Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm...

After they've seen Paree?
"Paris vue d'ensemble tour Eiffel" by Taxiarchos228  Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons (Source)
Actually it's pretty easy. Check out my buddy Shaun's latest post.

I have to admit, I loved Paris during the four days The Missus Herself and I stayed there. The people were grand and the older parts of the city are magnifique!

Strolling down the Champs Élysée on a bright spring day is something I would recommend to anyone who is even the slightest bit of a romantic.

Then, bien sûr, there is the Musée de l'Armée, with centuries of martial history on display. I could (and did) spend hours there. (No snide comments about French martial prowess, please. The French are splendid warriors, tough as nails. There have been times in their history where they have been ill-served by their political masters. Sound familiar?)

But I am not a city guy, though I love Paris, London, Washington, Florence, Venice and Rome, I really am a country boy. Not a farmer kind of guy though, just a small town New Englander. Born and bred in a little town in the Green Mountains and proud to be an American.

Though world travel has broadened my horizons and helped me to see (and appreciate) how other folks live, home for me has always been the rugged coast and verdant green mountains of my beloved New England.

Went out back with the Canon (some day, like John of the Castle Argghhh, I would love to have a cannon as well...) and took some photos. Still not feeling all that great for various, sundry and divers reasons but didn't want to leave my folks (that would be you, Dear Readers) hanging.

The tomatoes are coming along nicely.
The Missus Herself decided to have a little herb garden this year, nothing like fresh basil!
These are quite possibly my favorite flower, Portulaca grandiflora, the humble moss rose. Brilliant colors!
Up close and personal
Water lily flower next to the babbling waterfall. (Photo taken by a babbling blogger, moi.) We see these in two colors  in the pond at Chez Sarge, this and a white variety. Both are gorgeous!
Another close up. I like the way the bubbles from the falls surround the flower.

À bientôt! Mes amis...


  1. Well, since you're raising tomatoes and basil, I recommend ensalada caprese---sliced fresh tomato interspersed with sliced mozzarella de bufala drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with fresh chopped basil. A little salt and you're in heaven.

    1. As a matter of fact, it's one of our favorites!

    2. A man of excellent taste. Alas, it is difficult if not impossible to get genuine unpasteurized bufala cheese here--but still...

    3. With a large Italian and Portuguese community in the area we have access to some excellent mozzarella, haven't tried the mozzarella de bufala yet.

      It's now on my list of things to do!

    4. One of my fondest memories of Italy!

    5. Now I really need to get off my butt and try it.

  2. Herb Garden? I wish. Rosemary grows all over the state of Texas. It is so prevalent it's almost like a weed. I love Rosemary. Use it in virtually every marinade I make. Cook with it. Love it.
    But Grow it? I am the Dr Mengele of Rosemary! I am the only person in the state forbidden by law to plant Rosemary, I have killed so many bushes. "Don't water 'em", I'm told. I don't water them, They Die! "Water them", I'm told. I water them, they die. Leave them in their original pot. They die. Transplant them. They die.
    My wife has a bush out in her garden (which I am forbidden to visit) with a plant that shall not be named in it. Rumor has it, the plant is growing well.

    1. Hahaha. If you and the Missus ever visit, I'll be sure to hide the herb garden. It's mobile, not a problem.

      As for the in-the-ground garden, perhaps barbed wire would be in order.

  3. My little pirate wants to go to Paris avec moi. She showed me a most amazing air bnb site yesterday which tempts me greatly.

    My last time there was two weeks staying in a little hotel on the Ave. Wagram 2 blocks from the Arc de Triumph. I walked up and down the Elysee in the very early morning and late in the a light rain and had it all to myself. That was glorious. That was 1985. I don't think I could stand the modern Paris. It was fun though. I would order in my brutal French and the Parisians made haste to assure me that they parlez anglais if only I would stop speaking their language. :)

    I can tell from the pictures that you have no deer running around eating any/everything you plant. I too once lived in little Rhode Island and had a hell of a time explaining that the deer, yeah, the deer ate all those tomatoes you thought could feed me.

    Be well.

    1. It is known about the deer in Little Rhody.

      The Missus Herself does have a rabbit / wood chuck problem.

      But they seldom go after the tomatoes.

      There was one place we went in Paris (a small bistro as I recall) where the first question the waiter asked (in French) was "Are you German?" I answered (in execrable French) the "No, we're Americans." The chap spoke English with a charming accent and we had a wonderful time.

      Many of the French (and Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians, Poles, etc) despise the Germans.

      I wonder why? \snark

  4. I'm with you Sarge; born in New England and it is my favorite place to be. I've not traveled the world and as I get older I find I have less of an appetite to start. Plenty of beauty in this great country - and more than plenty in New England. In fact, another visit to the Northern Country of VT is on the calendar, 2 weeks from today (weather permitting). We grow our veggies & herbs in pots as well...tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers, 3 kinds of basil, flat leaf parsley and Rosemary. To Juvat - a dry Rosemary is a dead Rosemary. BUT you can't drown it either - it's a delicate balance. They like a pot that has straight sides too. They are, in fact, a finicky bush and well worth the efforts. :-)

    1. It is a wonderful place this here New England of ours.

      (Juvat, you getting all this rosemary advice?)

    2. I've received lots of expert advice over the years, but finally the State of Texas had to step in and put an end to my Rosemary Genocide campaign. It all worked out for the best though. All I have to do now is say, "My, this marinade needs just a touch of Rosemary to be perfect." then leave the room. Magically when I return a few minutes later, there's a sprig on the counter. I think it is procured by the Texas Ranger appointed to watch and enforce the State's ban on my Rosemary experiments.
      (Or maybe not)

    3. I swear Juvat, but you've got to be the first fella I know to have a restraining order put on you to keep you away from a plant.

      By the state of Texas no less?

      Is The Hague aware of your herbicidal activities? Best not travel abroad for a while.


  5. Even with all the rain, my plants are not doing well. That's not unusual. I must be related to Juvat. But moss rose, I can grow. So I do. Earlier this week, I had to search out a tomato dealer to fix my addiction to vine ripened tomatoes.

    1. I remember the year our tomato crop failed. The Missus Herself got some odd looks from some of the local farmers when she was looking for green tomatoes. One guy understood. He too loves fried green tomatoes!

  6. There's a rosemary plant just outside the door to the patio.
    It tries to take over the entire planted area.
    I don't water it.
    But the two miniature roses on either side get watered.

    My tomato plant is doing nicely, too.
    I should be harvesting again in a day or two.
    We had two tomatoes about the middle of last month.

    I liked Sean's post.
    I think I should go over there and tell him.

    1. You should, I know he'd appreciate it.

      I have been following your exploits at your place. I visit all the time, I just don't always leave a comment.

  7. Those roses are spectacular! Great pics!

  8. The flowers are beautiful, most pleasant to view them. With my black thumb even plastic flowers die.

    1. Hahaha!

      Maybe you and Juvat should become commercial farmers. The gubmint will pay you not to grow stuff!

      (Just a thought...)


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