Saturday, January 15, 2022


A busy-ish day here in Little Rhody.

Anya had her annual appointment at the veterinarian, the Doc said she looks good for an old lady. Anya is in her 19th year, still pretty spry, still pretty active. But the Doc was a little concerned with her weight, she's down a couple of ounces since last year, for a small cat, that can be a big deal. So we shall await the results of the blood work, something both cats have been getting since they became senior cats.

I'm a bit concerned, Sasha's blood work results still ring in the corridors of my mind, "early stages of kidney disease." Prayers for Anya's continued good health would be appreciated.

Wednesday marked the anniversary of The Missus Herself and Your Humble Scribe getting hitched forty-four years ago. Seems like an awful long time ago, then again, our first month in Germany was "only" thirty years ago.

Dang, time flies when you're having fun.

Sat down to write another installment of the war in Poland, stopped after about an hour, too much on my mind tonight to give you the quality you deserve, and sometimes get.

The Missus Herself and Your Humble Scribe went to a late lunch/early dinner at a local favorite eatery (The Old Grist Mill Tavern - for those of you from these parts) after dropping off Anya at home. Our lovely kitty was indicating that she had had quite enough time in cars for one day, thank you very much, so we took her home, gave her some treats, and headed out to eat.

We both went with the New York sirloin and did some damage to the salad bar as well. I had a Stella Artois to celebrate the still-lingering Christmas season (never goes away in my heart). The meal, and the company of course, was superb.

Full and wanting to get home before the forecast wind and rain arrives, we headed out. It's a short drive (about 12 miles) but it was nice to be out and about. I spent far too much time in a computer lab last week after being a free man for three weeks.

Like I said, I sat down to write, looked over at my window (picture above) and decided to call it a night. Fridays off are a wonderful thing.

So you get this, random mumblings and musings. I had such a fine day, I didn't see myself writing about desperate battle. Sorry.

Expect more on Sunday.

Battle that is.


  1. Prayers up for Anya...the worst thing about having and loving pets is that none of them live as long as we do. The important thing, and hardest thing, to remember is that when they are no longer physically with us, their love still is.

    And congratulations on 44 years together with your lovely wife!! That is HUGE!!!

    A post about enduring love of family ...both animal and always an acceptable post when compared to desperate battle IMHO.

  2. Prayers for Anya of course.

    And happiest of felicitations on your anniversary! On to Forty-Five!

  3. My Jake made it to 20. The hard thing was recognizing when enough is enough. I will keep Anya in my thoughts.

    1. I hope for 20, will be happy with however many years Anya can give us, she is such a sweet little girl.

      Thanks CM.

  4. Well Done! Long life to the OAFS household! And prayers sent for you, your missus, and Anya.

    I haven't had a steak since last year. Man, that is a long time! I guess I'll head over to the freezer and see what's in it. I may have to go to the meat market today.

    Thanks Sarge. For all you do here, I am appreciative.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Sarge. May you have many more.

    And, for the record, you and your family have been in our prayers for quite a while.

  6. Your ramblings are usually a pretty good read.
    Your cat is in my prayers.

  7. It is ever difficult to see those around us get old. We humans suffer the curse of near immortality in comparison to those other people around us.

    Sometimes it's like "Highlander" except without some nutter chasing after you with a sword. Sometimes it's exactly like "Highlander" though the nutter is high on PCP or Spice or other recreational pharmaceutical but it doesn't matter because you without a head is not a good thing.

    (Insert Queen's "Who wants to live Forever?" song from "Highlander" movie." Such a sad song. From first time hearing, always brings navel gazing, deep thoughts and tears of what is to come. Sigh. Here I am trying to be cheerful and failed. "Dangit, Roy!" as my eldest brother is wont to say.)

    As to steak, hard to not be happy with a properly-cooked steak, especially when around one you love.

    Congrats on the 44. Mrs. Andrew and I made it to 35 at the end of last year. Looking forward to many more. Thinking back on the past, wish I could get a time machine and go back and slap myself (not because of sado-masochistic things, nope) and tell myself to get over my stupid childish younger self and hang on and enjoy the ride.

    That, and buy Apple when it was cheap.

    Good post today. The Poles can wait. They're good at waiting.

    1. Something came over me last night, causing me to go in this direction.

      My life has been like that, moving with the ebb and flow of the tides. So far, so good. Planning is overrated.

    2. Yes Beans, but at least you have presence of mi d to look back at your past, realize you might have fixed some things- and then fix them now. Pity those who cannot see even that

  8. Congratz!
    on the offtopic side:
    I got a BAAAD feeeling about this...

    1. Thanks Paweł!

      I too am very uneasy over the situation in Ukraine. It's time the world stood up and kicked the Russian oligarchs in the nuts.

    2. Operation Canned Meat II.

      Putin’s executing the German playbook from the 1930s.

    3. I read your post on that, very plausible.

      Gleiwitz all over again.

  9. Completely off the subject, I have some more music suggestions for you. Xandria is a Greek symphonic metal band with one of those dark eyed dark haired beauties as lead singer. Mono Inc is a goth band, best I've ever heard, try their Dresden live concert from 2015. For one more, try Delain.

    1. Symphonic metal, very heavy, catchy too!

    2. Nightwish featuring Floor Jansen as lead singer is a very compelling choice in a symphonic metal band. She is an outstanding singer with terrific range. She's got a video singing Phantom of the Opera that gave me chills when I first heard it, so she's a very versatile singer as well... here's a link to the Phantom ...

    3. Nice. The lady has some pipes.

  10. " 'Only' 30 years ago" you say. My wife and I have begun to count our days in 'years since' we left such and such. 15 years since we moved back here from Tampa, and 25 years since we left Japan. We're starting to get more in our rear view mirror than we have in front of us.

  11. Congrats to you and TMH on the wedding anniversary, Sarge. My wife and I are right there with you in terms of time passed since our betrothal. And may Anya have many more years to enjoy your spoiling her!

  12. Congratulations on you & the Missus’ 44th wedding anniversary. My prayer goes up for the blessing that you celebrate more years together.
    Early on next month my indisputable Better-Half and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary. “Old Corps” status occurring with even one day’s seniority, reckon that makes be “Boot”.

    1. Thanks!

      "Indisputable better half," yup, I get that, me too!


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