Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gala Night! - Revisited

What with all the hoopla, chaos, hurly-burly and churn involved with our recent Gala Night!, a grievous omission has come to my attention.

I've gone back through all of the invoices, nominations, carrier pigeons, ravens from the Citadel (they were not white ravens), bits of hand-scribed papyrus from the great swamps at the delta of the Nile and various bits and sundry pieces of paper, sticky notes, cocktail napkins (with phone numbers and blueprints for some kind of Death Star) and even a couple of clay tablets which appear to be from the Assyrian Empire. And have discovered that my staff neglected to list a recipient of the Old AF Sarge Seal of Approval, with "Special" Mention.

I am mortified, embarrassed, speechless and ashamed to admit that "We missed someone". This missed blog should have been one of the awardees on Saturday last and somehow did not make the final list.

The person responsible has been sacked. Black-listed, banned and proscribed from ever again having a hand in the...


Who did we miss?

Oh, you want a name?


Certainly, here it is.

As I am a huge fan of c w's blog and as he has brought me numerous readers (as can be seen in one of the boring graphics here) I am heartily sorry to have missed this one.

I will use the Uncle Leo Defense - "I'm an old man, I got confused!" and throw myself upon the mercy of the court.



  1. I will use the Uncle Leo Defense - "I'm an old man, I got confused!" and throw myself upon the mercy of the court.

    No, No, NO! You got it ALL wrong... it's the STAFF'S fault! You'll never be management material until you learn this all-important primary rule.

    1. Well, I did blame the staff early on. But you're right, I should have stayed right there. As to being management-material? [Shudder] - never going to happen. I don't manage, I lead (or follow or get the Hell out of the way.)


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