Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sunset, 29 April 2015
Late on Tuesday I put up a post. Really it was a title, a painting and a brief sentence of only three words.

"Just a thought..."

I woke up Wednesday morning, somewhat horrified at what I had posted.

That's just not me, not really.

The painting was of The Whiff of Grapeshot by F. de Myrbach, an Austrian painter. The painting purports to show a brief vignette at the disturbance in Paris known as the 13 Vendémiaire. Some histories call it a battle, some call it a series of riots. People died and the disturbance was eventually put down by troops under a fellow by the name of Bonaparte.

The title of that post was "Leur donner une bouffée de mitraille...," a not so vague allusion to the recent events in a couple of American cities.

Why was I horrified?

It was an over-reaction on my part. The citizens of the city which has experienced the most recent troubles seem to be making a big effort to calm tensions in that benighted place on the shores of Chesapeake Bay.

That post wasn't seen by many, fortunately, as it did not reflect my real feelings. It was an emotional reaction to current events. Which is why I generally try to avoid such things here on the blog.

I'm not apologizing, just letting everyone who saw the post know what happened to it.

No one complained. No one, as far as I could tell, was offended.

Besides which, Wednesday was far too pretty a day to be angry about anything.

The sound of the waterfall is soothing...

The fish are fat and happy, glad that Spring is here...

Under The Missus Herself's tender care, the garden is coming alive...

Anya is content to chill out with her Pop (that would be Yours Truly)...

And soon the cherry blossoms will be in full flower...

Things might get better, they might get worse or they might just stay the same.

Who knows?

I am no philosopher, I'll leave that to the Pythons...

Which serves as introduction to... A BONUS VIDEO!


  1. You've got the springtime magic going on out there. Great pics.

    Python is great for keeping oneself centered. I particularly like the galaxy song.

    1. Re: Springtime Magic. People are funny. April 1st, the high was 40 something and people were out in shirtsleeves and shorts. Yesterday the high was 55 and people were out in coats and hats complaining about being "freezing". What a difference a month makes in Spring.

      Re: Baltimore. The best post I saw went something like "The Riots are the Left protesting against the Left for the failures of the Left." Thought that summed it up pretty succinctly.

      Good Post Sarge! (as usual)

    2. Thanks Shaun.

      Yeah Python, it's good for what ails me!

    3. Juvat, concur on Springtime Magic and Baltimore.

      The Left hate everybody, including themselves!


  2. I'm sorry, but I would demure. Of course the majority of Baltimore's black citizenry are law-abiding and just as appalled as anyone--especially the business owners who saw their life's work ruined. But we are not talking about THEM, we are talking about that small minority that, by their actions, can set a city back economically 30 years. Our ancestors were made of sterner stuff and realized the out-of-proportion damage even a small number of looters can do to a city. In the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 Congress authorized both the Army AND the police to shoot looters dead on sight. (pour encourager les autres) Most of those Baltimore business (and the people they employed) could have been saved with timely use of "grapeshot" at the very outset. History records that the looting in S.F. in 1906 was minimal..

    1. My first thought was, "Great for population control, too!"

      The only people worse than the ones who believe it's a good idea to riot and loot are the ones who will make excuses for the ones who riot and loot.

    2. You have a point there Virgil.

    3. Skip, I too despise the excusers.

    4. I totally agree Virgil, but where will we find leaders with the wisdom and the courage to take such steps? There are times, and I think that this was an example of one, where, frankly, people need to be killed for their actions. The lawlessness that is allowed to occur, basically without penalty, hastens the end of our Republic. One of many factors of course, but a rather blatant one.


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