Thursday, May 30, 2013

Call Signs

Certain personnel within the Clan of the Old AF Sarge 
are assigned duties which involve flying. And I mean actually operating the controls within said aircraft and not just using it as a mode of transportation to go from point "A" to point "B" in the performance of their assigned duties. Said aircraft also being painted a certain shade of grade and having the capability to take off from and land on aircraft carriers belonging to the Naval Services of the United States of America. Said aircraft also having the capability to carry death-dealing ordnance and go very fast.

Okay, so you know I'm talking about Big Time and The WSO. A certain married couple of my relation and acquaintance living out California way in the vicinity of NAS Lemoore. Who wear flight suits to "work". (The word "work" is in quotations because what they do does not primarily involve a cubicle, it's flying for Heaven's sake! How can that be termed "work"? But, I digress.)

Both of these stalwart individuals have what are known in the military as "call signs", what the civilian world might call a "nickname". But that's like calling Dom Perignon "booze". Technically yes, it is. But it's so much more. As is a call sign.

Big Time is my son-in-law. Big Time is his call sign.

Among the unread messages on my cell phone this morning was the photo above. A message from The WSO.

You have enough information now to puzzle out what The WSO's call sign is.

What makes things even more fascinating and wondrous (from my point of view) is that acronyms are involved.

Let the guessing and postulating begin!

(I'm working on authorization to share the back story on all this. It's good. Sorry to tease, but we shall see.)


  1. So, she likes a sundowner to unwind...who doesn't? Sounds like my kind of gal.

    1. Indeed she does. And of course, it's always sundown, somewhere on the planet.

  2. I hope you get the appropriate hacks, post haste. Mainly coz Enquiring Minds™ wanna... no, check that... NEED to know.

    1. I know. And I'm desperate to tell the tale!


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