Friday, May 28, 2021

Down South


Blogging may be light the next cuppla...

I'm not far from that lovely scene depicted above, enjoying time with The Nuke, Tuttle, and their kids, my grandkids (who really need callsigns).

Holiday traffic was, as expected, not great. Instead of a six and a halfish hour drive, it was like eight. Groan. But Blue handled it like a champ, for a big vehicle she gets great mpg, close to 29 if I don't drive like a maniac. 27 if I do. Got 27 on the way down. 😁

But I'm here, time to kick back and enjoy life.

The tale of pre-Revolutionary times will continue - when I get the urge. The Muse is talking about blue crab and the like.

Guess she doesn't feel like working either.

Enjoy the weekend.

Remember, when Monday rolls around, why we get that day off.

I will.


  1. Glad that you folks made it safely what with so many drivers these days believing that speed limits are suggestions rather than limits. Enjoy the family time Sarge and....aye.... the flags will be out early Monday morning.

  2. Wave to us on the northbound leg when you get abeam of Philly.

    Enjoy the area and time with family.

    Yes, that is the reason that we have Memorial Day.

  3. Being a radio head, I called my kids spurs: spurious emissions... harmonics... mixer products.... All things you don't really want at certain times and places. They truly are priceless treasures... And their kids are as well. Enjoy the progeny while you can...

  4. Looks and sounds lovely Sarge. Glad you get some decompression time. And thanks for the reminder.

  5. Honors to those we have lost, and to their loved ones.

  6. I had a feeling, from the not-so-cryptic message yesterday, that they let you out of Little Rhody and you had gone south. Too long from messages for you to go west and you also were talking about doing that in June, so...

    Enjoy the family time. Yes to call signs, whether you share them with us or not.

    And I never forget. Too many have, or don't care.

  7. Sarge - glad you were able to get out of Dodge before the Friday madness. Be safe, everyone - and enjoy the holiday weekend. We here in coastal NC will be mindful opf the reason for the holiday - god bless all who gave their last full measure!

  8. Hope you enjoy the time with family, Sarge. About twenty of our South Dakota CAP cadets, a few seniors (myself included), ten Boy (excuse me, "BSA") Scouts, and a few others spent the morning planting flags on veteran's graves.

    First time I've had the opportunity to personally participate. What really got me where the graves of family members (usually brothers) buried next to each other.

    Seeing cadets in their ABUs render honors to the fallen who've come before them gives me an inkling that there may be some hope left for this country.

    We'll remember why I have the day off to grill this Monday.

  9. Enjoy your weekend, I will and will thank those who made it happen. Plenty of free this or that for veterans this weekend, but I tend to avoid that since our day is in November.

  10. Where is the picture from, Sarge? It looks very lovely.

    Enjoy the weekend. We have a brand-new flag (flown over the Iowa, no less) that we'll be getting out for Memorial Day.

    1. That's the capitol of Maryland, Annapolis. The Naval Academy is adjacent to that sports field (which also is part of the Academy( on the water near the center left of the photo. My son-in-law's alma mater.


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