Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night This and That...

T-6 Texan Taking the Air Over Little Rhody
A couple of odds and ends to share tonight. I took the picture above last weekend. Nothing like the sound of a military piston engine to get my blood pumping. A local guy owns this bird and will take folks up for folding cash money. I may have to figure out where he's at. Ya know, sneak on over there while the Missus Herself isn't looking.

Apparently my oldest granddaughter,
Little Bit

is something of an artist. She drew this recently (keep in mind she's not yet three) -

When Mom (The WSO) asked her what it was, her answer (I kid you not) was:

It's a Human

Not, "a man". Not, "it's Grampa". Not, "it's Daddy". No. "It's a Human." Of course it is.

And I had to share this video, from over at Buck's place. It is well worth your time. Trust me. Would this man lie to you?

Um, maybe. But not today. (Included this picture just to show y'all I do have some Air Force stuff.

But yeah, there's a F-18 pin, a DDG-94 pin, a Navy Future Surface Combatant pin and the crossed flags of the US of A and Germany. Commemorating my last active duty assignment. So yes Buck, I even put Navy on my Air Force stuff.

Oh, the BDU* shirt. Part of an old uniform which I now use for grass cutting and various and sundry outdoor chores. Because of the many pockets which are on it. I like pockets. There's a story there. Which I'll tell one of these days. Involves the Nuke it does. Who, when she saw me wearing this shirt said, and I quote, "So I'm guessing that wasn't as tight back in the day, huh Dad?" Takes after her old man she does. A real smart a$$ at times. You can tell she's one of mine. Easy.

Have a great weekend!

*BDU - Battle Dress Uniform


  1. Replies
    1. Um yes, that's what I told the Nuke. She wasn't buying it.

  2. LOL, we've ALL had that problem...

    1. I guess the materials used were not of such a high quality. I hear a lot of us vets have this problem. Has to be the material.

    2. Not me. I never owned any BDUs; those things were for you young'uns. My sole remaining fatigue shirt fits just fine, as does my flea jacket.

      Thanks for the linky-lurve!

    3. Braggart!

      How could I not link to that video? It was freakin' awesome.


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