Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So How Goes Your Day?

Bauernrauferei beim Kartenspiel
Adriaen Brouwer (Public Domain)
Woke up around 0300. Sounded like someone was playing a fire hose back and forth against the side of the house.

Nope, just the rain. (Heavy and driving it was!)

Could not get back to sleep. Gave up at 05oo and had coffee. Noticed that the weekly Tuna post was non-existent. Activated the TUESDAY EMERGENCY POST. (It's in the Dash-One, I had no choice, it's a bold-faced item. FWIW, I heard from Tuna, he's fine, just busier than a one-armed paper hanger. How many people even know what that is?)

Finished coffee, then went to shave, thereby confusing our felines who wondered why I was not feeding them. Now they think I'm an asshole. (Seriously breakfast is at 0630, not when I get up...)

Stopped on the way to work to get fuel. The new kid inside activated the pump before I paid, or presented plastic. Filled the tank. Wondered why I had to go inside to pay.

New kid.

Driving onto The Island got passed by three assholes in pickup trucks shaking their fists at me. Was I going under the speed limit?

Nope. Five mph over.

Got to work, stopped to chat with the cute blonde receptionist at the front desk. A very pleasant young lady, she's worked here for about a month. I want to be welcoming and friendly to the new kids.

Get to my office, note that my fly is unzipped.

Welcoming and friendly transitions to "creepy and weird."

I stopped by the front desk to offer apologies...

"No, I didn't even notice..."

Old fart apologizes to young lady for walking around with his pants unzipped.

Nah, not creepy at all.

Finally get to my lab. My computer system manages to crash twice before locking me out totally.

After three hours at work, I am up and running, my computer is up and running. Why does it feel like a Monday?

So how goes your day?


Don't ask...


  1. Welcoming and friendly transitions to "creepy and weird."
    Very funny!

    Been there.

    1. Probably most of we "experienced" (i.e.old) guys have!

  2. "...breakfast is at 0630, not when I get up..."

    How do you explain that to a cat ...any cat?
    Mine thinks he's supposed to wake me up when he's hungry.
    He thinks I'm an @$$#o|e.
    I don't care.

    1. Mine seem to understand the concept of time. They just don't like it.

    2. Lazarus, the Norwegian Forest cat I had for 20 years, believed with all his heart, that cats got fed brekkers at 4:00 AM. he would come and get you, if breakfast was late.

    3. What a cat wants, they usually get around here.

      0400? Dang but that's early!

  3. I had to face off with the County commissioners and their budget nazi. Other than that, not so bad.

    BTW, I've been in that bar. It's in Willhelmshaven, just south of Bismarckstrasse on that little jog K-291 makes back to the west. A little dodgy but the beer's fantastic. Those guys have been tusslin' every time I've been in there. Don't know why Marhilda puts up with them, but she does.

    1. Heh. Budget Nazi. Heh.

      Those guys are Dutch, it's no surprise they have to drink in a German Bierstube.

    2. Dang! Wrong country! Sometimes I have a little issue with attention to detail...

    3. Niederländisch oder Deutsch es ist alles das gleiche mit mir!

    4. Watch out for the failure to pay attention to detail......F-15s have been lost for less.

    5. I would have linked in German, but somethings get lost in translation.

    6. True that on the F-15. Applies to other things as well. Remember the old "for want of a nail" story?

    7. Be interesting to get your take on that mishap Juvat.

    8. He has shared that take with me, perhaps he has a post in the offing?


  4. Sheesh. I thought it was bad last night when the courier I relieve wrecked the Prius. Had to drive a Corolla with 330,000 on the odo.

    1. I think I'd take the old Corolla over the Prius.

      Corollas are very hard to kill. DAMHIK.

    2. A merger with a flat bed truck??

    3. Hit the curb while on the cell phone. It was the dispatchers fault for calling her while she was driving (yeah, makes no sense to me either). I don't like the Prius but folding my corpulent body into the Corolla is "challenging".

    4. Damn dispatchers, they've been known to "force" people to answer the phone.

      I hate trying to talk on the phone while driving.

  5. Second Monday in a row... sigh

  6. I think we were up at the same time. I woke to an odd thumping noise but by the time I was fully awake, it was gone. As I started to go
    back to sleep, it started again so I began to wonder what my lovely better half was doing in our closet, but when I rolled over to look, she
    was still in bed asleep and the noise had stopped. By this time I was beginning to believe that I was having some strange dreams only
    to hear the sound start again. As I sat up in bed, I finally realized it was the sound of something pulling at the siding on the house and
    figured out that is was probably our year old German Shepard munching on the siding.

    At this point I jumped out of bed, ran through the house, slipped on my rubber boots at the back door (we had just received about 3
    inches of rain so it was quite muddy out), and headed around the house to find that Lady was indeed trying to remove the siding
    from the house. I explained to her quite firmly that it was verboten.

    I noticed at this point that I could see my breath in the air and I was about to freeze my dingleberries off. Since I don't sleep with
    anything on, the only thing I was wearing was my rubber boots and so my the tender parts were definitely getting a tad chilled!

    After going back in, I figured I might as well stay up and go to work early. But I did feed the cats as they know their demands
    should be met at all times. Yes, they are spoiled!! ;-)

    1. Hahaha. Gerat story Russ!

      (Now I have to try and rid myself of the image of you running around in nothing but a pair of rubber boots.)

    2. OK, I was starting to feel a LITTLE bit sorry for Sarge, But that sympathy has been redirected to you.

      Oh, and Sarge? Pass the eye bleach!

    3. Yeah, I'm sure it was probably NOT a pretty picture. One of the advantages of living in the great outback is there's no one
      to call the cops over the crazy old coot flashing the countryside!!! DON'T LOOK, ETHYL!!!!!

    4. Ah yes, the wonders (and sights!) of the country.

    5. Oh BTW for "gerat" above, substitute "great" - I do actually know how to spell. However, typing is not my strong suit.