Sunday, May 30, 2021



They were people, just like you and me.

They had hopes, they had dreams, they had people who loved them.

One day they went out to do their duty...

And never came home.

Remember them, say their names...

I remember these fine men, always, but particularly at this time of year.

I knew some, I miss them all.

Captain Carroll F. LeFon, Jr.
United States Navy
Lance Corporal Kurt E. Dechen
United States Marine Corps
Major Taj Sareen
United States Marine Corps
Lieutenant Nathan T. Poloski
United States Navy
Private Robert Bain
Royal Scots Fusiliers
(No photo available)

Private First Class Albert J. Dentino,
United States Army

Photo courtesy of Kris in New England

When You Go Home,
Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Their Tomorrow, 
We gave Our Today

- John Maxwell Edmonds 


  1. "In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow between the crosses, row on row".........required reading.

  2. Replies
    1. Amen, Glenn, good to see you "alive & kickin' " too.. :)

    2. Glad to see you, Virgil! I am blessed to know you, and Glenn!

  3. SSG Brian T Craig, EOD KIA 4-15-2002 Afghanistan
    Never forget the cost of freedom

  4. SFC Paul Smith, Iraq, B Company, 11th Engineering Regiment, 3ID, 4-4-2003. Only knew him a little, got to spar with him.

    Though my dad knew many more who crossed over in the line of duty.

    I never forget the cost of freedom.

    Tomorrow is a Holy Day in my book.

  5. This thread...

    Memorial day is always bittersweet to me...


  6. Lance Corpotal Gary Arthur Holsclaw, USMC, Died 02 July 1967, Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam

  7. 1LT William A. Rees, USA, 5 May 1968, pilot, 1st Air Cav, Quang Tri.

    This is the day to remember our friends and comrades who fell in the line of duty. Wait until November and we can celebrate the rest.
    John Blackshoe

  8. PFC Christopher Steven Bryant, KIA 17 May 1968, Operation Allen Brook, Quang Nam Province, RVN.
    A Co, 1st Bn, 7th Marine Regiment (1/7)

  9. And with Lex rightfully at the top, the reason we are all here.

  10. God Bless them, and keep them close....

  11. I’m surrounded by the ghosts of the Mighty Eighth - how can we not remember them 🌺

  12. Didn't get here on the day. Thank you for remembering Uncle Alfred. Flowers were placed on his grave over the weekend. He is remembered. They all are.


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