Saturday, July 25, 2015

Social Media and Me

Yes, this really happened...
Okay, so maybe I do get carried away with the whole blogging thing. I like doing this and it keeps my brain in gear. Thinking about what to write, what kind of photos I want to include, whether to be serious or silly (you might notice that I lean rather heavily towards the latter) and whether I wish to reveal certain aspects of my life and times to you, My Faithful Readers.

I am kind of an attention junkie. I don't believe that I should get a trophy for just showing up but I will demand your attention and try all the harder the next time.

Now social media is a most interesting phenomenon. I wasn't all over Facebook as soon as it came out. The progeny got me hooked on that, with kids scattered all over the continental U.S. of A. it helps to keep track of what they're up to.

I also belong to a closed group on Facebook in honor and remembrance of the fellow who inspired me to start blogging. I mostly hang out there, we are generally folks of like mind but we're not all conservatives, there is a liberal or two over there, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a "progressive" in the bunch.

I also post pretty much everything from the blog over there as well.

Like I said, I'm an attention junkie. (Note that I'm not an attention whore, that would indicate some sort of remuneration for services rendered. I do this for free. Just wanted that to go into the record. FWIW.)

While I do have a Twitter account, I seldom use it.

Just checked, I have "tweeted" precisely nineteen times.


A sample of my scintillating brilliance on Twitter...

Sorry, where was I? (I was over at Twitter, "Draft Biden"? Seriously? For what?)

Another important thing you need to know about me is that I didn't get a cell phone until the late winter of 2010. Up until then I hadn't really seen the need for one. Then the company which provides me employment, a regular paycheck and fairly interesting work, decided that my services were needed temporarily at another location.

So The Missus Herself suggested that I take her cell phone "up north" with me so that I could stay in touch with the progeny and home base.

"Hhmm, what's this thing on the cell phone?"

"Sarge, that's a GPS tracker..."

Okay, so she wanted to keep tabs on me as well. Can't say I blame her, I do tend to go feral when left away from the family for too long.

So in the late winter I purchased a cell phone. Just a little flip phone. For phone calls mind you. While it did have a camera, I think I could store about five photos. Small photos.

And the fruit of my loins (oh my word do they hate that term, probably why I insist on trotting it out from time to time) kept sending me videos and photos. Which necessitated me deleting the stuff already on my wee phone. Stuff I wanted to keep.

Okay, so it's more than just for phone calls.

Now I have a big fancy "smart" phone, which thinks it knows better than I how to spell, try this on for size Mr Smarty Phone - 'Allo 'Allo => Allowed Allowed. See, I'm smarter than it.

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am."



Alright, neither of us is very mature.

So I could be tweeting as I do carry about the technology to do so. But from the samples offered above, perhaps it's best if I avoid that particular venue.

And yes, I really did release the date of my surgery before the Public Affairs Office at Chez Sarge had officially released that information.

The Nuke refers to me as being a member of the media. She has a cool job in D.C. and many of our conversations start like this...

"Dad, this is off the record..."


"You can't blog about this."

"Oh, okay. Are you sure I can't..."


"Well, alright."

And so it goes.

I have some material I need to clear with the front office. See you later.


  1. You are now a vital part of the internet and can never, ever stop blogging. You have been assimilated.

  2. #bestbellylaughallweek

    Izzat how you employ a hashtag?

    I always thought this was a hashtag:

    1. Hahaha.

      Nepal Temple Balls? (Don't they mean bells?)

  3. Oopsie... that chop chain is there for a REASON... You're in trouble now!

    1. I know, I know.

      I've been submitted for counseling and retraining.

  4. As a Latter Day Luddite I need to ask what is this "Twitter" you speak of?

    1. If you don't know, that's probably a good thing.

      Trust me.

  5. My Mom is even further b ehind the tech curve than you, Sarge. She manages emails, and can use a cell phone for calls, but nothing else...

    1. My Mom refuses to get a computer.

      She'll ask "How did you know that so-and-so was in the hospital?"

      "Facebook Mom. All of your friends are on it..."

      I like being behind the tech curve. It's cheaper.


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