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To the Memory of the Fallen ...

8th August, 1918
Will Longstaff
The long dusty column marches off into the distance. The soldiers look neither left nor right, only straight ahead, to some unknown, unknowable future.

They are the dead, they fought and they died. Does anyone remember why? Do they remember?

Will they be remembered at some dim point in the future? Long after their sacrifice, when even the history books have faded into memory, will anyone remember them?

I will ...

It is Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember, to honor those who died for us. Let it not have been in vain. What matters politics once the Last Post has sounded? Once the trumpet falls silent, once the last note of Taps fades into the stillness, it matters more that these brave men and women are remembered.

Always ...

Yes, this is a rerun, a post I have done for a few years and will probably use again. But it expresses how I feel about Memorial Day, I remember those who have gone before, I cherish their memories.


They were people, just like you and me.

They had hopes, they had dreams, they had people who loved them.

One day they went out to do their duty ...

And never came home.

Remember them, say their names ...

I remember these fine men, always, but particularly at this time of year.

I knew some, I miss them all.

Captain Carroll F. LeFon, Jr.
United States Navy
Lance Corporal Kurt E. Dechen
United States Marine Corps
Major Taj Sareen
United States Marine Corps
Lieutenant Nathan T. Poloski
United States Navy
Private Robert Bain
Royal Scots Fusiliers


Private First Class Albert J. Dentino,
United States Army

Photo courtesy of Kris in New England

SP5 Wayne S. Bates, "Doc"
United States Army

LCpl Gary Arthur Holsclaw
United States Marine Corps

SSG Brian T. Craig
United States Army

Captain James Albert Graham
United States Marine Corps
Medal of Honor

When You Go Home,
Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Their Tomorrow, 
We gave Our Today

- John Maxwell Edmonds 

Enjoy the day, but take a moment to remember ...


  1. A day to remember indeed. We fight many wars to defend what? We've given our blood and treasure for what after WW2? I can give a reasonable thought why we contained China in Korea, but I notice that situation is still a thorn in America's side.

  2. Aye Sarge, a day to remember those that fell and never came home..........remember.

  3. A day to remember them.
    At the Fern township cemetery (Hubbard county Minnesota) they have a service where they read off the names of the men who died in service followed by a potluck. It was the most personal Memorial Day I experienced.

  4. From a tradition slightly different, but the sentiment is the same:

  5. Thanks once more, Sarge. I will gather with my SF Brothers as we are wont to do, and mark the day. Our Memorial has a goodly coverage of all the services and many units with local ties; there is a new one for our War Dogs. Remember, Aye.
    Boat Guy

  6. Thank you, Sarge, and others. May their memories be a blessing.

  7. Remember also those who lived but came back maimed.

  8. Information on two of the Gents pictured. Captain Graham was killed during the period of Memorial Day observance at home. Note the post-battle conduct of Marine & NVA forces.

    Captain James A. Graham – Operation Union II - 02 June 1967
    2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment
    U.S. Marines in Vietnam pages 22-26

    LCpl Gary Arthur Holsclaw – Operation Buffalo - 02 July 1967
    1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment
    U.S. Marines in Vietnam pages 48-56

  9. Ich Habt eine Kamaraden gehabt, do gebt keine bessern

  10. Amen. 'Tis good to remember, however painful. We owe them all so much.

  11. This is well done.


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