Friday, October 19, 2012

A Drismal Friday Eve

F/A-18E Rhino
Big Time's Ride

It's Friday evening here on the shores of Narragansett Bay. It's drizzly and windy but surprisingly warm for this time of year.

That term "drismal" in the title? Got that from a lady at work. Combination of "drizzle" and "dismal", for those of you who (like me) wouldn't be able to figure that out on your own. Uh, what's that? You figured that out at first glance? Darn, I am dense! (For another example of my mental density, see Couple Fries Short of a Happy Meal.)


I have not done much posting lately. I have a "serious" post in the works, sort of my views on waging war, which I'm sure y'all can't wait for. But wait so ye shall, I've been getting far too serious lately and it's time to "lighten up".

That being said....

Another fun Navy production (VAW-113 Black Eagles' version of the All American Rejects "Move Along".)

Then we got a little multi-service action in this one. (Army, Navy, Air Force - didn't see any Marines, perhaps they just know better!)

That's it for now. Gotta go call the WSO out in Cali.

Doggone different time zones!


  1. Both vids were worthy, but the eye-candy was MUCH better in the Africom vid. Just sayin'.

    1. Concur. Not to mention I like the tune in the second much better!

  2. There are several of these from the E-2 guys/gals- quite talented group I must say. My son watched this particular vid about 20 million times since he liked All-American Rejects.

    1. Every now and then I stumble across one I really like. Or in this case two. When I find them and can't wring a good post out of the old brain box, I'll post a video. I think I'm getting lazier in my old age!


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