Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Getting Spoiled

I remember the early days here at Chant du Départ
, I was ecstatic if my statistics showed 50 hits in a day. Then as time went on, new readers came my way, a few people "joined" the blog (that whole "Join this site" thingee over there on the right). Seems that I was becoming somewhat "popular". (Whatever that means. I'm still a neophyte in the blogoverse.)

Then things started to take off. A couple of other bloggers linked to a couple of my posts (and to them I am most grateful) and more people started visiting. The following (exceedingly boring) graphic gives a break down of where my traffic comes from. This is probably interesting only to me. But I share. It's what I do.

So my advice to rookie bloggers is to try and get linked at other, more established blogs. You can do this by writing "good stuff". It will get you noticed.

Or you can have friends in high (or low) places... (So Buck, can I get a "Heh" on that one? Murph? Anyone? Bueller?)

So there it is, know people who blog, write good stuff and be humble. (Or not, YMMV.)

My point here (as if I ever really have a point) is that I feel I've come far from the days of "woo-hoo, lookee there! 50 people visited today". Except now I'm kind of spoiled. Ever since about Friday when The Lonely Libertarian sent some folks my way, which led to this -

Now that's an all time high for me. But you see what happened after the 24th? I seem to be sliding. But if you look close, the visits are over 300 for each day. Except today, which isn't over yet.

So for a while I was happy with 50 or so visitors a day.

Then thanks to a few blogging buddies, those hits were averaging around 150 a day for most of May. Then WHAMMO! May 24th.

Like the title of the post says, I'm getting spoiled. Now I expect the magic 300 a day, every day. And this isn't even Sparta. (Come on, you knew I was going to go there eventually dincha? At least I didn't do this - 

Oh wait, I did, didn't I?)

Ah well, these things happen when you're spoiled. Which I am.

While I'm busy singing my own praises, let us not forget to welcome a new member into the fold:

Standard speech applies, New Guy buys the beer, etc. (By the way, I like the name "The Daily Smug", it's kind of how I'm feeling today. Smug.)

Oh, before I forget. Some of you have not picked up your awards from the other night. (Here.) I know some of you may have missed that post. If you're like me (self-centered and a bit of a prima donna) you need to go read that post. (You too Suldog!)

I'm an attention hog, I'll admit it.



  1. Hey! That spike looks like the nipple on a booby! Heh heh heh.

    You'll have highs and lows, you'll have days when everyone is stroking you and days when you can't buy a pet. But it ratchets up. I went from my 100 hit days, to my 500 hit days, to my 1000 hit, and so on. My biggest days come from links from wirecutter (knuckledraggin' my life away), or as he likes to be called Oh Great and Powerful Blog Father. Just so you know who's ass to kiss.
    Oh, and Sex Sells. ;-)

    1. Why yes, yes it does!

      It's always nice to know whose ass to kiss.

    2. But, however more powerful wc is, my ass is cuter.
      Just sayin'.

    3. I would take that on faith.

  2. Now we need to somehow engineer an instalanche! Apparently that beats all!

    1. I have heard of those. By the way, see my latest post. Those responsible for the oversight have been summarily dealt with.

  3. i feel I'm in the presence of greatness when I come to Chant du Depart...oh Great Sultan of the Keyboard!

    1. Ha ha, thanks Greg. (I think...)

    2. As is my style, I went a little too far...but I am very happy that other people are appreciating your blog!

    3. Too far? Hhhmm, didn't see that. Your comment looked fine to me.


      And yes, I like your style.

  4. Ya done good! Keep on keepin' on.

    1. Why thankee Buck. We tries hard we does.


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