Sunday, November 4, 2018

Life, It's Too Short to Worry About Politics

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday, well after it had stopped raining anyway. The rain was coming down so hard, and from the west where the bedroom is, that it woke me up. Remembering past years, I did a quick walkabout the house, channeling my inner CHENG*, looking for leaks, flooding, and other intrusions of Nature. None being found, I went back to bed.

Slept far too late for not much gain. But hey, I didn't have to go anywhere so I had that going for me.

When the sun was at its brightest, or so it seemed to me, I took the cellphone outside and snapped some photos. That one above, compare it to yesterday's opening photo. The same but different, neh?

So another photo post. I would talk about the upcoming mid-term elections but I am so sick of all things political and the blathering of the news outlets that I could just puke. Violently.

Life is far too short to engage with idiots, no matter which political banner they march under, and there is much beauty to enjoy. The outdoors, the comforts of one's home, the love of a good woman (for me at any rate, who you love is no one's business but yours, love is good, it outweighs all else), and the contented purring of the feline staff all tend to make me a happy man.

Put on some music, have a sip of your favorite beverage, hug the ones you love, and do your best to make the world a better place. Politics ain't the answer. But, just in case, keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel. There are those who would kill you because they disagree with you. On both sides. To Hell with them. I choose love.

Down by the pond.
Under my tree.
My slice of Heaven.
Green and red leaves, white and blue sky.
Under the red maple.
New life even now, as the warmth fades.
The neighborhood is gorgeous these days. Well, most days truth be told.
Looking to the north.
My friends, the trees.
This is what Paradise looks like, no streets of gold, no palaces. Just beauty.
Another day, another gift from God.
Come Tuesday, get out there and vote. Vote for what you believe, not what someone tells you to believe. Don't hate because someone thinks differently, there are plenty of haters in the world. Who needs 'em?

Love and be loved. That's all there is, that's the secret. For those who know, it has never been that much of a secret. Love thy neighbor.

Love is all you need.

* CHENG = Chief Engineer


  1. Your cellphone camera does a pretty good interpretation of reality, nice shots! You've a good size backyard with the trees on the perimeter, yeah..... share those leaves with others! Ninety percent of our leaves are down and the weather guessers are calling for snow a couple of times this week. I see the neighbor and you seem to lack the requisite outdoor mancave, aka the garage. Had the old one torn down back in '04 and a slightly wider and longer one built with an upper storage loft, helps keep the snow off the vehicle. Did early voting on Tuesday past, local libraries host that, had a good turnout when I was there.

    1. Yup, one thing we lack is a garage. When we moved here I wanted a boat, she wanted a garage. So we compromised and got neither...

    2. Reminds me of a book on England. The Royal Navy asked for 6 new Battle Cruisers, the Government proposed 4 and ultimately compromised at 9 new Battle Cruisers. Jackie Fisher was a wonderment.

    3. Ah, if Admiral Fisher had been present, no doubt we'd have two garages and three boats.

      Two of which would no doubt have blown up by now...

  2. Judging by the backyard you don't have time to deal with politics anyway!

  3. Looks like you jump right on the raking!you have a tidy lawn!

  4. “Dow by the pond” is almost a pun with tat duck in the picture 😆

    Life’s too short to spend any amount of time worrying about anything.
    It connotes way to much negativity.

    1. Too true.

      (I hadn't thought of that on the ducks, good one.)

  5. Isn't it great how much cell phone cameras have improved over the past 20 years? The clarity in your shots is great!!
    I love trees. We have a very young red maple next to the driveway. But over under where we park Hubbie's little pick up is a lovely golden maple. The entire tree is just loaded with yellow leaves. Of course, today, we are supposed to have "breezy" with gusts to 30mph...darn windy in my book. Not going out today to fill half cord boxes with wood today. (Did 2 on Friday, and 1 yesterday.) Also supposed to get lots of rain. So the leaves will not stay on the trees for long.

    So, I am going to work on indoor projects...maybe bake an apple pie...something which warms up the kitchen. By the end of the week, the weather-guesser's say we should have some snow...hoping for just flurries. Yup, pie is sounding good.

    1. The camera in the cell phone never ceases to amaze me.

      Pie? Did someone say pie?

  6. What you wrote is so complete that it needs no additions.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  7. You are a voter, not a fighter. Good post. Quiet, mellow, beautiful. And the Big Girl looks like she's holding up. I don't think you've posted a bad picture of your yard yet.

    Peace out, dude. Enjoy the mellow. Have a brew.

    1. I'll fight if necessary, no need to. Yet.

      Mellow is good.

    2. Beans, he always ensures his yard is in order before snapping pics. Kind of like cleaning up before you have guests over for a visit! That reminds me, I need to clean the house before the maid comes tomorrow! haha. Who am I kidding, we don't have a maid, so I better get to work. That red maple really is beautiful.


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