Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday, All Is Well

F-22s Out of Langley AFB, Virginia

It's a beautiful day. Little Bit has seized control of Chez Sarge. She's running her Aunt ragged. It's fun to watch. The Nuke and Little Bit have quite a rapport.

And Grampa himself (that would be me) is having a great time.

Talk among yourselves. I'll be back.

Bounty Hunters, Old and New
The WSO's Current Outfit


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    1. Thanks Buck! (Note the 50/50. Half USAF, half USN. I'm trying to stay true to my roots.)

  2. VF-2.
    Been to see with those guys in the Air Wing. Same Air Wing, it was.
    CVW-2 embarked in The Good Ship Ranger for the Long Cruise of the period, 10 September 1980 to 5 May 1981.
    The squadron I was in, VA-145 passed over 1 million pounds of fuel each to both Fighting One and Fighting Two.


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