Thursday, July 9, 2015


In Theory
In Practice
Though truthfully, the kids in the bottom graphic probably know exactly what they're doing.

We have laws, those laws are enforced very well. For the most part. (The vast majority of police officers are well trained and dedicated to their profession.)

The police bring the alleged perpetrators in for prosecution.

Because the legal system is so expensive, deals are made, winks and nods all 'round...

Then the courts let the lawbreakers back onto the streets. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after the perp has done "time served."

The politicians (at all levels) will then, rather than provide more money to law enforcement and more oversight to corrupt courts, pass new laws to "ensure" that the old laws are enforced.

"But, but, guns are illegal in this jurisdiction, how could that three time convicted (three times released) felon manage to get a gun?"

"How did that drunk driver manage to get behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk again? We took his license away!"

And so the story goes...


  1. And as long as there is no penalty to politicians the practice will continue.

    1. You know, that is exactly the problem. We pretty much let them do what they want with no consequences whatsoever.

      I've often felt that shooting a politician now and again would be wonderful for national morale. You know, pour encourager les autres.

      Heck, I'd settle for incarceration if we can't stomach capital punishment for corruption.

    2. Abuse of the Public Trust. Conviction of a crime under those circumstances should mean the sentence is non-negotiable. The convict is automatically sentenced to the maximum time outlined in the law times two. The convict is not up for parole, time served or any other reductions until the maximum time has been served. The convict is allowed one appeal (make it a good one).
      Harsh? Damn Right! Think of the damage that jerk DA in WI has caused. How is anybody ever going to trust that office again?

    3. Sarge... that clown in Charleston shot a politician.

    4. I meant "shot for crimes committed," not shot by some ass-clown.

      Due process has to be involved.

    5. Wine? How'd that get in to the conversation? Just kiddin'

  2. I keep seeing another law put on the books.
    What I don't see is anyone to monitor its enforcement.

    We are spending the money at the wrong end.
    We don't need to pay folks to write laws.
    We need to pay for enforcement.

  3. "Though truthfully, the kids in the bottom graphic probably know exactly what they're doing."

    I'm becoming increasingly convinced that politicians know exactly what they're doing also. Corruption rather than incompetence better explains the vastness of the problem.

    1. I'm afraid you're probably right.

      When no one holds you accountable and you get to run things, bad combination.

  4. "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

    The Declaration goes on to say (paraphrasing here) that people are lazy and stupid and tend to let the gubmint dee-ficate all over them until it becomes unbearable. That said, the Declaration sez, it's still the right of the people to throw off their gubmint oppressors.

    How's that possibly gonna work?

    My $0.02 is this. Understand and exercise your own rights and responsibilities as a sovereign citizen. Gang up with like minded sovereign citizens. Revolt. Win. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  5. You are in the legislature. You are facing intractable problems. You find some trivial issue you can blow up and have all kinds of fun "legislating", like gun control. Doing so means you don't have time for the other "stuff". As to the courts, a place for hack lawyers who can't make it in private practice. Gosh, am I cynical?

    1. Hhmm, I think you're what we call a realist. At least where I'm from.

  6. The kids on the bottom could do a better job...


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