Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rhino Ball 2016

2016 Rhino Ball Screen Capture
Rhino Ball is where the aviators and WSOs who fly the F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornet (aka the Rhino) get together to celebrate the accomplishments of another year. Every year features a video, always well made, and always with cheesy music. (Buck always called it cheesy, but he was a purist. I've always kinda liked the music.)

Anyhoo. 2016 was no exception and I finally remembered to track down the video and post it for you. I thought 2016's entry was pretty durn good. Hell, I even liked what Obama had to say and how he said it.

And that's a huge admission from me. Yuge.

So without further ado...

The West Coast Rhino Ball Video, 2016.

Americans, doing their jobs.

Well done C-Rock Productions!

Until next year...

2016 Rhino Ball Screen Capture

You almost got a rerun, I like this better!


  1. Cameras have come a long way.

    OBTW, been meaning to ask whether you were aware (as I suspect you are) that when VF-2 stood up they were called the "Flying Chiefs" as most of the pilots were NAPs?

    1. I did know that. A couple of old aviators have mentioned that in passing.

      Fitting that my daughter flew with them.

  2. Tease. Here I was, all set for a post from LUSH.



  3. Nice secondaries. Nice video. Thanks so much. Now, I just must try to calm down and stop wondering about how long it would have taken had we had such marvelous instruments of destruction.

    1. I know, the ordnance we have now would have made life a lot easier for you guys back in the day.

  4. Thank you for that most excellent video. I suspect that a certain amount of insanity is desirable in Naval flyers who operate aboard carriers. They are, indeed, among the best that America produces.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Not so much insanity but the ability to make the insane look "routine."

      Carrier landings at night...


  5. An Argonaut Rhino picture would have been better! Just saying ya know!

  6. Most Definitely!
    Argo Pride!


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