Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, Monday

No!! It can't be Monday again! No!!
To misquote the Mamas and The Papas: "Monday morning, it was all I dreaded it would be." The 0400 wake up, the long drive north, the settling into the borrowed cubicle and wondering where in Hell the weekend went to. Ah, well.

On the upside, it seems that Ivan Toblog (IT) has given me an award. I'm not all that clear as to why IT inflicted bestowed this honor upon me. But I will take up the challenge and (sort of) follow through as I'm sure IT would expect me to.

However, before continuing, I have to be up front and let everyone know that this is what I call a Chain Blog Award, or CBA (like you  didn't see that coming.) In other words, one blogger gives an award to x other bloggers, who each then pass that along to another x bloggers. I reckon this could spread like wildfire through the blogosphere if it wasn't for folks like me. For I am where chain letters, chain e-mails and CBAs go to die. I never forward anything of this nature. Ever.

It's just not something I do. Perhaps it's a character flaw. Perhaps it's not wanting to pass something along which could be, oh I don't know, infected or something.

To be clear, this is not something for which I blame IT or the Daft Scots Lass (who gave the award to IT). No. I just don't do chains of any kind. It's the rebel in me. It's my "defiance of nearly all social conventions just because I can" nature which prevents me from forwarding things. Maybe it's a character flaw. Maybe I don't like to share. Who knows?

So all that being said, here's what the award looks like (IT changed it, I like what he did with it so I left it in its IT-original form) - 

This will be going up on
The Trophy Room page for your (and my) future viewing pleasure. The girl is cute though her taste in lobsters is suspect. (I'm from New England, you need to be familiar with what Maine lobsters look like to understand. Good thing Google exists innit?)

Apparently there are also some things I need to do. While I will break the chain of this CBA I will honor the other criteria. Which are -

Yes, I did a screen shot over at Ivan's because I was too lazy to re-type all of this stuff.

So "Thank You Ivan". I appreciate the fact that you thought of me. (Now I just have to figure out why...)

The award icon will be in the Trophy Room. Which is on my site, you just need to look for it.

Eleven random facts about myself: 60, 68, 1953, May, blue, graying brown, originally blond, blue, cats, football and Korea. No one said I had to explain these random facts. Heh. 5000 Shrute Bucks to the reader who guesses all eleven explanations. (And we all know how much those are worth.)

So, moving on to the questions posed by IT.

1.) When I first realized that I had to move out on my own and get a job. Yes, that sucked in so many ways.

2.) No, I usually don't shave on Saturdays. I give my face that day off.

3.) Outdoor sports. I will make an exception though for hockey.

4.) None of the above. Texas.

5.) It's supper Monday through Saturday and dinner on Sunday.

6.) I have about fifty favorite movies. No one favorite. Though if forced at gun point to pick one, I'd go with Blazing Saddles. It's the funniest movie ever made. Others come close, but none top it.

7.) Visiting my kids and grand-kids.

I reckon I will add four more questions and actually answer them. Don't ask why. I don't really know why.

8.) Where did I grow up? Vermont

9.) Do I speak Chinese? 

10.) Would I like to learn? 

11.) What was that all about? I don't know.

So there it is.

Thanks again IT. (I think...)


I was so excited about the Liebster that I forgot this - 

Ivan went and joined the blog.
Welcome aboard IT. I guess because you gave me an award we'll forego the New Guy buys the beer thing.

Well played IT. Well played.


  1. For I am where chain letters, chain e-mails and CBAs go to die. I never forward anything of this nature. Ever.

    Great minds, and all that. ;-)


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