Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day (Uh, What?)

Uh, no. Not this one...
This one

I hear that we're supposed to "celebrate math" today.


Gee, I'm glad that's over.


  1. I HATE math. Illustration: the last time my checkbook was balanced was when the maid did it, a couple o' weeks before she handed in her resignation. (She was also my accountant.) That was well over 14 years ago.

    1. Math was never my strong suit. On the other hand, I'm not sure I have any strong suits. In the pinochle game of life, I would never get to bid. I'd rely on my partner.

      Oh wait, I do that now. Of course, my wife holds ALL of the cards.

  2. One of the kids that work for me pointed out how in 2 years Pi Day will be on 3/14/15 (cue the theme from 'Twilight Zone')......

  3. I do arithmetic.
    Math is beyond my ken.
    So I still write pi as 22/7.


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