Monday, June 8, 2020

Nor John Ford...either!

So...Celebrated my 65th orbit of the sun on Saturday which concluded "Birthday Week" for the Juvat Clan.  MBD visited last weekend, so we celebrated her "Third Zero" birthday last weekend.  Little J, LJW, Mrs J and I had a long 3 way Skype session on his birthday.  He was sipping on a specialty Bourbon (Basil Hayden), so was pretty relaxed. But...Ground Hog Day still.

No, Beans, no real info on relief, yet.

Saturday,  SIL his two Brothers and Father, were in College Station for a "Dadchelor Party", a last night out before the birth of the first child.  So the plan was for MBD to come celebrate my birthday on Saturday.  She said she'd get there in the afternoon because one of her friends was moving, and she was going to help.


She tried to lift something and screwed something up in her back, so no MBD .  So, it's just Mrs J, myself and my Sister.  Steaks on the Barbie with a Baked Potato.  Turned out pretty well, served with a nice Lodi Zin.

Got some nice presents from all concerned, but Mrs J scored the perfect one for the win.
I mean, really, how much more information do I need? And, thanks to our "brilliant and expert" Gummint, there's no other way to distinguish days of the week.

This morning, Mrs J and I headed over to Moscow on the Colorado to check on MBD and bring her the walker we had bought when Mrs J had screwed up her back.

This getting older thing really sucks!

Not getting older sucks worse, juvat!

Yes, Sarge, it does.

One of the other reasons to visit was to deliver boxes and other packing supplies. MBD and SIL are leaving Moscow on the Colorado and moving to Detroit on the Bayou (Hint: it's Southeast of their current location and is the largest city in the state.  It's got many of the same traits that cause modern day Detroit to be so "wonderful" with high heat and humidity to keep things "cool".)

Seems they want to start the moving process next weekend.

Hmmmm, Looks like there are likely to be several aching backs in the Juvat Clan shortly.

That concludes the current event's section of this weeks briefing.  Now on to the main event.

Last week, I was chastised by the powers that be (hint: he lives in RI) for presenting a video without narration.  One should always be careful what one wishes for.  One of our readers seconded the motion and suggested Morgan Freeman as the narrator.

I called Mr Freeman on the phone.

Really!  No, Really! I called him.

Would I lie about that?

Unfortunately, he's unavailable, seems he threw his back out recently while helping a friend move to a new location.

So, Mr.  Freeman couldn't do it. Nor could Mickey Mouse, another suggestion.  Although Mrs J was very funny after inhaling some Helium and singing "Happy Birthday" to Little J on the Skype call, nevertheless, she declined.

But, I did find someone who would do it for Sarge's usual salary.

No, not Beans, Tuna, or Lush.

No, not Sarge. He was too busy writing his historical fiction about D-Day.  (Excellent by the way.  He should strike while the iron is hot and get it into book length before his "muse" goes on summer vacay. No pressure.....yet!)

So, none of them.

You'll just have to guess who got tricked into the narration.

Six years of Junior High and High School Spanish....Wasted!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time! Moving and improper lifting go hand in hand. I'm lucky in that every time I move, I hire people to do it. Oh wait, that's right, the Air Force hired guys to do it. I did move myself once, almost committed murder. I did a DITY move from Denver to Fort Collins in Colorado (duh). I had most of the U-Haul truck packed up but there were some delicate items I wanted to take in my car up there. Also my sponsor in Fort Collins offered to help so I dropped off my car, he and his (also Korean) wife drove us back to Denver. She would take The Missus Herself and the progeny up to Fort Collins in their car while mi compadre and I drove the truck.

    Returned to Denver to discover that the continually unemployed, always on welfare, next door neighbor had decided to "help" with the last few big items in the apartment (which I had planned on loading upon my return) and had decided in his infinite stupidity to rearrange the truck. To say that I was livid was an understatement. I actually had a crowbar in hand when The Missus Herself told me to "calm TF down, get in the truck, let's go." So I did. Which is why I attended Colorado State University and NOT Colorado State Penitentiary. It was a near run thing, I can tell you. But I didn't hurt my back either. 😁

    As to the video -

    Eso fue asombroso mi amigo. Después de ver las dos primeras temporadas de Narcos durante mi tiempo fuera del trabajo, logré seguir la mayor parte de tu español. Mejor de lo que podría haber hecho. El bit al final no tiene precio.


    1. So, I take that story to mean, you won't drive down and help? 😆


    2. Hahaha!

      Przepraszam, nie mówię po angielsku.

    3. Zabawne, wydajesz się pisać całkiem dobrze!

  2. Magnifico! Donde esta la biblioteca? Magnifico!

  3. I wasn't much of a packer, until I got married. We moved all over. I was a tetris whiz before there was tetris. I haven't moved in years now... and I don't miss it.

    I left Houston in 1999, figured if Y2K hit anywhere it would hit there. I've seen men beat women on the street there, fist fights in the parking lot, gang assassinations, all manner of unkindness on the road (racing, high speed chases, accidents, rage). I've seen 288 flooded at 610 with cars bobbing up and down. I10 flooded with cars bobbing, and 59, the great 401K freeway flooded to the bottoms of the overpasses near Rice. And that was before I went to work at the TV station....

    Those Allen brothers were crooks, and why anyone would live in that malarial swamp is beyond me. There is money to be made there... But my soul wasn't worth trading for it.... It's an old one that values honor and such.....

    I think you should re-record that with a heaping helping of east Texas twang in it. I've heard spanish with that accent, it it tickles me to this day.....

    1. Heck STxAR, I had a hard enough time with my own voice. I can do a Texas twang with the best, but Spanish + Twang? Not sure I've got that in me. Maybe next week.

      Yeah, we're not real thrilled about Houston either (nor do I think they are), but SIL has one more year of school that has to be done on campus. He's studying for a theology degree. With a little bit of luck, he finishes this year and gets a job closer too us. In town would be great, but even Austin would be OK. Google tells me it's a 4+ change drive to their new home from ours. Without traffic of course, and since, as you mentioned, traffic ALWAYS runs smoothly in Houston, we should be able to set my clock on that.

      Not so sure there's money to be made there right now. With the Oil slump and all. Could be wrong.

    2. It will pick up, in the non-free-fire states, already adding huge numbers to the employed, stock market is picking up. With people back on the work thing, will mean oil will go up. Which means the oil industry goes up. All predicated, of course, upon a successful election season come November.

    3. You haven't lived until you've heard Okie-Estonian. Neat stuff to be learned on wheat harvest.

      The erl market must have picked up a bit. They had half the wells on our place idled for two months but they started pumping away on June 3.

  4. THis video now ready for release in California!

    1. You thought there's been rioting in the past couple of weeks. Just wait for this video to hit the streets. ;-)

  5. Nice clock! Happy birthday!

  6. 65? I have a story! It seems your retired military ID card expires at 65, the gate guard at the Yuma Proving ground said so & he kept it. He did let me in to try & get another one... at that office they won't give you a new one if you can't give them the old one... That was an interesting day! Lot's of phone calls by the guy in the office, I did finally get a new ID card.

    1. Oops! I think both mine and Mrs J's are expired. Haven't been on a military base since the road trip to Pensacola. Haven't had to show it since Wright Pat trip in 2016. Well, we'll have to see what's what. Sound's like shoe clerkedness at its finest.

    2. When you hit 65 your ID becomes perpetual, as in never expires, I like the idea of NEVER having to get another one.

    3. Which is also why if you're close to 65, you're ID will expire when you turn 65. DAMHIK.

    4. So how did you get the new one?

    5. Let me guess... It involved going to a military base somewhere, right?

      Or a VA facility.

      You'd think they'd have mail-in or on-line, but it is the FedGovMilService, so, well, last couple times FedGov tried to do things computer on-line like, was a big failure in implementation and some people got remarkably rich and others got kickbacks once they were off the throne...

    6. Naval Station Newport is where I do all my retirement stuff. Mail-in or online would be bad in ever so many security-nightmare kind of ways that to my knowledge it has never been tried. Leastways not in my time. FedGov may have issued IDs that way, but DoD? Hell no.

      One of the reasons I retired here is because of the proximity of the base.

    7. One more thing, you can get a list of places online (and even make an appointment) to get your IDs. Start here.

    8. Many Guard and Reserve facilities also do retired IDs and retired dependent IDs, regardless of service branch. Retree cards expire at 65 because that is when Medicare kicks in, so the bar code stuff has to be changed to reflect that (or something close to that). Retired military Medicare primary with Tricare for Life secondary is a definite winner in the health care arena. Retiree dependent ID cards do seem to have an expiration, so check them once in a while.

    9. Thanks, Sarge had mentioned it several years ago when he turned 65 and I filed it away for use as I approached. Unfortunately....

      Medicare Primary with Tricare for Life. Thank you BG Day!

  7. Took me a while to realize Detroit on the was the city named after one of Texas' and America's finest, not Nuevo Orleano.

    Bleh. Big cities, big shi.... Don't like them, don't want them, don't need them. Only reason I'm not in the middle of the country is better access for Mrs. Andrew for her slew of hired medicos. And now that the government is backing off on some of the more heinous applications of the (not)Affordable Care Act, like finally allowing all prescriptions to be transmitted electronically, well, if I had the cake to move into the country, I'da moved into the country.

    When I moved from the formerly Casa de Frijoles to the Apartamento de Frijoles, I did all the move myself. Took a month, required buying a new mid-sized van (at the time the former Vehículo de Frijoles was a very tired, very worn 1996 GMC Safari that Donna Andrew had to climb up into or down out of, and up required hand to tuchus interface, while down required semi-falling, so when dinero presented itself, got a mostly new 2016 Dodge Ram Promaster City (yes, that was before Ram broke off of Dodge) which is a Fiat design built in Turkey to American specs) that could handle the down-city move (NW to SW move.) Pack one day, load one day, unload one day, rest back one day, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. Wore one of those lift support belts while lifting and moving, wore a back support belt on day off. My back did not thank me much but I did not majorly strain anything, well, except the wallet. I had a friend who kept trying to give me used boxes and didn't understand I'd rather pay for a new box myself that wasn't full of cockroaches, silverfish, other people's funk. Woooo. Ended up buying 36 boxes from Lowes, as many got reused (and, shamefully, most are still full... dangit.)

    Don't like moving. Don't. Don't like change, change is bad, bad makes Don Frijoles mucho loco.

    So, basically, sucks that everyone in your (juvat's) life seems to be moving.

    At least Little Juvat got to drink alcohol in that benighted country. Hope he escapes durance vile soon.

    Nice narration on the video. Wondered how you got a hoarse Antonio Banderas to narrate, until the giggling at the end.

    Glad most of the pain is up, the cabinets look nice. Progress is progressing. Glad to see the drywall in the garage was painted, should stop the walls from swelling.

    1. Sam Houston might have been proud to have a city named after him at one point, I'm not sure he would be now.

      Thanks for mentioning a lift support belt, I hadn't thought of that.

      There isn't any paint on the walls yet, just the texture. They're putting in the floor and crown moulding, as well as doors and cabinets at this point. Haven't seen them this morning, but they were here yesterday (Sunday, yeah, I know. Weird.) I suspect actual painting will be the next thing. Garage door is also going up soon. I'll be happy with that as I smelled a skunk in the vicinity a couple of days ago. It getting into the house would have been bad, but doors are in place now. A Garage door would seal it up pretty well. (Wish the workers would close up at the end of the day, but...Mrs J and I use that and feeding the horses to walk up there. Which is a two-fer.)

    2. They are usually in the tool crib or next to the paint counter. Or on-line, of course.

      When packing and unpacking for SCA wars, I often wore my back and breast plate combo, as it supported said back very nicely.

      And... when chainsawing nasty stuff, would wear chainsaw chaps, back and breast and my arm harness. Don't know the number of times my armor saved me from whipping branches and pokey stuff.

      And, yes, my neighbors thought I was plumb loco.

  8. Scary that I almost understood the narration.
    It's been 59 years since my last lesson in Español... 54 since my last language class.
    So I guess it's a lot like falling off a bicycle... you never forget how.

    Moving... my last move was one more than I ever intended, but it is worth it.
    Ain't love grand?
    One of my recently acquired offspring, there are two naturals and six steps, is moving across town again, soon.
    Hopefully, permanently... this will be their fourth house since moving here from Iowa in 2015.
    For a change, they are not renting.

    Enjoyed the video.
    BTW, I had no problem with the last one, other than the captioning could have stayed up a little longer... on this one, too.

    1. Re: captioning. Yeah, haven't quite figured out the "extra pizzazz" features on the video editing portion. The video portion is a piece, the audio and subtitling takes for----ever!

      Yeah, as soon as I got the Spanish version of what I wanted to say back, I recognized a lot of the words and tenses. Which also helped me tweak the English version a bit so the Spanish translation was actually what I was talking about.

      Drywall is paneles de yeso while Dry Wall is paredes seca. One would almost always want a wall to be dry.

      Practice makes perfect.

  9. The Birthday Badger Sends Respectful, Albeit Belated, Respectful Birthday Greetings!

  10. Glad you had a good birthday, and welcome to the league of permanent IDs.

    Another good clock for retirement would say only, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and the hand would stay on Today.

    Bueno suerte en su casa nuevo.

    1. Not a bad clock idea. Would keep one pretty grounded in what's important in life, wouldn't it?

  11. Neat clock!!

    Micky mouse as narrator...hehehe!

    Moving!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I got smart this last time, said I was too darn old to do this myself and hired 2 Men and A Truck. VERY HAPPY with their service!! Talk about being able to play truck tetris!!
    Price was reasonable, would use them again in a heartbeat.
    And my back was happy too!

    1. Yeah, Mickey was good for a hearty laugh from Little J, which was important.

      Believe me, when our house is ready, if the Starship Enterprise and it's transporter system isn't available, it will be done by professionals even if it's only a few hundred feet.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Juvat, for you and the entire Clan Juvat on Juvat Birthday Week. I thought it was Matthew McConaughey down from Lake Travis narrating the video? Basil is always good. It was $20 bucks when I made my discovery, it's now closing on $40. You can get very close to the same experience for everyday use in the yellow label Four Roses for about half Basil's price. Cool house, y'all are gonna love it. regards, Alemaster

    1. I'm not a big Bourbon fan (had a nasty experience with too much of it as a youngster), Scotch is my preference. Mrs J and the rest of the clan however...So I keep some around. When our liquor store opens back up for browsing, I may pick some up to have on hand. Thanks for the rec.

  13. Hippo birdie to ewe and many more! Great narration!!! LOL

  14. Cool tour video! I was gonna whine about the tiny and brief subtitles, then I 'membered the subtitling process and I shut my mouf and slapped my hand. I'm watching on my own computer; pausing and embignifying is right in my wheelhouse. ;-)

    My most recent move was an eye opener. All previous experiences have been solo bachelor jobs or just showing for the lift and carry. This one was...different. I set a new personal best for biting my tongue to prevent saying YGTBSM!!!! The many days of miserably hard physical labor were as nothing compared to trying to understand how I got so firetrucking retarded about so many things...

    Love the clock! Don't ruin it by installing batteries!

    Great post👍

    1. Yeah, as a military brat then in it myself, the mandatory 3 year max time between moves did wonders for keeping junk under control. The 20 year gap between our last move and this upcoming one has confirmed the rule that "Junk expands to meet available space." as well as the old folk saying that "The only thing faster than Rabbits at Junk"

      Fortunately Mrs J is more ruthless at getting rid of junk than I. I just carry it out to the dumpster.

  15. Happy belated Birthday Juvat! May the coming years be better. Your house is looking good! Gosh, it is going so much faster than ours did.

    Wish I could get here more; the job at the big box store is killing me but I need some extra moola to achieve the goals my MBW (Most Beautiful Wife) and I have set.

    1. Thanks Bill, trying hard not to be impatient. And the supervisor is not giving us a completion date for that reason. So, Mrs J and I are saying if we're in by Christmas, that'll be good. Hope we make it.

      Achieving goals is good. Hang in there.


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