Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Standing

Hurricane Waves Coming Ashore at Narragansett, RI
I'm still here. Haven't posted a thing since the 24th. Major bout of laziness could be the reason. Another possibility was getting ready for Hurricane Sandy. Really bad weather on the way does tend to make one focus on that and that alone.

So the storm has passed. No damage to Chez Sarge, only lost power for at most 30 seconds. That occurred 4 or 5 times. I basically stopped counting after the third time of resetting the clock on the microwave. (Stove clock hung in there like a champ!)

Did start to write a post last night. Stupid internet connection went down. Decided that it was a sign from God, so got off the computer and watched the Weather Channel the remainder of the evening. That rather quickly paled. One can only watch Jim Cantori describe the water level at Battery Park in NYC so many times before the bloom is off that rose.

I expect I'll be along later with (as Suldog likes to say) "more better stuff".


  1. I'm glad Sandy passed ya by, Sarge. Some of the pics of NYC I've seen this morning are rather alarming.

    1. Thanks Buck. The only after effect I have from the storm is a devastating lack of internet connectivity at home. Kind of cuts down on the old blogging thing. And yeah, NYC is a mess. Apparently some of the subway tunnels got flooded as well. And as we all know, salt water and electrical equipment don't get along all that well!


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