment already part of the cabin.  However, the second cabin is a bit trickier

I've got to build walls around two of the sides, a cover on top and leave access to the light switch.  Doable...I hope, but gonna take quite a bit more time.  The good news/bad news is, up to this point, the occupancy rate is above 80% of the days per month. So haven't had enough time to start and finish this project, but the income is...nice!  This week we had guest's check out yesterday and no one will check in until Friday.  

So...with a little bit of luck, it'll be done in time.  The plan is to put two 2x4 braces horizontally across the front of the containers, anchoring them on the side of the sink and the wall with the switch.  Cedar planks will go vertically across the front from floor to just above the equipment.  On the sink side, another 2x4 will go from back to front and serve as an anchor for staves that shut off that side.  A similar solution will be done on the light switch side.  The front staves on that end will be cut off at sink height.  a permanent top will be put on that section and will serve as towel storage, maybe.  Directly above the now enclosed on three sides equipment will be a removable top for servicing equipment and replacing salt.  

We'll see how it goes.

Any other interesting events happening around Rancho Juvat there, juvat?

Well.  the other cabin will be taken off the short term rental market mid-July.  Seems that my second Grand Daughter and her Mother will be arriving from HK and will be staying with us for a few months.  Youngest Grand Daughter is expected to make her first public appearance the last few days of October which will now be officially referred to as Fall Birth Day Week.  Little J will return here a week or two prior to the due date.  The family will be together until after the New Year when Youngest Grand Daughter is old enough to fly and their accrued leave runs out. (Yes, Beans, they have a lot of accrued leave.  An extended solo assignment in Kuwait with no travel permitted (WuFlu don't you know) tends to accumulate a lot of leave.)

Why do you refer to it as Fall Birth Day Week, juvat?

Well, Mrs. J's birthday is that week, as is MG's (current Grand Daughter) and now Youngest Grand Daughter's will all be in the same week.  My Birthday, Little Juvat's Birthday and MBD's Birthday all are in the first week in June.  That has traditionally been referred to as "THE Birthday week".  Clearly, that has been overcome by events, so as the official naming Patriarch of the Family, I am now renaming it '"Summer Birth Day Week".

(After running it by all concerned...of course.)

And.....Just because I can.

MG and her supercool stroller/car seat all-in-one!

Hard to believe it's been 8 months already.  I don't know who's aging faster.  Her or me?   Her probably, I just look like I am. Heck, if you ask my ego, I'm 21 and holding.

That WAS where I was ending this post, but, not so fast! Late Breaking news.  Had to head to town for a few necessities  and while at the grocery store (HEB...Rated #2 grocery chain in the Nation AND it's only located in Texas! Whoop!), made my usual trip down the baby food aisle.

No, Beans, I'm not at that point in my life...yet.

MBD had very early on noted the potential impact the supply chain interruptions might have on newborn stuff in a large college aged population city (i.e. College Station). With that in mind, she had asked us to check baby formula aisle every time we went.  

We have...frequently...with no success. I'd like to thank that person in the White House for his astute leadership and economic skills.


Notice the empty shelves....However....

A quick phone call to confirm make and model and....

Scored the max we could (2) and now need to make delivery arrangements.  As Baron Von Richthofen once said "I'd rather be lucky than good.  Luck is more reliable."1

Peace Out, Y'all!

1. Not sure, really, who said it first.  Might even have been me.  But...attributing it to the Red Baron makes it more credible. Just sayin'


  1. Water Softener enclosure. Is there any way to move the switch up a bit? Maybe use the existing location as a junction box, and raise the switch to a newly installed box by going up "X" distance?

    1. John,
      One of the many sayings I have in my life's repertoire is this one "A man's got to know his limitations." I have many and follow that creed with each. Extremely high up on that list (although not as high as "Flying without an airplane") is "I know nothing about electricity besides 'Plug it in' and 'Turn the switch on'. Beyond that it's Black Magic and used to be a big deterrent to people committing capital offenses. So, the only electrical tool I have is my wallet.
      That having been said. Mrs. J will have a big say in the esthetics of this project's outcome and the electrician may still have an input.

  2. Quick juvat, buy a lottery ticket!

    1. Nylon,
      No kidding, as we were checking out I had that thought. Then thought that was putting my Lucky Leprechaun too much to the test.

  3. Oh, we are so well led. /sarc

    That being said, nice post. (And what is that wire trailing off to the right side of two of those photos, curious minds want to know.)

    1. Sarge,
      That's the electrical wire that drives the pump in the pump part of the unit. No kidding, it's the size of a cell phone charger. And as I mentioned above, me and electricity are polar opposites.

  4. Juvat, we appreciate you toiling on as you have during the last week in the Word Mines for the greater glory of the Empire...

    I am always impressed and amazed by people like you that can visualize such things before putting them in place. My ability to spatially imagine and planning things is, well, limited. (And yes, electricity in my world is also something to be avoided at all costs).

    Huzzah for the return and everyone here until after Christmas!

    1. I gather that this was your first comment, which you repeated the essence of below. Apologies, Gulag (Google) has been brain-dead when it comes to "spam" comments lately. Bastiges.

    2. Yep, They've pretty much been screwing it up by the numbers lately, haven't they?

  5. Well, with the electrophobia, I won't suggest putting a pull string switch in the lamp over the sink. The covers look really nice. I was thinking maybe a cabinet with a removable bottom in the second cabin.

    As to birthday week, I'd have kept THE Birthday Week, and added ANOTHER Birthday Week. But that's just me stirring the pot. (Maybe THE ORIGINAL Birthday Week?)

    I bought 5 dozen eggs at HEB Saturday. I remember when that was 5.00. Saturday it was nearly 14.00. FedEx Ground for the package? Double box it. They track to the door. Their one day range is pretty big, too. I've had good luck with them.

    And don't skip the most important things. I want to see the shop!!!! How is the shop coming along???? Hey, didja move everything into the shop???? :D

    1. STxAR
      OK, Last First. No, haven't moved in to the shop yet. Life intervenes. Soon.
      I thought the same for the second cabin. The problem is replacing the salt. That goes into the cylinder closest to the sink and from the top. So...

      Birthday week names. You must have been a Toreador in a prior life. Talk about waving a red flag in front of a bull. ANOTHER Birthday week would wave that Red Flag in front of ALL the women in my life. Fall & Summer are much healthier options for me.

      I didn't realize HEB delivered. Might have to look in to that. On the other hand, shopping at HEB constitutes what little social life I have nowadays. I always run in to someone I know. So...maybe not.

  6. Juvat, we appreciated your sacrifice in the Word Mines for the greater glory of the (Blogging) Empire...

    I admire anyone that has the ability to visualize how things fit without being able to actually fit them in place. I have precisely zero ability in that area.

    Sounds like - with all the family around and coming in - you are living in one of the best of all possible worlds.

    1. THBB,
      Thanks, It was a challenge, but fun with the advantage of doing a favor for a friend. (Which, BTW, will be called in at some point, just sayin')
      That visualization skill is still VERY much in development. Just got back from the first cut, the 2 X 4 across the front at the sink level. That gave me the ability to measure the lengths of the different pieces I'll need. That and visiting Lowes are today's objectives. It also greatly assisted my mind's eye in figuring things out. Taking lots of photo's in case I need them for insurance or hopefully just a blog post. One never knows.
      Yep, Mrs. J and I are very excited and looking forward to the event. As, I'm sure, are my Son and DIL.

  7. OMG MG is such a cutie-pie!! Those are definitely some styling shades she is wearing!! And, yes, she is growing up!!

    I like how you did the one cover-up job--looks very nice. What about (the electrician dude) moving the light switch to the wall just outside of the door? Yes, a pull chain would work, but, in a strange bathroom (ie not your own) at O'dark's a pain to fumble around to find the stupid light so ya don't sit on the floor instead of on the stupid toilet...besides, I'm short, and I always wind up standing on tip-toe to be able to reach the dratted pull chain. Furthermore, I can't see the lovely Mrs J allowing a pull chain that would hang down over the mirror--just asking for someone to knock said mirror off the 2 cents worth.

    Totally off topic--what happened with the whole comments thing?? I always used to be able to comment under my name, and now I have to comment under Anonomouse's name?? What's with THAT??!!
    (I just spent 30 min fighting with Blogger, can ya tell?) I hates the computer...hates it I do...


    1. Suz,
      Thanks, Yeah, we kinda like her an awful lot. Shades were a spur of the moment example of Mrs. J's Brilliance. I just respond to her suggestions with a "yes Dear". Which is one of the smartest thing's I ever do.

      Re: the Electrician. Not a bad idea! Will discuss with the aforementioned decision maker. Not even going to consider a pull chain for reasons ranging from "deterring from the cabin's look and feel" to "PITA turning on the lights".

      Re: comments. That question has been popping up on a few blogs on Sarge's sidebar. One common occurring (but not in all the comments) is the use of the Brave browser. That browser blocks tracking cookies automatically. I think that annoys Google (you know what word I wanted to use there. It's typically followed by the word "off") to no end and this is how they're getting even. IMHO YMMV.

  8. Congratulations on GD#2!!
    So excited for your family! ❤️⚘️❤️

    1. Mary,
      Yeah, we're pretty jazzed about it, to say the least. Gonna be a good end to a so/so year.

  9. I would do something about the electrical cord...

    1. ZD,
      Yeah, it was one of those out of sight out of mind things. I'll take care of it on my next Lowe's trip. Now that I've got an excuse ;-)

  10. Congrats to them! And great grab on the formula!

    1. Old NFO, and I didn't even have to tackle anybody to get it!

  11. I've read this post twice and crashed each time- not due to content, but due to COVID fatigue. Can't think of anything substantive so I'll leave it at zzzzzzzz.


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