Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday, the 8th of June

Sasha, on the left, Anya, on the right.
My cats. The tablecloth is from Burano.
Me and a couple of buddies in Burano, Italy (think small beautiful island near Venice).
That tablecloth is in the bag I'm carrying. Trust me, I was there.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a cat guy. Not really a dog guy.

While I do like dogs, as they are very cool animals, very loyal, etc., etc., I've always preferred cats.

They don't need to be walked, once house trained (which takes maybe a day, two for a slow learner) they stay house trained. They are very low maintenance companions. They are happy to see you when you come home, they just don't make a big deal out of it. Leave for 15 minutes and upon your return, a dog will act like you've been gone ten years. Good for the ego, if you need that sort of thing.

That being said, cats can be extremely loyal and loving depending on their personalities and depending on their human's personality. If you're an a-hole, a cat probably won't like you.

Just sayin'...

The cats I've had have always been a lot of fun to be around, very loving and loyal.

So what's up with the true confessions thing Sarge?

Just a means of introducing these two videos. The first I've seen before, the second I saw for the first time today, courtesy of The WSO. And as I am a very sharing kind of guy, I decided to share it with you.

It's what I do.

I share.

Now watch the videos. While you do that I'm going to go find a patch of sun to lie in and then go apeshit when a bird lands in the yard.

Or not...


  1. Cats and Dogs live in peace and tranquility at Rancho Juvat. Inside Cats have gone to the great Cat Box in the sky, but the outside cats remain vigilant against voles, possums and raccoons (against the latter, the only serve as early warning). So....a lot of truth in these two videos.

    1. Lots of truth in those two videos.

      Yeah, raccoons are nasty sumbitches.

  2. If you're an a-hole, a cat probably won't like you.

    Ah. After all these years, an explanation. Finally. I had a roommate once upon a time who was a cat person. Her cat hated me. The damned thing would actually STALK me by crawling along the back of the couch and then pouncing on my head when I'd turn around to notice it was there. That cat actually drew blood on me on a couple of occasions and it also loved to climb my speakers... on the grilles. The cat and I did NOT get along.

    So, fast-forward to mid-winter in NoDak when both the roomie and I had to go TDY (to different places) for a month or so. Roomie contracts with a friend of ours to come by the house and feed the cat every day. So, friend Lori drops by, opens the door, and Cat SCREAMS out of the house, like a shot. Lori spends an hour trying to find Cat and then gives up. Cat went missing until Spring, when we found it in the melting remains of a snow drift. Revenge was MINE!

    Former Roomie still believes to this day that Lori and I conspired to kill her cat. That wasn't true, but it sure could have been.

    I'm a dog person.

    1. Heh. I can picture all of that. As if I was there.

  3. Midddle son, a bad marriage, me helping him moving out with the police standing by when his cat decided to hide in a cabinet. Since I had gloves on, I drug her out and stuffed her into a carrier. Been over five years and the cat still hates me.

    1. Oh yes, they will hold a grudge. For a long, long time.

  4. Replies
    1. Dogs are awesome. My maternal grandmother had two, those dogs would have fought to the death for me and my brothers.

      Tippie and Bimmie. Tippie was mostly collie, Bimmie was mostly beagle. I'll never forget those dogs.

  5. If you're an a-hole, a cat probably won't like you.

    Favorite part.

  6. Loved that Dear Kitten vid, even though I'm not a cat fan and deathly allergic. Thanks for posting it

    1. I got it from The WSO, I thought it was good.

  7. We've had dogs that were fun, stupid, but still fun. Never had a stupid cat, sly, manipulating, conniving, plotters of evil (some of that evil came to pass,like the time Frank peed on my leather jacket, that odor never came out despite much $$$ spent trying...Frank still laughing today even tho that was 30 yrs ago!) I enjoy cats, even if they conveniently forget that I feed and house them. Probably good thing I can't read their minds, I'd have to sleep with a chair under the doorknob!

    1. Yeah Greg. You do NOT want to read a cat's mind. I shudder to think what's going on in there!


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