Wednesday, June 6, 2018

An American Kid...

One last thought on this day -

Saw this at a friend's blog, had to share...

Now I understand where Beans gets his faith in our future.

Kids like this one.

Good lad.

H/t to my buddy Proof.


  1. One of the good ones coming up! God Bless Him!

  2. I see so much that isn't reported about our newest generation. There are many who are believers, real red-blooded Americans, who understand this is the world's last best hope (to steal a line from 'Bablylon 5'.) The MSM don't report about them. Like the female college graduate who had photos taken of her on campus with her gun (after graduating.) Or the young black man who proudly shouted he was off the plantation. Or the football players who do stand.

    These heroes of the social justice war are everywhere. Just like all the angry old men, who are everywhere. It's just that they don't get the press, they don't get the notice of 'our betters.' Just look at all the people who show up to disasters, on their own, often working against the 'government agencies' to provide aid, comfort and protection to those who have lost so much in the disasters. The 'Cajun Navy' is everywhere. It's why you never hear much sob stories about places that get flooded out in the mid-west. That's because those that aren't in danger rush into danger to save those that are in danger. The 9-11 boatlift, great example of our citizens sailing into danger. the 9-11 aftermath at all locations, yet another great example. So are the unshown reactions of the silent minority during and after all the mass shootings in the last 20 years.

    We, the silent majority, and this nation overall, are so much better than what is being reported.

    The 'Greatest Generation' hasn't failed, nor have their ancestors who fought the War between the States, and who, afterwards, held little animosity towards their 'enemy' brother. Or their ancestors who fought any of our wars preceding.

    We haven't failed in raising our newest generation. Our 'betters' have. And for allowing our betters to fail us and our future, that, we should be ashamed and promise to never repeat again.

  3. To paraphrase a line from a movie. I’ll fly on that kids wing anywhere, anytime, any situation. Well done, Son.

  4. Hey Old AFSarge;

    Yes Bean is right, our "betters" have failed, but we haven't and we will try to instill the timeless values to the next generation and hopefully they will pass on the legacy. And love your reference to Babylon 5 one of my favorite shows

    1. Why, with your handle, am I not surprised. Best Sci-Fi EVER!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this that I might see it.

    Paul L. Quandt

  6. My wife just watched and asked me to thank you as well.



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