Friday, July 17, 2015


More flowers from the garden of The Missus Herself
I am growing increasingly disgusted by events out there in "the world."

Marines being gunned down in the streets of an American city by some Third World sh!thead. If these sh!tsuckers hate the United States so much, why the Hell did they come here?

The Administration giving aid and comfort to a known enemy. A clear case of "If you like your nuclear program, you can keep your nuclear program." Only this time he's telling the truth. Why does this a$$clown lie to us yet bows down to every Middle Eastern potentate he can find?

While I do respect the office, I have almost zero respect for the current occupant of the people's house. I say almost because he has done a couple of things right.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

The prospect of the upcoming Presidential campaign makes me sick to my stomach.

Hilary is a monster, pure and simple. She doesn't care, she cannot tell the truth and she will ride roughshod over anyone who gets in her way.

Don't get me started on Bernie, the "socialist" from Vermont. Back in the day when The Naviguessor was seeking an appointment to Annapolis, he sent letters to both Vermont senators and Bernie, the commissar, er representative from Vermont. Both senators responded, Bernie couldn't be bothered.

I don't know why so many people in my old home state like this guy.

I'm hoping the Republicans put up someone with the true mettle to tell it like it is. Someone who knows how to lead. Then again, I have no faith in the lame stream media nor many of the people who vote these days. I fear the four years after "he who will not be named" will be more of the same nonsense. Just who the Hell is pulling the strings in this country?

Hell if the Democrats could find some non-leftist fellow traveler to run I'd vote for them.

Give me someone with a brain, someone with integrity, someone who knows how to lead and not bow to the special interests killing this nation of ours!

This ongoing nonsense about the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and talk about destroying monuments to those who valiantly served the South sickens me as well. What exactly is the difference between people of that ilk and the Taliban?

Perhaps it is time to  "leur donner une bouffée de mitraille..."

Whiff of Grapeshot
F. de Myrbach
Just a thought...

For those perhaps surprised by my ranting, I do indulge myself from time to time. I have been struggling with a most annoying health issue for about a month and may have to go "under the knife," a disconcerting prospect at best.

Events in the world make me less and less optimistic about the future. The time to make a stand may come sooner than we think. I pray for peace, but...

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum...
- Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Bottom line, I'm crabby today. Damned crabby.


  1. Hang in there!

    That having been said, I started getting crabby in January 2007 with a sharp increase in Crabby AOA on Jan 20 2009. The Crabby AOA has been increasing ever since.

    Hope the health issue improves though.

    1. If the crabby AOA gets steep enough, will we go into a spin?

      (I was paying attention Monday.)

      Thanks Juvat.

  2. It's a great rant.

    Hope you get to feeling better, being ill is awful.

    The seldom cited follow-on line of Publius' admonition::

    "When preparing for war, you must first kill the charlatans and evict the parasites."

    Get better!

    1. I like Publius' follow-on.

      Thanks Shaun.

  3. Chris, empathy on going under the knife. I too face that prospect, as is my Family Doctor of 30 years, for the same thing. He really helped me Friday talking about options. Not life threatening, but one of those surgerys where one seldom hears good outcomes of, especially if you are active in the outdoors. Ah well, age will do what it will do and one just have to adapt & overcome. Not are choice really. Just hope I can keep my job and the insurance until it is done.

    Every day odious event occur, yesterday murders being a tragic example. Martial law perhaps? Regulatory agencies out of control, Judges making law instead of enforcing existing law, Executive out of control and not accountable to Congress, the list goes on.

    As to the world, meh. It is hosed. We should wholly destroy our known enemies, make no apologies, and make it very clear not to f*uck with us. BHO needs to be reomoved as I do not believe we can take another year of him, he is going to hurt America more. Only the military can remove him and I don't see that as being realistic.

    Best wishes on your physical condition, and the flowers look great!

    1. Most surgeries can have multiple outcomes, most seem to be in the "not good" category. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Ron.

      Destroy our enemies, Aye!

  4. Your "Rant" resembles my daily commentary! Stay well, my friend.

  5. I don't think things are as bad as you outline, but you make valid points. We'll come out all right, ultimately our leaders are you and me and everyone that votes (actually that sounds a little scary.)

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. I hope things aren't as bad as they seem some days. The deaths of four unarmed Marines in an American city kind of set me off.

      Thanks Joe.

  6. "The prospect of the upcoming Presidential campaign makes me sick to my stomach."
    I feel like the campaign started in 2004 and has not stopped.
    On another note... could that be related to your physical issues?

    "Give me someone with a brain, someone with integrity, someone who knows how to lead and not bow to the special interests killing this nation of ours!"
    I appears that a lack of integrity is a prerequisite for the job.

    1. I think you're right about the lack of integrity thing. Ditto the 2004 start time for this endless political cycle.

      Those who want to be in office are probably the types we don't want in office.

  7. Sarge, I agree with much or what you have said, and I too fear for our beloved nation. The one thing I would disagree with you on is that I could not, in good conscience, vote for a Democrat these days. There was a time when there were many democrats who I didn’t always agree with on social issues, but who were also rock solid on national security. But the days of John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and Sam Nunn are gone a glimmering.
    Now the Democratic party is so far left that it scares me. Look at how rock solid Congressional Democrats have been in enabling everything that Obama has proposed. From nuclear weapons availability for Iran, to gay marriage, to transgender military service, to a disastrous immigration policy (or lack thereof), to a national debt that threatens to put us in the same condition as Greece in the next few years, there isn’t a single issue I can think of where Democrats have been on the right side of the issue.
    This nation desperately needs someone in the Oval Office that is willing to reverse a vast number of policies and programs to get us back on a track toward economic stability and national security.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself. Both parties seem to be rotten to the core but yes the Dems are so far off base that there is probably no way they'd pick someone that I could stomach voting for. Well said, well said.

  8. Great rant. I don't even have any comments to make as you and the other responders have covered them all!!!

    1. I was so caught up in your rant that I didn't even notice the part about going under the knife. I hope
      it's not serious but regardless, putting up prayers!

    2. As to the possibilities of surgery, my Doc used that word this morning. I'll be getting a surgical consult sometime in the next few days. It's diverticulitis-related so it's tricky surgery not necessarily "serious" (though any messing with one's bowels can be touchy, pun intended).

      Appreciate the prayers.

  9. Everybody is having ONE of those days today... Reaction to yesterday? Probably...

  10. Lately I've had a hard time being civil to my (P)regressive friends and relatives. Still I try. There is a danger in only talking to those who already agree with you.

    1. And oh yes, that can be a challenge!

  11. I hear ya, man. And I agreem 100%. I love my country and I'm proud of what it's done in and for the world, but I fear that it's lost, at least the version that was so great before the liberals took over. I just pray for my country daily now, and I pray also that it won't self-destruct for at least seven years, so that I can at least retire and move with my dogs and my guns to my isolated retreat somewhere far away from the turmoil.


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