Saturday, May 11, 2013

Un Samedi Matin au Printemps

The East-most Weeping Cherry at Chez Sarge
It's Saturday and (What? The title? Oh! Yeah, that's French for "One Saturday Morning in Spring", saying that in English sounded rather pedestrian. So I jazzed it up in French. I can do that. I control the blog. Mwaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaaa. Um, sorry... where were we?)

Yes, as I was saying, it's Saturday. The lawn was mowed yesterday and today it's raining on and off. That just means that I will be having some free time today that normally I don't have on a Saturday. Which is the day I usually cut the grass. Not this week though. When I returned from "Up North", the Missus Herself announced, "It's supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday, you better cut the grass on Friday."

And this is where I normally just gaze mindlessly out the nearest window and sigh quietly. You go from the joy of "It's the Weekend! Yay!" to "Here's the list of things that need to get done this weekend."

Sigh... (Yes, I was gazing mindlessly out the window just now.)

But yes, things need to get done. This weekend, they're already done. So. Free time. Sort of. I do feel obligated to post. For to entertain my beloved readers. This blog is a hobby and one I thoroughly enjoy. But I am starting to feel an obligation to it, a compulsion to write, an obsession as it were. (The Missus Herself thinks I've gone completely round the bend. But as the WSO says "Hey, it keeps him off the street. Right?" And so it does.)

Anyway, I have some administrative things to take care of. I like to greet the new members who sign up by pressing the "Join this site" button over there on the right. Ya know, this thing - 

In the past couple of days two more folks have joined and they are -

Mongo used to be one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children and has a very nice blog of his own here. (If you're wondering what I just said in regards to the "Children", do the acronym thing, puzzle it out. Come on. I'll betcha Greg has already figured it out.)

The Old NFO is a retired Naval type. Not sure if you can tell from the icon, but he flew in P-3s (also P-2s at one time I believe, early in his career, he mentioned it somewhere around here). He too has a blog, most wondrous and interesting here. I'm partial to NFOs. After all the WSO is also an NFO. (What's that you say? Too many acronyms you say? Go read The Acronym Page, it's all there. It's why I created the bloody thing. Oh well, fine. NFO is a Naval Flight Officer.)

So a big round of applause for the New Guys (I'm assuming the beer will be here shortly?, Guys? Bueller?) and say -

(I stole that from the state of New Hampshire. Gee, I hope they don't mind.)

I was just over at Lagniappe's Lair and saw this, great aircraft photos and another place on my list of "I Have to Go There" spots. Go look, hurry!


  1. Happy Saturday! It's good ya got the lawn mowed yesterday... now you can enjoy the rain today!

    1. Indeed. But OTOH, the Missus Herself won't be going on as how I shoulda done it yesterday. Coz I did!

  2. I was here earlier but didn't have time to log in and comment.
    I kinda figured you'd forgive, since I'd already commented on the Fort pic from yesterday.
    That said, yeah those birds were pretty well worn out when they were flying them out of RDD and they weren't getting much down time for maintenance.

    1. I am the forgiving kind. Glad you had time to come back and linger for a bit.

      Maintenance, that non-glamorous thing which is so necessary to keep'em in the air. Neglect that and bad things happen.

  3. Sarge- you remind me much of my father-in-law, both of you are career NCOs, conservative, opinionated (in a good way), wearers of military ballcaps, doting on your grandkids, and the like. Enjoy those grandkids- you never know when the end of the path might be reached and you step into the clearing.

    1. When I first read this comment, very early this morning, I was most flattered. The second part of your comment I thought was, shall we say, theoretical. Until I went to Facebook this afternoon. I am so sorry for your loss. He looks like he was a Hell of a man. My post today is for him and for your family. My best to you and yours.

  4. Re: Old NFO: Rumor has it that he started out flying in PBY Catalinas, but that's just a rumor. He may have started out in something even earlier. ;-)


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