Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flint Knives and Bearskins

At Chez Sarge we are practically living in the late 19th Century.

I have no internet connection!

How very primitive. I might as well be in Outer Mongolia. Living in a yurt. Herding goats. Yes, it feels practically Neolithic.

Other than the satellite TV, the cell phone and a number of modern appliances. Heh.

This is just a quick post to answer the question "Where is the Old AF Sarge? I'll bet the old bastard is asleep at the helm again!"

Nope, just sans internet.

Hopefully the fine folks at Cox Communications will have Chez Sarge back up on the WWW real soon.

Until then...

Keep your powder dry!


  1. Living in a yurt.

    Funny story... I used that word while playing Scrabble in the way-back and caused a row that was NEVER forgotten among the players. The row happened because the cheap-ass dictionary we used for verification did NOT have "yurt" in it (this bein' around 1964-5). I was branded a cheater, even after I found a BETTER dictionary, somewhat later, that vindicated me. And even then it didn't help any... I was forever bein' asked if I'd "been to the yurt lately?"

    Glad yer safe after the recent unpleasantness and hope ya get yer inter-tubes back soon.

    1. You were ahead of your time Buck. As I do recall from the later hippie days, yurts were all the rage!


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