Tuesday, July 14, 2015

He Was 27...

Memorial Service for Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer Sean Collier.
Photograph: Dominick Reuter/MIT/EPA (Source)
The men and women of law enforcement have tough jobs. They go out there every day, not knowing for sure if they will make it home at the end of their watch.

Most do.

Some don't.

The Boston Marathon Bombing is now two years behind us. I remember writing this as if it was yesterday. Most people, unless reminded, have forgotten that day.

I haven't. 

Nor has a dear friend of mine. She was personally impacted by the events of that day. She was a close friend of Sean Collier.

Who was Sean, you might ask?

Officer Sean Collier
Courtesy of Somerville Police Department. (Source)

The MIT memorial to Sean Collier.
Credit Craig LeMoult / WGBH News (Source)
That's the official way Sean is remembered. His friends remember him differently.

Sean Collier

By all accounts, he was a good man, a good friend and a good cop.

Now this friend of mine, let's call her Katie, for that is her name, will be participating in a fund raiser for The Jimmy Fund this coming September. They're having a walk along the route of the Boston Marathon to raise money to fight cancer. Katie will be participating as a member of Team Collier.

For what it's worth, I call Katie my "work daughter." She's midway in age between my own two daughters and Katie has been known to give me a hard time when it's needed. Even when it's not! Just like a daughter.

She's a special lady, she really is.

Go here to support her, her team and The Jimmy Fund.

I think Sean would have liked that.



  1. Thanks for posting that Sarge. I throwed a little into the pot. Great cause making money directly available for treatment.

    1. The Jimmy Fund has been around since I was a kid, they have a good reputation.


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