Saturday, September 21, 2019

War Paint

The Battle of Zorndorf
Wojciech Kossak
Charge of the Prussian Cuirassiers led by Seydlitz at the Battle of Zorndorf 25th August 1758
Out of town all weekend, no time to blog. Starting to lose the energy to blog.

Thought I'd share some paintings I like.

Back later.

Maybe. I might need to take that sabbatical after all...

The Battle of Valmy
Horace Vernet
Won by General Kellermann over Prussian and Brunswick troops in 1792.
Le Rêve
Édouard Detaille
Soldiers of the French Third Republic dream of the glory of their predecessors.
The Battle of Bunker Hill
Howard Pyle
Washington Crossing the Delaware
Emanuel Leutze
Surrender of Lord Cornwallis
John Trumbull
Battle of Gettysburg
Thure de Thulstrup
Battles of Jena and Auerstädt 14 Oct 1806
Édouard Detaille
Haut les têtes, la mitraille c'est pas de la merde!
Louis Lepic and the Grenadiers à Cheval at Preussisch-Eylau, 1807
Napoleon's return from the Island of Elba, March 7th 1815
Charles de Steuben
1807, Friedland
Ernest Meissonier
Have a nice weekend.


  1. Fair winds and following seas Sarge.

    1. A good weekend, I'm having an attack of the lazies perhaps...

  2. Well earned sabbatical. Rest easy.

  3. Take the Sabbatical when you can Sarge, not when it is convenient. At our age we just never know.

    1. Many times "when you can" is based on "when it's convenient." The trick is knowing the difference I think.

  4. It’s all about change, Sarge.
    We can resist, and be miserable, or embrace it, and adjust.
    It’s gonna happen anyway.

  5. Have a safe, restful weekend, my Friend.

  6. I understand exactly what you're saying, Sarge. Seasonal change is in the air, Political odor is strong in the wind...
    I feel like stepping back from everything to just watch what's going to happen.

    1. The political odor is rather like dead skunk. Though truth be told, the ex-skunk smells better.

  7. I'm pretty sure the grenadiers a cheval didn't say that. Maybe the guys on the ground. I'm sure that everybody found war ever so much more restful before John Churchill went and ruined it by actually attacking other armies.

    You should take a bit of a rest and then perhaps adopt a slightly less voluminous posting schedule. Maybe you could invite some other distinguished bloggers to join with your crew. There are a lot of them out there and just think of all the Adjuncts that would love to write and have people actually read what they write! They'd be over the moon with happiness and stuffed with words they are that they are dying to dribble out in a torrent.

    1. No doubt apocryphal, but Colonel Lepic was an odd character.

      You provide food for thought.

  8. I enjoy these pictures, but I realized that I probably wouldn't like to see the same for more modern battles and warfare. These pics almost romanticize war, making it seems as if the battles were more brave and valiant, than bloody and hellish. Not a criticism of the artist, you, or war in general, but showing horses and swords vice M4s, MRAPs, and IEDs definitely displays a far different type of warfare.

    1. Air warfare paintings though I could look at all day, old or new.

    2. Tuna the 1st - War was brutal and nasty then as well. Artists seldom see the real thing, and if they did they'd paint something else.

    3. Tuna the 2nd - I remember a painting I saw as a kid, World War I, two French airmen jumping from their burning aircraft at altitude. No, they weren't wearing parachutes.


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