Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Contrary to Popular Belief...

So, it was Saturday night and I was heavily engaged in infiltrating the Germans' highly classified Magazzeno Facility. After I had fought my way through a crap load of Deutsche Fallschirmjäger, all proclaiming that they were going to track me down and annihilate me, I realized that the hour was quite late. Hhmm, hold that thought boys, we must continue this dance at another time. I need to make haste to the blog and write something.

Otherwise, all of the Chanters who rely upon Your Humble Scribe and his faithful minions for summat to entertain them over morning coffee will be sore disappointed.

Grumbling (sotto voce) about this blogging activity cutting into my computer gaming time, it struck me that I had volunteered for this gig, hadn't I? So I should quit bitching and start writing. But it was just a tad short of the midnight hour, attendance at Holy Services the next morning was expected and I needed something.


I contemplated a re-run, something I am wont to do now and again of a Sunday, but decided that I didn't have anything in mind. I mean, I've been on a bit of a history kick as of late, with more in the offing, and didn't want to, ya know, break the streak. So...

I offered up this, an exercise for the readers, so to speak. It's a topic I have been meaning to address for some time now, having numerous readers from the Southland and no inconsequential number of "damned Yankees" on the roles as well. (I count myself both by birth and inclination to be one of the latter. Though in truth I root for the Red Sox. Dad was a Yankee fan, Mom loves her Red Sox, I grew up in a divided household. Bitter it was during the season of America's pastime. Ah, things could get heated. And yes, I digress. Badly.)


A couple of propositions, things I've been meaning to blog about though have been somewhat reluctant to do so. Southerners have long memories, so I've been told, and the great bloodletting of 1861 to 1865 is a topic often near the surface of my own thoughts. So I threw those propositions regarding the WBtS, ACS, WoNA, what-have-you, out to you, the readers, to solicit your thoughts and opinions on the topic.

Then in the comments, I see that dear Beans had tossed a salvo in my general direction.

As can be seen, I tossed out a witty (read lame) comeback and was relieved that our Suz had dashed in to rescue Yours Truly. Good lady that Suz.


Beans didn't hit too far from the mark with his bon mot but it was more of a "holy crap it's almost midnight and I haven't written a post yet" than it was a, "heh, let's just toss this out there and let the readers thrash away at it without my input."

Ya see, Beans has noticed that I respond to comments. Each and every one (usually) though as of late it's getting hard to keep up with y'all. I mean, you folks like to comment, a lot. There are days when I'm answering one comment, publish it and "DAMN, there's another one" coming up right after the screen refreshes. Deuced prolific thou art.

I mean, I like it. A lot. But Sunday's post I wanted to put out there, let you folks beat up on it for a day or so before I chimed in with my own two cents. Well, you've done so and given me much to think on. I have my own opinions and thoughts on those two propositions but I'm not ready to share those just yet. Not to mention, y'all made some very good points, I may need to rethink my position on a thing or two regarding that conflict between the blue and the gray (or butternut if you will).

Good stuff, but damn it, it makes my head hurt to think so much. Especially on a Monday.

So expect more reverberations from Sunday's post. But it's going to take a while. I mean there is grass to watch grow, ponds to look at, and, most importantly, adult beverages made with hops and barley standing by which are not going to consume themselves. Know what I mean?

I need to think, cogitate, ruminate, and contemplate, so...

Contrary to popular belief I was not:
  • wool gathering
  • goofing off
  • taking my ease
  • lounging about
  • wasting time
  • slacking
..this past Sunday instant.

Well, maybe I was.

A little.


  1. Have always been appreciative of the responses from you folks blogging here, that and the content of course. What you post and WHEN you post is your choice..... soooo....take your time, your blog, your rules. Patience helps as I've learned while waiting for each release in the Fallout series, looks like I'll have to keep waiting after this upcoming November release for a traditional effort(single-player, off-line, non-co-op).

    1. I hate having to wait, yet I have learned to tolerate it. (Where the heck is the last season of GOT???)

    2. I would nod wisely and say, "Yes Sarge, my two years aboard Forrestal taught me to wait in line patiently, and I have matured and grown calm as a result of that experience."
      Except that would be a total lie, after the Forrestal I resolved that if am not going to wait in any lines if I can avoid it.
      Yes, sometimes there are unavoidable lines, and I've found that the Kindle, and the Kindle app on the phone have helped a great deal.

      My wife and I didn't understand what all the fuss was about GOT and then HBO offered a free weekend and and we watched the first GOT episode. Incredibly addictive and we have wondered about the time compression where an hour long (ish) episode flies by in only a few minutes.

      Your (y'alls?) responding to comments is one of the many great things about this blog.

    3. Well John, it's easy to respond to comments when the comments are so damned good. (We have great readers and commenters as I'm sure you'll agree.)

      As to GOT, I picked up the first book in the probably-never-will-be-finished set at an airport and was hooked immediately. When it became a series on HBO, the hook was set, they had me in the boat within the first few minutes.

      I don't do lines very well. My herd instinct is very deficient. I am not one with the collective...

    4. John 6:18 (he, he, he)

      Yeah, HoBO did that to Mrs. Andrew and I with "Westworld." Caught the first show, me thinking it would be about as good as the movie "Futureworld" and then had to call to get HoBO added to our service and binge-watched the whole damned season. And I was laughing at the sick joke the director/writer did with the player piano music. And then, 2nd season, along comes another episode that they are sick with the music again.

      I'll have to check out GOT since two people here now recommend it. And HoBO is talking about doing a GOT prequel series.

    5. Biblical quotes? Another first from our Beans!

      I am also addicted to Westworld. I pretty much ignore the music in many shows, now I have to check that out.

      Blogging could be light as I research that...

      Just kidding!

    6. I'm all-in on GOT and Westworld. I'll be sad when GOT is over next year, all of which will be a very busy 6 episodes. If they kill off Arya, I'm driving to New Mexico to kick J.R.R. Martin in the groin.

    7. I'll help pay for gas.

      (I call shotgun!)

    8. Watch the first episode of WW and then Season 2, Episode 5 and do a compare and contrast to the music. I'll be waiting for your reaction.

      The WW people play a lot of little games with the viewing audience. Music is one of them...

  2. Well, to ease your workload I won't comment on today's post...

    Oh, wait...

  3. Haven’t watched a single episode of GOT, but, because I had the four book boxed set and picked up book five, there’s an inkling of what it’s about, and I am interested in following the saga.
    I won’t even begin to think about what’s next blogwise, the inability to post pictures from the tablet and the smartphone has greatly restricted remote blogging.
    Not to mention that I prefer spending free time with MB.

  4. Sooo… Gaming... How... disappointing, Here I thought you were slaving away doing wifely chores or cleaning the litter box or even checking your ship (inspecting your naval) but... Gaming?

    Wow. You get one new writer here and you slack. What is this world coming to? I mean... Oh sacred fewmets, I need to get something done for this week...

    Well, I guess it takes one to know one.

    1. No pressure Beans, you know that.

      (Computer gaming, one more thing I'm addicted to...)

      Gee, what happens if LUSH actually comes on line? Could be a complete and total breakdown of society...

    2. No, I'm sure that will be an entirely different Point of View coupled with a plethora of stories which will provide a lot of details about living with Dad.

    3. Now that, Juvat, is one POV that I hadn't considered. C'mon Lush, give us the "Inside Story"! (Cue music: "Da Da Da DUM"

    4. Juvat - you have a point there. Secrets will be told, lives will be ruined...

      Oh yeah, I'm all in!

    5. Yeah LUSH, what Flugelman said!

      (Maybe if I "double dog dare" her?)

    6. Come on, big silent Sister. Your father hasn't written a post that's just all about you lately. You've got to drop the bomb on him.

      Challenge... Issued!

    7. I texted LUSH with the demand for her wisdom here on the blog.

      She answered with, "Fine."

      I'm not certain that's a good thing.

      I'll be in hiding for the next few days...

    8. Ooooh! " Fine ". Things are never good when a woman says " Fine. ".


    9. What Paul said.

      "Fine" used by a woman is like "Achtung - Minen!" to a guy.

      Was it a disheartened 'Fine' like she is finally giving in to a whiny child?

      Or a sternly spatted 'Fine' which means some whiny child is going to get it?

      Or a gentle acquiescent 'Fine' which means her creative juices are flowing?

      Does she still read the posts and comments to see if they are about her?

    10. Stern. It was stern.

      She might read this one.

    11. Ohhhhh, good save. Rather good save, old Chap. Rather.

      We look forward eagerly with baited breath and great anticipation upon the learned discourse soon to potentially be imparted upon us lesser beings.

    12. Well, seeing you put it that way...

  5. This Sunday is Fathers' Day so you are required to slack off and take a rerun if needed. Although, it would be an absolutely excellent time (and gift for her dad) to have a certain someone post for the first time. Just sayin'...

    1. I'll run that by her. (The re-run might could happen as well, but probably not, too close to the anniversary of Waterloo, the 18th, and it is the anniversary of Bunker Hill, I know, I know, it was fought on Breed's Hill.)

  6. Tuna is a very wise guy--err, man. If that doesn't get a certain someone off the dime, I don't know what will. I await with baited breath ( fishing metaphor ). As in fishing for LUSHous prose.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Ooh, LUSHous prose, I like that.

      And Tuna is kinda of a wise guy, I mean he's an NFO, a brown shoe, you know what they're like. ;)

    2. But if your Father's day is like mine, it's like Mother's day, without all the fanfare and gifts.

  7. Lines. Old Service joke (pick a branch). Sgt to Private, "Bet you would urinate on my grave". "No, Sgt, I ain't standing in any lines I don't have to".

    It has to be important for me to stand in line. The ^%$&* airport comes to mind.

  8. 1. You are welcome :)
    2. Sigh...ok, so now I'm standing in line to hear YOUR musings on your proposals of alternate history....waiting, sorta patiently...guess I will go back to mulching the garden, and finish up my paperwork. Would much rather read about alternate history tho' :) And after spending 8 hours yesterday cultivating, then picking up mulch and putting it on half of the garden, I totally understand the allure of having extra hands around to help to do agriculture!

    Gotta say, it sounded to me like an alternate history storyline you were looking for help filling out :)

    1. Well, not so much alternate history, more like polling the readers for your thoughts on the propositions presented. I plan on writing more about the Civil War and it helps to know one's audience.

      Tomorrow my two cents on the topic will be offered.

      Wait no more!


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