Sunday, March 26, 2023

Worn Out

 Been busy dong all sorts of things, so not much witty repartee tonight.

It is what it is.

Don't understand how our host does it while holding down a full-time job.  He's a machine.

So on to music.

I may have mentioned before that I really like Fred Astaire movies.  Good songs, good scoring, just happy and fun and... good.

The Way You Look Tonight - written by Dorothy Fields
In the movie "Swing Time," it's sung by both Fred Astaire, who does a great job,
and some chowderhead puffed-up tenor who slaughters it in not a good way.
Guess which one I prefer.

And then there's...

Dancing Cheek to Cheek - Irving Berlin
From the movie "Top Hat."
This is the famous 'Fred gets beat up by the 30lb beaded dress of Ginger's' scene.
Seriously, he got beat up by the dress.  But kept going take after take after take.

And then...
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off - George and Ira Gershwin
From the movie "Shall We Dance."
Ah, good old tunes and movie.

Sure, old movies aren't some people's cup of tea, but these are serious go-to type movies because they are just happy.  Sometimes horrid situations, but it all works out.

We'll see about Tuesday, maybe.


  1. Swing huh? Well you knew I'd come up with something different, here's some European stuff and from Caravan Palace.
    And some Parov Stelar Hope you like them.

    1. I will check them out when I can get a set of headphones on. Thanks.

      And, yes, Swing. Big Band. 50's Club music. Good Jazz, none of that modern garbage.

    2. These bands are modern swing players, the neo-swing genre has a number of artists that play great music in the spirit of the originals. After all swing was considered the heavy metal of it's day.

  2. Sakes, I'd forgotten about him. He was always such a smooth mover. Like he was made of oil. I'm more of a Bogart-Bacall guy. The Big Sleep, The Enforcer, To Have and Have Not, Key Largo, Dark Passage are favorites. Good movies where the good guy wins. The Enforcer is pretty gritty, and Agnes Moorehead is off putting. She nailed that part.

    I'm putting your movies on my to watch list. That's bud.

    1. Pretty much any Fred Astaire movie is good. The pre-WWII stuff is just fun. Good scripts, good music, good laughs. WWII era ones are good, too. Post War? Pretty good, but he starts showing his age, though the cabin dance scene out of "Royal Wedding" (filmed in a rotating room so he can dance on the walls and ceiling) is amazing. His last movie, "Ghost Story," was the only one I don't remember him dancing in, and is a pretty good movie for the 80's.

      Love Bogart, never was a Bacall fan (her voice isn't so much husky as it sounds like gargled razorblades to me...) but Bogie can't sing. Favorite Bogie movie has to be "Casablanca," followed by "Sahara," followed by all his others.


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