Monday, April 3, 2017

A little of This, a touch of That

So, evidently, Amazon has perfected Alexa in such a manner that even Pets can order through her.  Who knew?

However, my order last week for a case of blog posting ideas is on back order and delivery date is "undetermined".  After a week spent tormenting regaling Sarge's readership with vacation details, I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas.


There is hope.

In the Alles ist klar category, I learned something I'd always suspected, but was not positive was true.  The Air Force Academy was founded on April Fools Day.  Things make so much more sense now.  Who knew Old Ike was such a kidder.

Sitting on the porch of the Guest Cabin looking to the NorthWest.
In the "Life's little Pleasures" category.  Last week, we had a little problem with my Sister's cabin.  Seems that her shower would only produce hot water, which is great if you're planning to cook lobster, not so great if you're trying to get ready for work.  Mrs. Juvat has finally gotten an appointment to get Canine Flight's close in armament trimmed.  Given that I'm on blood thinners, even a little love swipe from one of them leaves me looking like something from a Friday the 13th Movie.  My sister can't get off work, so I finagled a late arrival for work.

The plumber swore "No problem, juvat! You're first on the list for tomorrow, we'll be there 0800 sharp, NLT 0830!"

Lying Bastiges!

So, I'm sitting on the porch of the Guest Cabin, since Blonde Flight was out in their yard, and I didn't need the hassle.  0945, Mrs Juvat comes back from the Vet.  She comes driving by with Canine Flight "helping".  I'm surprised she can see for all the help.

"Where's the plumber?"

"Good Question"

Fortunately, as you can see, it was a beautiful morning and it was fairly pleasant sitting out there doing nothing.


"Well, something came up."

"Were you going to let us know?"



But it was a beautiful morning!

On the New Addition to the Family front.  It seems some fine person from town delivered a small crop of Kittens to the place in the dark of the night recently.  Momma Muskrat, leader of the Outdoor Feline Flight, has taken them under her care and Mrs Juvat (ever the Personnel Officer) has approved their reassignment to the Momma's flight.

So, welcome Mishka, Moshka and Mushka.  We hope to train them to become ferocious guard kitties who will protect Mrs. Juvat's Hibiscus plant from pillaging raccoons. But...It might be a while.

L to R Mishka, Moshka and Mushka.  I'm only certain about one's name. Hibiscus plant is on the left.
It's apparent, even to me, that vacation is over and things around Rancho Juvat are back to their always exciting rhythm.  Thank Heavens.

Although Google seems to know that we were in Scotland and is "helping me" accordingly.  Most of the YouTube Video recommendations I seem to get lately deal with Bag Pipes.  I thought this one humorous, YMMV.

It was a bit blustery, quite a bit of rain and a warning of a never spotted tornado, but in spite of all that things are quite lovely down here this time of year.
Anyone wonder why bluebonnets are the State Flower?


  1. Sometimes blogging about the every day stuff can be most entertaining. This post is one such example, and it's a fine one.

    The additions to the feline staff look like fine recruits. Be warned though, a cat will "splash" the hibiscus (and other potted plants) and blame whatever wildlife there is to hand. Just sayin'. I know cats.

    1. True enough, however, Mrs J has caught the fat SOB raccoon in the act. Throwing water on him doesn't seem to deter.

    2. Ah, so she has a perp, just needs to deter the masked bandit. In my experience, raccoons are nasty bastids. Very clever too.

    3. I've got a very nice .22 that should do the job nicely, but.........They're Cuuuuuuuttte!

    4. Yeah, we haven't seen the young'uns, just this big fat one. Not sure what he's after, though. He digs up the hibiscus, and places it to the side, empties all the dirt and spreads it round, then upends the pot. Methodical little booger!

    5. Looking for grubs? If a .22 is not PC in the house, there are always Have-a-hart traps. Bait it with fried every time. Especially since coons will go after kittens that little if given the chance.
      You can always empty the trap someplace far, far away...

    6. Hadn't thought of that, thanks. I guess that means a little less fried chicken for me though, not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

    7. Or....Now that I've had a second to think about it, how about I drop the raccoon at the people who dropped off the kittens house. Return the favor, so to speak.

  2. Just had the chance to watch the Dueling Pipers...

    Brilliant! (Perhaps one needs to have it in the blood, which I do.)

    1. Dueling Banjo's on the Bagpipe. Most Excellent. I think the young lass made the right decision.

  3. "Mishka, Moshka and Mushka" Sounds like your naming computer was hacked by the Russians!

    (Durn spelling compulsion!)

  4. If you tire of Scottish bagpipes, you might try Galician.

  5. Juvat: The 5:51 post raised a question; the 6:13 post answered it.
    I am so grateful for my woman. She doesn't think "cute" involves disturbing things we don't want disturbed. She'd shoot the masked bandit without blinking (using my Mark II, I would hope; she carries a .357 SP101, & that would leave her quite a mess to clean up. I think she knows this). She's pretty good with possums, & she already hates coons (they kill the chickens, which cuts into her beloved eggs over easy).
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. I think Mrs J is getting tired of their antics. We'll see.

  6. Hmmm. I begin to understand why Monty had such a bad attitude...

    For your raccoon problem, look to Snuffy Jones' coon dog Lily for salvation. Won't solve your problem but it's a very funny story in the book "To Hell and Back."

    Also read an amusing story about combat pipers in the Pacific. Can't remember the book title, May have been Russell Davis' "Marine at War." Anyway, the punch line was that Japanese soldiers would go straight to seppuku rather than endure the agon of listening to bagpipes.

    Great post!

    1. Agony. Just warshed my hands, caint do a thang with 'em.

    2. Also, this...

    3. Don't encourage the bastiges!


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