Friday, April 14, 2017

Flight Ops, USS Enterprise

YouTube Screen Capture
It's been a long week for me, four days which felt like forty. I'm still recovering from my bout of intestinal nastiness, I think it fades but...

Anyhoo, I've got a long weekend to try and get back to being Fully Mission Capable.


Yes, too tired/lazy/indolent/exhausted/uninspired to give you a "real" post. So...

Yup, a video. More aircraft carrier love.

CVN-65 USS Enterprise. The Nuke did her first class midshipman cruise in the Med on the old warhorse. Six weeks at sea, she actually had a real job, due to a shortage of JOs, she "owned" the first deck division. Got an eval from the captain and also got noticed by Naval Reactors. Long story short, she went into nuclear propulsion and is still at it.

Son-in-law Big Time did two combat tours on the Big E, flying the not-so-friendly skies of Afghanistan, putting warheads on foreheads.

For real.

Anyhoo, enjoy the video. A lot of great American kids doing their jobs.

For freedom.

Yes, I have a "thing" for carriers. Can't help it.


  1. Getting back to normal health-wise can take time and the older we get the longer it takes. Thanks for this post, it's a good thing to see what those who serve face each day. God bless those who choose to serve and take care of their families.

    1. Yes, as you get older, recovery time is longer.

      Thanks Nylon12, I love those kids out there. (Heck, at my age even the admirals are young!)

  2. The thing about carriers is ...they're big and they're fast and they'll wear out everybody who has anything to do with them

    1. There's a lot of work in keeping those things running.

  3. I can almost smell the kerosene. :)


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