Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Um, What Is That?

Growler and Prowler of VAQ-129
Those of you who can see (or bother to look at) the sidebar of this here blog (over there along the starboard rail, to the right that is, or "straw foot" for you 1860s-era types, I won't "name that conflict" as it is known by several different names depending on where you're from) may have noticed a new "thingee." (Don't panic, that is a technical term but it won't be on the final.)

The new thingee -

Seriously Sarge, the Growler? (Is what all the old Prowler types are now moaning, yup, I'm lookin' at you ORPO!)

This thingee showed up in my blog's e-mail account. I reckon it's because Boeing knows just how influential I am in the military community.



But it did show up in the e-mail and I do agree with the concept of producing this here newfangled flying machine and the jobs it will produce. What the thingee does (if you click on the "Take Action" button) is ask for your zip code (don't panic, you'll see why in a second) and then show you pictures of the pResident, your two Senators and your personal Congress-critter. (Which is why it asks for your zip code. So take off your tinfoil hat and relax, a zip code is insufficient data for a targeting solution... DAMHIK.)

Then you'll see a very nice letter expressing your support for the Growler, its capabilities and the jobs which procuring more of these machines will generate.

So it does all the work for you and then will submit that letter to the aforementioned political figures. (White House, Senate and the House.) If, of course, you agree. It will ask. Nothing will happen beyond your control or auto-magically.

When my son-in-law and daughter are flying in as part of a strike package, I want something suppressing those defenses. The Growler seems to fit the bill. If you go here, there's an interesting comparison between the cost and capabilities of the Growler and the Prowler (those two aircraft pictured in the opening photo).

Boeing EA-18G Growler
Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler

Hhmm, perhaps Northrop Grumman will ask for my support for building more Prowlers. If that happens, you'll see a "clickie-thingee" on the sidebar for the Prowler as well.

As for me, whatever works best for the men and women who have to take these machines into combat. Whatever brings them home.

If it generates jobs? Also good.

Now if it annoys you as a taxpayer to pay for these things, too bad. Freedom isn't free. At least your tax dollars are supporting folks who actually work for a living.

But I thought I'd mention the new thingee in the interests of "full disclosure." I'm not pimping for Boeing, it's for the men and women who go into harm's way.

That is all...


  1. I'll send an email to Cornyn and Cruz, but I'm NOT giving the One, my address and/or email. I know, I know, NSA already has it.

    1. You're assuming that the Obummer can read something which isn't on a teleprompter.

      As to the NSA having that other data, sure, but it was probably on Lerner's hard drive.

  2. O/T -
    Isn't that Deception Pass in the top picture?"

    1. Same thought. Deception Pass and Whidbey Island.

    2. VAQ-129 is out of Whidbey. That is Deception Pass in the top picture. Good eyes gentlemen.

    3. Agreed, Deception Pass Bridge.

      VAQ-129 is the Fleet Replenishment Squadron, where the boys and girls who fly in (pilots and ECMOs aka Electronic CounterMeasure Officers) and fix them there aircraft go to learn how. They are based at NAS Whidbey Island, where all the EA-6B Prowler and EA-18 Growler squadrons are based.

      I was attached to VAQ-129 when I went through FRAMP on my way to VAQ-131 (Skybolt!) who are now transitioning to EA-18's, if Wikipedia can be believed...

    4. That's always a conundrum. Can we believe Wikipedia?

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Trust, but verify.

    5. My mother used to live about a mile from the practice pad on Whidbey. It was good fun to park at the end of the runway and listen to the afterburners overhead

    6. I've done that a couple of times at various bases around the world.

      Sometimes even by choice!

  3. Me? I think we (well, not WE... which would include me, personally, and I can't afford it on my pittance of pensions... what I REALLY mean is the gub'mint) should bring back the Spark-Vark. They're just sitting there at DM... waiting.

    1. I heartily concur.

      Another aircraft which big Air Force couldn't wait to be shed of.

    2. Much like the SR-71, the EF-111 was one of the Budgets I managed and therefore one of the programs I had to close out. Can we say "Peace Dividend"? Can we, Hillary? Everybody blames the AF, but the Services get a Budget amount from Congress, and during my time at the Puzzle Palace, it wasn't big enough to do everything, so something's got to give and there are no "good" choices.

  4. Prowler is dead... Growler is on life support because of sequestration issues... sigh... So what if they kill a few pilots, Washington doesn't care!!! DAMN THEM!!!


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